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NYC Cupcake Shop Inundated With Obamacare Help Calls

The shop has received over 150 calls from people wanting help with Obamacare


NewLettersA New York City cupcake shop has been inundated with Obamacare help calls after is was listed as a place that people could get help with signing up for insurance.

According to the state Health Department, it wasn’t a mistake to list the establishment as a place for people to get help with their insurance. The department does admit however, that the bakery’s phone number was not meant to be listed on the state’s website as a contact for people to get help with insurance. The website should have listed the numbers of navigators, who would then meet people at the locations to help them. The bakery received over 150 calls from people who were looking for help with Obamacare, but it only has a single table that can seat four people. The bakery was recommended as a location by an Obamacare contractor, but no one ever got around to informing the bakery that it had been added to the list of locations for people to get help and it wasn’t offered any kind of reimbursement for the use of its space, reports the New York Post.

The bakery wasn’t the only place that was listed on the website without being told. The places included in the list that have nothing to do with Obamacare help include shops, restaurants and a limousine service.

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