Millions of People Will Be Blindsided in 2024. Will You Be One of Them?

On December 12 at 7 p.m. ET, Louis Navellier, Eric Fry, and Luke Lango will reveal the major events that will rock the markets in 2024. Will your money be safe?

Tue, December 12 at 7:00PM ET

Market Analysis

The markets are constantly in flux, which means that picking the right stocks is like hitting a bull’s-eye on a moving target. InvestorPlace’s savviest financial analysts and editors tackle the important, sector-wide issues, analyzing how top-level trends trickle down through individual stocks, so that you can make smart decisions with your money.

The MACD Indicator: Making Technical Analysis Work

We examine how ordinary investors can use some of Wall Street's best tools like the MACD indicator to beat them at their own game.

Dear Investors, Welcome to the Long-Awaited Soft Landing

The soft landing of the U.S. economy is here. But there is a small chance that the soft landing could transform into a crash landing.

Why AI Will Drive Major PC Market Growth Next Year

We believe that when Dell and HP launch their AI PCs in 2024 and ‘25, companies across America will go on an AI PC shopping spree.

Here’s How to Position Yourself Going Into 2024

On Tuesday, December 12, at 7 p.m. Eastern time, Louis Navellier, Eric Fry and Luke Lango are gathering for a special event – the Early Warning Summit 2024 – to give you their investing game plan for 2024. It’s a strategy that could outperform the market by 5X or more next year, no matter what happens.

Stock Market Crash Alert: Deflation Is on the Way

What would happen if inflation suddenly plummets? What's happening in South Korea's economy could offer answers.

Uh-Oh! Why Policymakers Only Have 2 Weeks Left to Avoid a Government Shutdown in January.

With yet another potential government shutdown on the table, investors may have more tailwinds to price into the market.

The Real Threat Behind a Brand-New AI Breakthrough

Reuters recently reported that OpenAI stumbled upon an AI breakthrough so powerful that its own researchers said it could “threaten humanity.”

Modernizing a Classic: 3 Fresh Takes on How to Play the 60/40 Portfolio Strategy

The 60/40 portfolio strategy is not dead. Here are three ways to play the long-time investment asset-allocation philosophy.

DOGE, GME: What the Latest Meme Surge Says About Broke Millennials

The recent surges in both GME and DOGE may have made a few Millennials and Gen Z investors rich, but more may have lost their shirts.

How Long Does This Pullback Last?

A technical look at the S&P today … what the RSI and MACD are telling us … how low might we go? … the bullish...

Quant Ratings Updated on 65 Stocks

The stock market kicked December off on a positive note, with the major indices closing higher on Friday. Although the broader market was weak yesterday and mixed today, there’s no need for concern.

The Trillion-Dollar Debt Has Become an All-of-Us Problem

A trillion dollars is such a big number that it’s meaningless. But what you can’t do with a trillion dollars – as our federal government is finding out the hard way – is pay it back.

Bank Stocks Are Heating Up as Tech Stocks Falter. How to Play the Trend.

Bank stocks are starting to heat up, and tech stocks are on watch. Here's how investors can profit in the short and long term.

3 Revolutionary FinTech Startups That Are Redefining Banking

The fintech sector is reshaping traditional banking as we know it, but only a handful of fintech stocks stand out as truly innovative.

Hope for a Bull, Prepare for a Bear

What if Wall Street is wrong about the timing of rate cuts? … Wall Street’s awful record of bets on the Fed … the difficulty...

Can the Rally in Small-Cap Stocks Persist?

Small-cap stocks are outperforming compared to large-caps, but that doesn't mean investors should dive in.

Promising Nuclear Power Stocks Just Keep Soaring

Artificial intelligence could solve the shortcomings of nuclear power – and actually lay the groundwork for a world of limitless energy.

Weekly Upgrades and Downgrades

During these busy times, it pays to stay on top of the latest profit opportunities. And today's blog post should be a great place to start.

Welcome to the Dot-Com Boom 2.0: The Rise of AI Stocks

Are you ready to be part of the AI revolution? Just as the internet transformed the 90s, AI technology is set to reshape our world, making everyday activities like shopping, working, and traveling more efficient through automation. Dive into the dynamic world of AI stocks, where innovative AI startups are attracting significant investments. While skeptics voice their doubts, the tide of belief is strong: AI is not just a fleeting trend, it's the future of major innovation. Discover how you can be part of this transformative journey.