Market Analysis

The markets are constantly in flux, which means that picking the right stocks is like hitting a bull’s-eye on a moving target. InvestorPlace’s savviest financial analysts and editors tackle the important, sector-wide issues, analyzing how top-level trends trickle down through individual stocks, so that you can make smart decisions with your money.

Here’s Why NVIDIA Made the Shorts Run for Cover

In today’s Market 360, I’ll review what a short squeeze is and how it impacted NVIDIA’s share price. I’ll also explain why short sellers should never bet against a fundamentally superior stock, and where you can find the most superior stocks.

Inflation Data Shows This Is the Time to Buy Stocks

With inflation handled, the Fed can cut rates and help the economy avoid a recession, even strengthen. And stocks should keep rising.

My “Magnificent Seven” Stocks

While the other 493 stocks in the S&P 500 may seem “ordinary” by comparison, I think they are anything but. In fact, a few show the promise of star quality themselves.

It’s 2021 All Over Again. Get Ready for the Crypto Crash.

Soaring Bitcoin prices, rocket ship emojis and rampant FOMO harken back to 2021. Just brace yourself for the next crypto crash.

Did You Know? Why Low Unemployment Rates May Not Be Such a Good Thing.

Low unemployment rates are generally a good thing, but it's entirely possible that layoffs in key sectors could lead to affordability issues.

Ride this Market Higher

Louis Navellier and Luke Lango are bullish … the “Great Broadening” of 2024 … tomorrow’s PCE report could jumpstart a new bullish push … Bitcoin…

Buy When There’s Blood in the Streets: Don’t Miss This Bold Opportunity to Profit

U.S. investors are scared to allocate capital into the Chinese stock market. However, the best investors buy when others are panicked.

How to Strike it Rich During This Crypto Boom Cycle

The returns in a crypto boom cycle’s second half tend to be an order of magnitude larger than the returns in the first half.

3 Overlooked Emerging Markets Opportunities: Turkey, Thailand & Taiwan

There are plenty of emerging markets opportunities, but the three “Ts” are some of the best available at the current time.

Quant Ratings Updated on 81 Stocks

In today’s Market 360, I’ll share 10 stocks that are likely to struggle in the current market environment, due to their weak fundamentals. And then, I’ll share where you can find fundamentally superior stocks that truly represent the crème de la crème of the market.

Want to Know When the Fed Will Cut Rates? Watch REITs.

Want to understand where interest rates are headed? The best indicator is in how REITs are performing against the S&P 500.

The Next Chapter of A.I.-Powered Trading

John Jagerson and Wade Hansen here. Over the past year, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to lead Predictive Alpha... But we’re not here to talk about what An-E has helped us do since April of 2023…

Roaring ’20s Reboot: AI to Drive an Unparalleled Boom

Those who invest in this coming prosperity early stand to make potential fortunes, which is why you should be invested in AI stocks today.

Interest Rate Shocker 2024: Could the Fed Actually Raise Rates Instead of Cutting Them??

Whether a shocking hike in interest rates (rather than cuts) could be in the cards is a question that's terrifying and neat to consider.

Can You Invest Like Buffett?

Berkshire Hathaway closes in on $1 trillion … the power of compounded returns from great companies … what if you don’t have decades? … benefiting…

5X-Gain Potential for This Critical Metal

Where to look for 5X gains … the coming imbalance in supply/demand for this critical metal … we’re deep in the “bust” part of the…

Welcome to the Dot-Com Boom 2.0: The Rise of AI Stocks

Today's AI tech is as impactful as the internet. Invest in the companies that are reshaping our world to take advantage of this wealth boom.

Get Ready for Short Squeezes to Take Small-Cap Stocks Higher

Small-cap stocks and medium-cap stocks are still greatly underperforming their large-cap peers, as many bears bet against these names. 

Weekly Upgrades and Downgrades

During these busy times, it pays to stay on top of the latest profit opportunities. And today's blog post should be a great place to start.