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Supreme Court: Cellphone Searches Illegal Without Warrant

Police can still confiscate cellphones


The Supreme Court, ruled on Wednesday, that it’s illegal for police to search a person’s cellphone without a warrant.

supreme-court-cellphone-searchesThe Supreme Court justices came to a unanimous decision regarding cellphones needing a warrant to be searched. The justices stated that a cellphone was much more than a simple social convenience and that it could hold private information, reports the Associated Press.

However, this doesn’t mean that police can’t still confiscate a cellphone. According to the Supreme Court’s ruling, police can choose to take cellphones, but will still require a warrant to look through them. To protect the cellphones from remote encryption, they can place them in a bag that blocks signal. Police can also choose to take the battery out of the cellphone, the Associated Press notes.

“The department will work with its law-enforcement agencies to ensure full compliance with this decision,” Ellen Canale, a spokeswoman for the Justice Department, told The Wall Street Journal. “Our commitment to vigorously enforcing the criminal laws and protecting the public while respecting the privacy interests protected by the Fourth Amendment is unwavering.”

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