Weiner Gives Media the Finger After Election Loss

by Karl Utermohlen | September 11, 2013 3:13 pm

Anthony Weiner hit a new low Tuesday night when he gave a reporter the finger after losing a much-publicized New York mayoral campaign.

CNN reports that the candidate[1] left the event after his concession speech and gave a reporter the finger as he was leaving the event in his car. To make matters worse, the woman behind Weiner’s sex scandal showed up at the event beforehand to garner attention from the media. NewLetters[2]

Sydney Leathers showed up in front of the one and only entrance to the event before Weiner did and said that she was there to celebrate and give Weiner some sex therapy. Leathers is now in the porn industry and she arrived wearing a red dress and platform black pumps.

Weiner’s campaign had to plan his arrival to the event in order to avoid the media. He made a run for the McDonald’s nearby and the media immediately followed him before his security team pushed them away and went inside with the candidate.

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