1.3M Long-Term Jobless Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits, Unless …

by Karl Utermohlen | December 27, 2013 1:56 pm

1.3 million Americans are set to lose their federal emergency unemployment benefits tomorrow unless the Senate comes up with a solution.

unemployment benefits[1]
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Dec. 27, 2013 marks the last day of benefits for these Americans but Rhode Island Democrat Sen. Jack Reed is looking to pass a three-month extension[2] to long-term federal unemployment insurance. Reed and Nevada Republican Sen. Dean Heller are planning on introducing the extension together. These unemployment benefits would not come out of the budget since this is an economic emergency so the cost would simply be added to the deficit.

In addition to the 1.3 million that will be affected starting tomorrow, 1.9 million others will also lose their unemployment benefits by next summer.

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