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Would you pay $40,000 for a single great idea?

In the world of large money managers like hedge funds, this question isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Many fund managers can “bet” hundreds of millions of dollars on a single stock. Making 50% on a $200 million position yields $100 million in profit.

So, paying $40,000 for a single great investment idea can make a great deal of sense.

Those extraordinary economics have led to the creation a hidden industry of very high-end investment research and data services… all geared toward serving the world’s most powerful investors. This industry rarely advertises to a broad audience. Instead, it relies on word of mouth and keeps to a small, exclusive client base.

In this world, billion-dollar hedge fund managers happily buy subscription and data services that go well north of $40,000 per year… approve $100,000 research trips… and pay experts millions of dollars for specialized insight. After all, the stakes often go past $10 billion.

Through his research service The Speculator, author, former hedge fund manager, and world-renowned analyst Eric Fry brings the power of expensive, institutional-quality research out of the shadows… to a qualified membership of people who want to employ smart leverage in stocks, options, commodities, currencies, and other financial markets… at a fraction of the price the “hidden” high-end research industry often charges.