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Ron Paul Outlines Progressives’ Systematic Attack on Americans

It's time for Americans wipe the slate clean


Can a GOP President Fix The Economy?During the past 100 years, American voters have been brainwashed into believing a complete portfolio of nonsense packaged by self-serving bankers and politicians. It is difficult, of course, to admit that most of what we have grown up believing about our government structure and monetary system is deeply flawed and skewed with self-interest.

Ron Paul has been outlining the ongoing fraud to Americans for decades. I have followed his work from the start, and I am not aware of any other politician in Washington who better understands the mess we are in and what to do about it. I hope you will read Ron Paul’s End the Fed and Liberty Defined and come to realize that there is indeed a chance to get America back on the true Federal Republic course envisioned by Thomas Jefferson.

In Liberty Defined, Ron Paul puts the laser light on the dangers of progressive thinking:

“The Progressive Era in the early part of the twentieth century saw a systematic attack on the principles of liberty by both Democrats and Republicans (much like is going on in America this century) … This involved William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt as well as the Wilsonian onslaught that gave us the Federal Reserve, the income tax, the Seventeenth Amendment and an interventionist foreign policy with World War I … The sharp attack on our liberties was institutionalized by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930s.”

I believe, as Ron Paul believes, that we need to start with 1913 as base and basically wipe the slate clean and return to the Constitution as written by our Founders. It is a tall order that would require a first-ever joining together of a mix of liberal and conservative interests who are all enlightened enough to have figured out the 100-year sham under which we have been operating. Is the name Leo Strauss familiar to you? It must be! Ron Paul writes,

“Leo Strauss came to the United States in 1938 … and built a reputation at the University of Chicago, where he influenced a lot of future advisors and appointees of the George W. Bush administration. Some well-known names include Abram Shulsky, William Kristol, Irving Kristol, John Podhoretz, Michael Ledeen, Stephen Cambone, and Richard Perle.”

Regarding the views of this group, Ron Paul concludes,

“These views are based on absolute rejection of trust in a free society.”

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