Soldiers Turning to Liposuction to Past ‘Fat Test’

by Karl Utermohlen | October 28, 2013 3:20 pm

Military personnel are using liposuction to lose weight whenever they need to pass the Pentagon’s body fat test which affects their future in the military.

The Associated Press reports that plastic surgeon[1] Dr. Adam Tattelbaum has been doing liposuctions for soldiers because it’s a fast way to lose excess fat around the waist. Pentagon’s body fat test has very rigid standards that make it hard for some military personnel to pass. Failing the test once can decrease one’s chances of getting a promotion and failing the test three times results can be grounds for expulsion.

168 Army soldiers were booted in 2008 for being overweight but that number has risen to an alarming 1,815 soldiers. That figure also rose within Marine Corps soldiers from 102 in 2010 to 186 in 2011 but down to 132 in 2012.

Many members of the military believe that the Pentagon’s body fat test’s standards should be reduced NewLetters[2]as Americans are getting bigger. While some are only gaining fat, many are gaining muscle weight which makes it hard for them to pass.

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