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U.S. School District to Arm Teachers With Concealed Weapons

Staff must complete 53 hours of training to get licensed


Guns185In a move likely to make the National Rifle Association (NRA) very happy, a high school in Arkansas plans to boost security by making sure that teachers and staff are carrying guns.

Arkansas law includes a provision making it legal for schools to have armed staff. The Clarksville High School has decided to put the law to use, putting 20 teachers and administrators through 53 hours of training so they can received concealed carry permits, allowing them to keep firearms with them while at school, the Associated Press notes.

Clarksville, which has a population of 9,200, is the first community in the state to allow teachers to carry guns at school. The decision comes in the wake of the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., last year, which left more than 20 young children and several teachers dead.

In the wake of the tragedy, gun control advocates pushed for tighter restrictions firearm purchases and mandatory background checks. The NRA pushed back against those proposals and called for armed guards at schools.

Gun control measures appear to have sputtered in Congress.

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