U.S. Airports Brace for Delays as Air Traffic Furloughs Kick In

by Nate Wooley | April 22, 2013 8:45 am

NewLetters[1]Air travelers around the country are anticipating delays as furloughs for air traffic controllers begin.

The sequester-based furloughs — which effect 47,000 FAA workers including the controllers — began over the weekend, USA Today reports[2].

While no major delays have been seen initially, travelers in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York have been warned that delays will eventually occur. Airlines are predicting a higher likelihood of delays as the busier weekday travel schedule begins Monday morning.

The FAA is predicting flight delays due to the staffing shortages. The agency is also saying that it will hold flights on the ground or send them through longer routes if their destinations are backed up.

“We are not going to sacrifice safety. There are about a dozen airports that will see heavy to moderate delays, which could be similar to what we would experience during a significant summer thunderstorm.,” FAA Administrator Michael Huerta said.

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