NYC Tries to Raise Tobacco-Buying Age to 21

by William White | October 31, 2013 10:36 am

NewLetters[1]The New York City Council, voted on Wednesday[2], to pass a bill that will increase the tobacco-buying age to 21.

The bill will make New York City the largest city to increase its tobacco buying age to 21. New York City currently allows tobacco products to be sold to people 18 years of age and older. Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is a strong supporter of strict smoking restrictions, has 30 days to sign the bill and make it a law. The changes made by the bill will take effect 180 days after it has been made a law. New York City already has restrictions against smoking at parks, beaches and restaurants. Another anti-smoking bill that would require stores to not keep cigarettes in sight of customers was shelved before the buying-age bill passed on Wednesday. A similar bill is expected to be up for vote in Hawaii later this year, reports the Associated Press.

The New York City Council approved the bill with a 35 to 10[3] vote.

E-cigarettes may soon have to face stricter laws governing tobacco products[4] as the Food and Drug Administration considers adding the devices to its oversight.

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