Paul Ryan’s Fitness Photo Shoot Has Some Snarking

by InvestorPlace Staff | October 11, 2012 7:20 pm

[1]Paul Ryan’s love for P90X[2] is well known among those on Capitol Hill. The results of his grueling fitness routine, however, have usually been hidden under suits and ties — until now.

In a recently released photo series that was taken last December for Time magazine, Ryan is shown in a workout setting, both in a suit and in workout clothes. In a couple of shots, this includes a backwards red baseball cap and ear bud headphones[3].

His choice of attire and facial expressions led many bloggers to immediately poke fun at him[4]. Among those mocking Romney’s running mate are Gawker[5], who preemptively declared him the loser of tonight’s vice-presidential debate[6], and New York Magazine[7]. A writer for Philadelphia Magazine said he looked like[8] “a mix of Screech and A.C. Slater.” Even Glenn Beck had to concede the photos were “unflattering”, though he criticized Time for publishing them just hours before the debate.

Not everyone online thought poorly of the photos though. Weekly Standard writer Mark Hemingway tweeted “Well, at least we know Paul Ryan won’t be outgunned tonight.”

The full series of photographs can be seen at Time magazine’s web site[9].

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPolitics Editor

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