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On April 23rd at 10 am ET, Luke Lango will reveal a new breakthrough that can help get you in front of cryptos before they surge 1,000% or more.

Tue, April 23 at 10:00AM ET

Market Analysis

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A Brand-New Quant Crypto Tool Is Your Key to Financial Freedom

Learn about our AI-driven investing system, which applies quantitative stage analysis to outperform the crypto markets.

A Stealth Rally May Be Brewing in the Base Metals Markets

Over a 67-year time frame, the price of aluminum itself has increased about 2.2% per year. More recently, the annualized return of Alcoa stock during the last 30 years has been a dismal minus 1.6%. But don’t count this Alcoa out just yet.

As Bitcoin Halving Nears, A New Way to Score Explosive Gains

But the big question is, will this rise in oil prices continue? That’s the question I’ll answer in today’s Market 360. I’ll explain the two major factors contributing to the rally in the energy sector.

Bond Yields Have Hit “the Danger Zone”

A “targeted” counterattack last night… the 10-year Treasury yield is a problem for stocks… home sales fall thanks to expensive mortgages… silver might shine more…

A New Technological Revolution Is Coming – Here’s How You Can Profit From It

In today’s Market 360, I’ll explain where I predict the next technological revolution is going to come from. Then, I’ll share where you can find more information on this revolution so you can feel confident when it takes over.

Geopolitical Unrest Is Revealing a Golden Opportunity in Cryptos

Despite their bad reputation as a “risky asset,” cryptos tend to soar in times of geopolitical chaos – exactly what we have right now.

Last Night’s Attacks on Iran Just Set the Stage for a Stock Market Crash

A bull trap is playing out in the stock market now, setting the stage for a crash. Keep a close eye on oil prices for the next warning.

Why Israel-Iran Conflict May Not Trigger a Meaningfully Rally in Oil Prices

Conflict in the Middle East typically impacts oil supply and therefore raises oil prices. This time around, things could be different.

Budding Opportunities: 3 Emerging Cannabis Markets to Explore 

Discover three emerging cannabis markets with high growth potential. These regions are setting the stage for significant investment growth.

Watch Out for the Surging Dollar

The dollar is poised to keep climbing… tariffs are back in the news… insurance rates skyrocket… the growing problem of “social inflation” Today, let’s bounce…

Will This Energy Stealth Rally Continue?

But the big question is, will this rise in oil prices continue? That’s the question I’ll answer in today’s Market 360. I’ll explain the two major factors contributing to the rally in the energy sector.

“Old” but Mighty: Here’s Why You Don’t Want to Overlook Oil

Despite the increasing year-by-year deployments of renewable energy, “old energy” deployments are also on the rise, clashing head-on with the “oil is dead” narrative. And, more importantly to our interests, offering their own appealing investment opportunities.

Robinhood vs. SoFi: Which Stock Will Win the Fintech Race?

Robinhood stock has become more enticing as it cut costs and looked to diversify its revenue streams beyond trading.

Why Gold Will Go Even Higher

Eric Fry’s gold prediction is playing out… investors hate gold’s bull run… who is buying gold?… the case for more gains to come… how to…

How to Play the Energy Sector Now That It’s a “Multiverse”

Today. we’ll take a closer look at the pockets in the renewable energy sector that are doing well, and then I’ll share a stock in the sector that possesses significant rebound potential.  

Be Warned: The Bears Are Finally in Control of the Stock Market

After highlighting various warning signals, a stock market correction appears to be underway. How to play it now.

Elon Musk’s Next Billion-Dollar Venture Is in Motion Right Now

Elon Musk wants to turn X into a “single application that encompasses everything.” And the potential there feels near-limitless.

Is Bitcoin a “Buy” Right Now?

Do you buy Bitcoin down 15%? … Luke Lango’s roadmap for crypto … the 10-year Treasury yield approaches 4.70% … when are rate cuts coming?…

High Hopes: Could 4/20 Light Up a Cannabis Stock Rally?

April 20 is right around the corner. Could the date mean a cannabis stock rally? Here's what could happen.