Wendy Davis Announces Run for Texas Governor

by | October 3, 2013 7:36 pm

NewLetters[1]Months after a 13-hour filibuster[2] against an abortion bill vaulted her into the public’s eye, Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis has announced she will run for governor[3] in 2014.

In June, Davis managed to temporarily stall[4] a bill in Texas’ legislature that would have severely limited women’s ability to get abortions in the state. And while Gov. Rick Perry eventually called a special legislative session in July that ended with the bill being passed[5], Davis got national attention for her efforts.

Davis announced her plans to run in the coliseum in which she received her high school diploma 32 years ago. “We’re here because we care about Texans, and we’re here because we believe it’s time to give all Texans a voice in their future and a place in Texas’ future,” she said.

While the filibuster will be clearly in the front of many voters’ minds, Davis focused on education during her announcement. “We want every child, no matter where they start in Texas, to receive a world class education, an education that can take them anywhere they want to go,” she said.

Despite the media attention, Davis faces an uphill battle to win the governor’s office. The last time Texas elected a Democratic governor was in 1990, when Ann Richards narrowly defeated her Republican opponent. In 1994, George W. Bush defeated Richards, kicking off his political career that culminated in two terms in the White House.

Perry isn’t seeking reelection, but Davis’ likely Republican opponent, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, will be a tough foe in a state as red as Texas is. While Democrats have hoped to utilize the growing Hispanic population in Texas to grow their numbers, an overwhelming number of white voters are still likely to vote Republican.

The current chairman of the Republican Governors Association, Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, has said he isn’t worried about the Texas race. Unless Davis can win the hearts and minds of some of the state’s white voters, Jindal will likely be right.

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