New IRS Ruling Acknowledges Married Gay Couples Nationwide

by William White | August 30, 2013 2:34 pm

NewLetters[1]The government, announced on Thursday[2], that married gay couples will be able to file joint federal tax returns even if they reside in a state that doesn’t allow same-sex marriage.

The new ruling, issued by the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service, will allow same-sex married couples to move to different areas of the nation and still be recognized as married. The rules only identify gay couples that have been married in an area where it is legal, including U.S. territories, foreign nations and the District of Columbia. The ruling will acknowledge all married same-sex couples as married for federal tax purposes. This includes income, gift and estate taxes. The ruling also affects all federal tax provisions where marriage has an affect, including taxpayer’s filing status, personal exemptions, dependent exemptions and standard deductions, reports The Seattle Times.

The ruling affects over 130,000[3] married, same-sex couples in America, who will have to use the married filing jointly or married filing separately status for 2013’s taxes.

The ruling doesn’t affect state level taxes. Same-sex married couples will still have to file state taxes according to the laws of the state they live in.

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