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Growth Investing

Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor provides an expert’s take on the latest market trends and opportunities. Then Louis shares his picks of High-Growth Investments and Elite Dividend Payers — complete with volatility ratings and buy-below prices.

  • Stocks (Mid- to Large-Cap)

  • Conservative

  • Monthly trades

Matt McCall doesn't believe in buying, holding and hoping for eventual gains. His Investment Opportunities are in potent megatrends, with stocks that meet his three-factor test: strong fundamentals, technicals and “intangibles,” like demographics and hot consumer trends.

  • Stocks

  • Moderate

  • Monthly trades

Early Stage Investor reflects Matt McCall’s belief (and experience) that life-changing profits come to early investors. That means spotting breakthrough innovations before Wall Street catches on — and the highest-quality investments that let you cash in.

Innovation Investor is Luke Lango’s premier newsletter. Each issue, Luke uncovers ground-floor opportunities in explosive new megatrends, including blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and even supercomputing. It’s your chance to get an inside look at tomorrow’s cutting-edge opportunities today.

  • Luke Lango

  • Moderate to Aggressive

Active Trading

Accelerated Profits uses Louis Navellier’s proprietary stock-rating system to identify High Velocity and Ultimate Growth Trades. By combining the “one-two punch” of strong momentum and fundamentals with a more frequent trading schedule, you get significant returns... in a fraction of the time.

Matt McCall teams up with bitcoin legend Charlie Shrem to help investors profit from the next chapter of explosive growth. Businesses, governments, and individuals are waking up to the fact that cryptocurrencies are one of the most valuable, most revolutionary technologies ever created. As this continues, there will be an enormous rush into this asset class, unleashing a multi-trillion-dollar tsunami of new wealth and minting new millionaires and billionaires.

Matt McCall was one of the first mainstream financial analysts to recommend buying bitcoin when it was priced at $643. Bitcoin soared an extraordinary 2,908%. Matt has another prediction now that is positioned to grow even higher and faster.

Funds & ETFs

The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors is a monthly newsletter offering investors the unvarnished truth about Vanguard funds. By targeting a “chosen few” of Vanguard’s best funds, Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso’s model portfolios routinely beat the S&P 500.

Dan Wiener and Jeff DeMaso's Independent Vanguard Fund Analyzer makes it quick and easy to spot which Vanguard funds are ideal for your investing goals. Log on anytime to give your Vanguard portfolio a “check up,” assessing risk, returns, management, turnover and more — in seconds.

In Fidelity Investor, Jim Lowell deploys his proprietary Manager Ranking System to find you the best funds from the best managers at his favorite mutual-fund family, Fidelity Investments.

In Fidelity Sector Investor, Jim Lowell helps answer the perennial question: “What are the best sectors to own now?” His FSI algorithm helps you trade into the right funds to get the best returns out of each sector in the market.

  • Jim Lowell

  • Moderate to Aggressive

Options Trading

Louis Navellier’s Power Options provides an expert’s take on options trading. His focus is on LEAPS options, or Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities. Louis finds stocks that he is most bullish on and then recommends call options LEAPS trades on those stocks. His recommendations are easy to follow and designed for investors of all kinds — brand-new to investing or pros. Every trade comes complete with his volatility rating and buy limit price.

With Strategic Trader, you can turn volatility in the options market to YOUR advantage. By focusing on hidden trends in mainstream news and company data, John Jagerson and Wade Hansen find unique trades that deliver a steady, reliable stream of income to your account.

Small Cap

If you want growth, you’ve got to look at smaller up-and-comers that aren’t as well-known... yet. Louis Navellier’s Breakthrough Stocks lets you participate in high-quality small-caps — according to your personal risk tolerance.

Every day the market is open, the Daily 10X Stock Report will be delivered straight to your inbox around 8 a.m. Every issue will feature a full brief on a new small-cap stock… and why it could be an investment ready to soar 1,000%.

  • Luke Lango

  • Moderate to Aggressive

Exponential Growth Report is Luke Lango’s most exciting, powerful service, where he hunts for future technology juggernauts in the micro- and nano-cap world. These stocks are small enough to fly under Wall Street’s radar… and he predicts the profit potential can be staggering as a result.

Value Hunters

Fry’s Investment Report will prepare you to survive — and thrive — in any market. In it, Eric Fry looks for big-picture trends that drive huge, multiyear moves in entire sectors of the market. Then he shows his readers the right stocks... at the best prices.

The Speculator uses Eric Fry’s proprietary “Green Light System” to spot global megatrends, just as they begin to unfold — and cash in with LEAPS options, small-cap stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities... whatever trade offers the ideal risk-to-reward profile.

Private Investing

A revolution is transforming the investing landscape as we know it. In Matt McCall's Private Deal Group, Matt unveils a “secret” market that is now open to everyone — the world of private investing. This is the opportunity to invest in companies of the future... years before the masses... and years before Wall Street even knows about them.

Invitation Only

Louis Navellier’s Platinum Growth combines the top-notch investing strategies of Growth Investor and Breakthrough Stocks with the faster pace of Accelerated Profits — all in a powerful new way that could improve your results 10-fold or better.