Poll: Americans Mixed on Obamacare

by William White | November 27, 2013 12:59 pm

A recent poll show that Americans are mixed[1] on Obamacare.

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The poll, which was conducted by ORC International for CNN, shows that roughly 60% of Americans oppose Obamacare. 41% of the 843 Americans that were questioned about Obamacare believe that the law is too liberal. However, 14% of Americans think that the law isn’t liberal enough, reports CNN.

According to CNN’s poll, 53% of Americans believe its too soon to tell if Obamacare has failed, while 40% say that it’s a failure.

The poll also found that opinions on Obamacare change drastically based on age. Only 25% of Americans from ages 18 to 35 believe that the law is a failure, but the majority of Americans from ages 35 to 65 believe that the health care system is permanently broken. Senior Citizens are split on the subject, CNN notes.

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