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Poll: Most Americans Do Not View May Jobs Report Negatively

Obama critics have attacked disappointing numbers, uptick in unemployment


In the aftermath of an anemic May jobs report, which showed the economy only adding 69,000 jobs and unemployment rising to 8.2%, it has been rough going for President Barack Obama lately. However, Obama may be relieved to hear that average Americans don’t share his opponents’ negative views on those figures.

According to a Gallup poll released today, 42% of Americans had a somewhat or very negative view of the jobs report. Another 40% said their views on the report were mixed, while 9% had a positive view of the report. About one in ten of those polled said they had no opinion.

This is good news for Obama, whose critics have attacked the numbers as “devastating,” “pathetic” and “extremely troubling.” The figures were widely seen as disappointing, and it could have gotten much worse for Obama than the polls indicated.

Of course, how the reports were viewed depended on political affiliation. Republicans were more likely to view them negatively, with 57% of them expressing a negative view, compared to 45% of independents and just 28% of Democrats. Also worth keeping in mind is that many of those surveyed admitted to not following the reports closely — or at all. Among those paying close attention, their view was more negative than those who didn’t.

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPlace Money & Politics Editor

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