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Even though the general market has been volatile, the IPO machine continues to churn


However, Lombard Medical is still in the early stages of commercialization. Last year, total revenues came to about $7 million, but the net loss was $19.2 million.

Lombard Medical plants to issue 3.6 million shares on the Nasdaq at a range of $15 to $18. (The company is currently listed on the London Stock Exchange.) Lead underwriters include Jefferies and Barclays.

New Stocks to Watch: Paycom Software (PAYC)

Expected Offering Date: Friday

Paycom Software (PAYC) operates a cloud platform that helps with human capital management (HCM), such as for recruitment, payroll and HR. Paycom has more than 10,000 clients, and it’s looking at a substantial market — $22.5 billion, according to IDC.

From 2011 to 2013, revenues climbed from $57.2 million to $107.6 million and net income increased from $1.4 million to $7.7 million.

Paycom plans to issue 6.6 million shares on the NYSE at a range of $18 to $20. Lead underwriters include Barclays and JPMorgan.

New Stocks to Watch: Phibro Animal Health (PAHC)

Expected Offering Date: Friday

Founded more than 40 years ago, Phibro Animal Health (PAHC) is a top provider of animal health and mineral nutrition products. Phibro’s primary focus is on livestock like poultry, swine, beef and dairy cattle, and the company touts more than 1,100 products that are sold across over 65 countries.

Growth has been fairly steady — from fiscal 2011 to 2013, revenues went from $618.3 million to $653.2 million — but margins are robust. Last year, adjusted EBITDA came to $75.8 million.

Phibro plans to offer 11.8 million shares on the Nasdaq at a range of $16 to $18. Lead underwriters include BofA Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Barclays.

New Stocks to Watch: Stalwart Tankers (STST)

Expected Offering Date: Thursday

Stalwart Tankers (STST) owns and operates a fleet of midsize stainless steel chemical tankers. According a report from Drewry, the charter rates for these types of vessels have increased by 8.4% in 2013, but capacity has remained relatively fixed.

Last year, revenues hit $25.8 million, up from $21.7 million in 2012. However, during this period, the net income swung from a gain of $58.8 million to a loss of $134.9 million. (Though, Stalwart has been investing heavily in infrastructure.)

Stalwart Tankers expects to issue 12.5 million shares on the NYSE at a range of $11 to $13. Lead underwriters are Jefferies, Wells Fargo Securities and Global Hunter Securities.

New Stocks to Watch: Zoe’s Kitchen (ZOES)

Expected Offering Date: Friday

Founded in 1995, Zoe’s Kitchen (ZOES) is a fast-casual restaurant with a Mediterranean theme (“zoë” means “life” in Greek). The menu mostly offers dishes that are made from scratch and that are preservative- and additive-free, and Zoe’s average per-customer spend is $9.57.

From 2009 to 2013, revenues skyrocketed from $20.8 million to $116.4 million and adjusted EBITDA increased from $900,000 to $10.9 million. That came alongside explosive growth in restaurant number; Zoes grew from 21 locations to 111.

Zoe’s Kitchen plans to issue 5.8 million shares on the NYSE at a range of $11 to $13. Lead underwriters include Jefferies, Piper Jaffray and Baird.

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