VP Marco Rubio: Will He or Won’t He?

by InvestorPlace Staff | January 27, 2012 9:43 am

[1]With the state of Florida currently in the spotlight as the GOP presidential primaries continue, perhaps it’s no surprise that Florida Sen. Marco Rubio has been on center stage as well. But the additional attention being paid to Rubio might not all be smoke and mirrors.

Serious consideration has been given to Rubio, a Cuban-American and rising star in the Republican Party, for a vice presidential nod[2]. Although Rubio has denied interest in the position, that hasn’t stopped pundits from putting his name forward as a potential candidate.

While Rubio has yet to endorse a GOP presidential candidate, he has still been making his presence felt in the Sunshine State. When Newt Gingrich ran an ad in Spanish claiming that Mitt Romney was the most anti-immigration candidate in the election, Rubio said the ad was “inaccurate” and “inflammatory.” The ad was pulled soon after, although Gingrich’s campaign claims this was merely part of ad rotation for the campaign.

While it’s easy to say that Rubio as a VP could bring the ever-growing Latino voter bloc over to the Republican side, the truth is that this group is much more fractured than people think. There are significant differences between Mexican-Americans, Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans, and the various other nationalities that comprise the United States’ Hispanic-American diaspora.

Chief among these is Rubio’s stance on illegal immigration. Rubio is much more staunchly opposed to illegal immigration than many Hispanic-Americans, and this could be a hard sell, especially to Mexican-Americans, who comprise the vast majority of Latinos in the U.S.

For more information about Rubio’s chances for a VP nod, check out this CNN article[3].

— Benjamin Nanamaker, InvestorPlace Money & Politics Editor

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