Web Site Lets You “Drunk Dial” Congress

by | October 10, 2013 8:09 pm

NewLetters[1]With Congress as unpopular as it is[2] in the wake of the current government shutdown[3], it’s probably no surprise that plenty of people are angry at the legislature. A newly created web site offers ticked-off citizens a way to blow off steam at their elected officials: drunk dial their office[4].

Drunk Dial Congress[5] lets users input their phone number into a form, push a button, and call a random member of Congress. The site helpfully suggests having a drink first, and throws out some recipes for cocktails ranging from the Southern Congressman (Jack Daniels, lime juice, sour mix) to the Sleepy Senator (absinthe, tonic water, sugar syrup, and lime juice).

The site also trots out several talking points to use when calling, each of them helpfully linked to a news article about the effects of the shutdown.

Drunk Dial Congress was created by Revolution Messaging[6], a progressive-leaning mobile-messaging company that has worked on campaigns in support of labor unions, Democratic senators, and Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

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