AAPL: Apple Starts Receiving Chips From Taiwan Semiconductor

by William White | July 10, 2014 12:52 pm

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM[1]) has started sending chips[2] to Apple (AAPL[3]).

Apple Phablet[4]
Source: Apple

According to The Wall Street Journal, the first batches of chips from Taiwan Semiconductor started making their way to the company in the second quarter. The deal between the two companies means that Apple no longer has to rely solely on Samsung (SSNLF[5]) for its chips.

Apple used to rely on Samsung quite a bit to get parts for its devices. However, less parts have been ordered from Samsung following the various lawsuits between the two companies. The tech giant no longer orders iPhone screens from Samsung and has limited the number of iPad screens that it does. It has also started ordering memory chips from other companies, WSJ notes.

Taiwan Semiconductor is also rumored to be working on A8 chips for the next generation of Apple devices. These chips are reported to be quad core, which will likely double the power of the current dual core A7, AppleInsider[6] notes.

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