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Trumpcare: House Passes Bill to Repeal Obamacare, What Happens Next?

Insurance companies will charge higher for those with pre-existing conditions


Trumpcare — officially known as the American Health Care Act — has been passed.

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The bill will be replacing Obamacare, but what exactly does it mean? For starters, those with a pre-existing condition will likely have to pay more to their insurance companies.

This would apply to certain states where Trumpcare would cause its citizens with pre-existing conditions to pay much more. The bill also gets rid of the ACA mandate that force people to have insurance or pay a fine.

Under the new bill, citizens of this country who go 60 days without health coverage will be issues a penalization if they rejoin a health plan, as well as up to a 30% penalty on their insurance policy for one year.

Maternal care, mental health care and prescription coverage will likely have to be covered by insurance plans now. Essentially, treatments for any of these three will be more expensive.

The new plan will ensure that older people will pay no more than three times the amount as a younger adult with the same plan.

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