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Obama Apologizes for Health Care Cancellations

Obama has his staff working to find a fix for the porblem


NewLettersPresident Barack Obama, apologized on Thursday, to Americans who have lost their health care plans due to Obamacare.

Obama went on to say that he currently has his staff working to find an administrative fix to the issue. According to one White House official, the President’s team has been working to find such a fix since last month. The issue of losing health care applies to some 12 million to 15 million Americans who purchase their insurance on the individual market. It is estimated that roughly half of these Americans are seeing adverse affects due to Obamacare. Obama has repeatedly told Americans in the past that they could keep their health insurance it they liked it and that Obamacare would not get in the way of that. The loss of health insurance plans has created a new way for Republicans to attack the President’s Affordable Care Act. Obama’s approval rating dropped below 40% for the first time in two years on Tuesday, reports the Washington Post.

New York Magazine has created a video that highlights President Obama promising Americans on several different occasions that they can keep their health insurance it they like it. That video can be seen by clicking here.

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