Market Analysis

The markets are constantly in flux, which means that picking the right stocks is like hitting a bull’s-eye on a moving target. InvestorPlace’s savviest financial analysts and editors tackle the important, sector-wide issues, analyzing how top-level trends trickle down through individual stocks, so that you can make smart decisions with your money.

Weekly Upgrades and Downgrades

During these busy times, it pays to stay on top of the latest profit opportunities. And today's blog post should be a great place to start. After taking a close look at the latest data on institutional buying pressure and each company's fundamental health, I decided to revise my Portfolio Grader recommendations for 73 big blue chips. Chances are that you have at least one of these stocks in your portfolio, so you may want to give this list a skim and act accordingly.

Best Stocks to Buy for a Massive Rebound Rally

I'm still bullish on a few high-conviction stocks. They’re beaten-down and dirt-cheap. And they’re the best stocks primed to soar from here.

Beat Back the Recession With Electric Car Charging Stocks

The electric car megatrend won’t materialize unless an equally large growth spurt happens in EV charging infrastructure.

Certain EV Stocks Will See 10X Gains, According to This State

Given the presently discounted valuations in the market, we believe certain EV stocks could soar a lot more than 10X in the coming years.

Try This Time-Tested Strategy When Investing in EVs

It’s still early to know which companies will ultimately emerge as the biggest EV winners, but in the meantime, we can see the growing demand and rising prices of the “picks and shovels” needed to build the batteries...

Will Porsche’s Shares Help VWAGY in EV Race?

In today’s Market 360, we’ll look at the details of the Porsche IPO and how it could help Volkswagen pull ahead in the EV race…

Can the S&P Support Hold?

Will the S&P find bullish legs or nosedive?… the indicator our technical experts are watching that appears bullish… how things played out the last three...

5 Reasons ‘Cathie Wood Stocks’ Could Double in 2023

Cathie Wood stocks are due for another big reversal in 2023. They've fallen too far, too fast -- with some major catalysts on the horizon.

Bear Market 2022: The Ultimate Guide for Investors

Wondering how to stay ahead of the raging bear market that is taking hold of Wall Street? Here's everything that investors need to know.

Quant Ratings Updated on 53 Stocks

Out of the 53 stocks that were upgraded/downgraded this weekend, 12 were upgraded from a D-rating to a C-rating.

Chaos in Europe

The Bank of England acts to avoid a meltdown … a loss of faith in the British government … someone sabotages gas pipelines in Europe...

Crisis-Proof Your Portfolio with These Key Moves

Times like these are miserable, exhausting… and downright frightening. However, as we have learned over the long span of financial market history, times like these are also the moments that offer outstanding investment opportunities. With that thought in mind, I want to share with you a special issue written by InvestorPlace CEO, Brian Hunt....

Why a 2022 Housing Market Crash Could Be WORSE Than 2008

New data shows home prices have begun their descent even faster than many economists expected. Is the housing market in for another crash?

The Global EV Disruption Is Your Million-Dollar Opportunity

With game-changing trends now converging, we'll see jaw-dropping EV volume growth of ~2,000% through 2040 --and mega gains in EV stocks.

The Best EV Stocks to Buy as Lithium Prices Decline

The EV stocks that we’re most excited about? The companies beginning significant production ramps into 2023.

The Ultimate Explosive ‘Sleeper’ Tech of 2023

Though the future of flying cars might seem ages away, most eVTOL makers plan to commence operations in 2024.

Buy the Dip and HODL With These Stocks Before the BIG Rally

Don’t Fight the Fed! Invest in the Next Amazon Instead

The Fed is keeping its foot on the gas until something breaks. After which, expect a 50%+ rally. It's the best time to find the next Amazon!

Muscle Through a Recession With Growth Stocks

We're in a bear market with a possible recession incoming. The best way to weather it is with growth stocks that will keep moving higher.