Stocks to Buy

The stock market can be a labyrinth that even the sharpest minds become lost in. Not even Warren Buffet gets it right all of the time. At InvestorPlace, we employ dozens of market analysts, experts and traders to attempt the impossible — get it right. We cover a wide array of stocks to buy, condensing the day’s biggest headlines into timely, accurate advice that you can bank on.

Favorable Timing in Q3 Should Lift Home Depot Stock

Just because Home Depot stock has performed well doesn’t mean it’s going to correct anytime soon, as its Q3 report may reveal.

7 Stocks to Buy With Great Charts

Technical analysis works better in more bullish environments, and that's great news for these 7 stocks with favorable technicals.

Square Stock Is Likely to Surge Higher

Cash App and international growth can provide meaningful catalysts to SQ stock. As a result, investors should buy Square stock.

7 Strong Retail Stocks to Buy for the 2019 Holiday Season

The outlook for the 2019 holiday shopping season has gone from bad to good, and that's great news for these retail stocks.

Here’s Why Activision Blizzard Stock Is a Strong Buy on Weakness

Activision Blizzard stock has plenty of catalysts, including new consoles and eSports. So ATVI stock should be bought by long-term investors.

5 Great Blue-Chip Stocks to Buy

In this volatile market, blue-chip stocks will get you through. Here are five of the bluest stocks to buy today.

User Growth Is the Biggest Catalyst for Apple Stock

Apple stock is already up sharply this year. Looking ahead, its Services unit is building momentum. The iPhone 11 series enjoys wide appeal.

Shopify’s Growth Makes SHOP Stock Worth Buying

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke announced triumphantly in its Q3 2019 report that the e-commerce platform went over one million merchants in the third quarter, a target thought unreachable 15 years ago when the company’s first store opened.

Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Secret Weapon for Tesla Stock

TSLA seemed all but hopeless not long ago. But yet again, Elon Musk has found a way to prove his critics wrong, as seen with the latest earnings report which boosted Tesla stock.

10 Best High-Growth Stocks to Buy for Young Investors

Young investors can leverage their extra time to bet on high-growth stocks that are likely to jump on developing trends.

4 Retail Stocks to Buy Getting Marked Up for Black Friday

These four retail stocks are big names in their sector, but they're also gearing up to make big moves as Black Friday approaches.

7 Silver and Gold Stocks to Buy That Offer Contrarian Upside

Although the markets are seemingly bullish on current developments, this is perhaps the best time to go contrarian with gold stocks to buy.

5 Online Retail Stocks to Buy on the Dip

Online retail stocks have taken a beating over the past month, but could rebound big into the end of the year.

The 8 Best Cash Cow Stocks to Buy for Stable Returns

While it’s tempting to pile your money into high-flying investments, cash-rich companies are the best stocks to buy in unpredictable markets.

The Speculative Bull Case for GE Stock Remains Alive and Well

GE stock price has shot higher over the last month on improving cash flows and falling debts, but the recovery of General Electric stock is far from complete.

Azure Can Keep Microsoft Stock Moving Higher

While Microsoft stock has enjoyed a robust performance in the year to date, the company’s robust businesses, especially Azure, keep the bull case intact.

3 Secular Catalysts That Will Drive Alibaba Stock into the Future

Alibaba has had a good year. But the gains will likely continue for quite some time. Here’s a look at the three main drivers.

3 Things You Can’t Help but like About Facebook Stock

In the first nine months of fiscal 2019, Facebook had free cash flow of $15.8 billion, 31.7% higher than a year earlier. On a margin basis, its free cash flow was 31.9% of revenue, 110 basis points higher than in the same period a year ago.

GE Stock Has Had a Good Run, but There’s More Turnaround to Go

History is just that: history, meaning it's already been written. However, GE is undergoing a transformation. Another one, meaning precedent can be somewhat instructive for investors mulling the shares today.

Even Near High, Wall Street is Underestimating Microsoft Stock Yet Again

The time is right to buy MSFT stock because Wall Street analysts will eventually see that they have underestimated the company yet again.