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AAPL News: Is Apple Selling Cheap iPhones on eBay?

The store is selling iPhone 5s


Apple (AAPL) may have launched a secret store on eBay (EBAY) where its selling cheap iPhones.

Source: Google

The secret store on eBay is selling “Certified Pre-Owned” iPhone 5s. The 16GB model of this phone is going for a full $200 less than it’s normal asking price from Apple without a contract and is unlocked. Other versions of the iPhone 5 were being sold on the secret store, but they sold out rather quickly, reports Time.

TechCrunch contacted FactoryCertified, the seller of the cheap iPhones of eBay, asking them if they are Apple. The seller denies that they have any association with the company and claims to be a private seller. Apple has yet to comment on the store.

While the seller has denied that it’s in connection with Apple. Other elements of the story make that questionable. This includes the fact that there was a similar secret store launched in 2012 that was believed to be run by the tech company. However this store has been closed. Also, the certified pre-owned iPhone 5s are currently unavailable on the company’s online store, TechCrunch notes.

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