The New Security Features of the $100 Bill

by Karl Utermohlen | September 26, 2013 12:41 pm

The $100 bill has some new security features to distinguish them from counterfeit bills easier.

New Money reports that over a decade of research[1] and development took place in order to create these new security features. The front of the $100 bill will have a blue, 3-D ribbon that will make the bells change when you move it back and forth.

The note will also have inside a copper-colored inkwell with a bell inside of it that changes color from copper to green whenever you tilt it. Additionally, the bill also has an image of Benjamin Franklin on the right side of the portrait if you hold the note to the light.NewLetters[2]

The $100 bill is set for an Oct. 8 release and some of these could be worth $1,000 or more[3].  The Federal Reserve recently made a mistake after making $100 bills with too much ink which caused them to destroy about 30 million bills[4].

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