Obama Plans ‘Tech Surge’ To Fix Health Care Web Woes

by | October 31, 2013 7:55 pm

NewLetters[1]Some of Silicon Valley’s top companies are lending a hand[2] to help the Obama administration get HealthCare.gov up and running at full speed.

A spokeswoman for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the government agency coordinating the development and roll-out of the web site many Americans will use to sign up for health insurance, announced the “Tech Surge” in a blog post today. Companies helping in the so-called surge include Google (NASDAQ:GOOG[3]), Red Hat (NYSE:RHT[4]), and Oracle (NYSE:ORCL[5]).

In particular, a site reliability engineer from Google has taken leave from the company to help fix HealthCare.gov. Also helping on the project is a former Presidential Innovation Fellow.

Google’s engineer will be working with QSSI, the contractor coordinating fixes to HealthCare.gov. The former Presidential Innovation Fellow is working with CGI Federal (NYSE:GIB[6]), to improve the site’s user experience and performance.

Oracle’s CEO, Larry Ellison, mentioned the effort in a Q&A session at Oracle’s shareholders’ meeting today.

“Most of us want to see our government operating efficiently and effectively, and it is incumbent upon us to help them do that,” he said.

The technical issues that plagued HealthCare.gov in the weeks following its introduction led the Obama administration to grant a six-week extension [7]on signing up for health insurance on Monday.

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