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Trump’s Revised Travel Ban Put on Hold

The DOJ will likely challenge the ruling


President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban has been put on hold by two federal judges.

Trump's Revised Travel Ban Put on Hold US District Court Judge Derrick Watson was the first federal judge to put Trump’s revised travel ban on hold. He presides over Honolulu, Hawaii and has released a 43-page ruling on the travel ban hold. Watson claims that the travel ban hasn’t changed enough from the previous to stop it from being a ban on Muslims.

Theodore Chuang of Maryland is the second judge that has put a hold on President’ Trumps revised travel ban and he agrees with Watson. Both judges point to remarks made by the President during the election that support the idea he is looking to bar Muslims from entering the United States.

While both federal judges are putting Trump’s travel ban on hold, they went about it in slightly different ways. Watson is using a temporary restraining order to hold the travel ban off for a limited time. Chuang filed an injunction that will last until a trail of the case is complete. A Washington judge is also considering a ruling to stop the travel ban, reports CNN.

Following the hold on President Trump’s travel ban, the Department of Justice (DOJ) spoke out on the action. It says that the judges’ rulings are “flawed both in reasoning and in scope.” The DOJ hasn’t said what legal action it will take next.

The new Trump travel ban was created after a court ruling stopped the original version. This new ban was made specifically to overcome those court rulings. However, it appears that not enough may have been changed to save the executive order.

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