U.S. Commander Traded Navy Secrets for Lady Gaga Tickets, Prostitutes

by William White | November 4, 2013 2:21 pm

NewLetters[1]U.S. Navy Commander Michael Vannak Khem Misiewicz traded navy secrets[2] for Lady Gaga tickets and prostitutes.

Misiewicz allegedly traded confidential information on ship routes to Leonard Francis’ Glenn Defense Marine Asia. He would then move the ships at Francis’ direction and divert them to ports where the company could overcharge the Navy for fuel, food and other services. The company also invented tariffs with the help of fake port authorities. The relationship between the two started when Misiewicz attended a production of The Lion King in Tokyo with an employee from Francis’ company. After this he started trading information to the company. Misiewicz called Francis “Big Bro” in emails and Francis would refer to him as “Little Bro.” Misiewicz and Francis, along with several others, have been arrested and the federal government has suspended its contracts with Francis, reports the Associated Press.

Francis is currently being held in San Diego without bail[3]. Misiewicz was arrested in Colorado and is expected to be sent to San Diego.

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