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Stocks to Buy

Whether you are a novice who just opened your first 401k or you are a seasoned investor, you have to spend countless hours researching stocks to buy. Who has that kind of time? We do. Powered by a diverse group of perspectives formed from dozens of analysts, advisors and strategists, our stories digest the day’s biggest headlines to uncover which stocks you should buy.

Golden Opportunities: 3 Stocks to Buy as Gold Prices Reach New Heights

Explore top gold stocks as gold prices hit new highs, with insights into these players' latest moves. Pick them up before the surge.

3 Retail Stocks to Buy Now: Q2 Edition

Retail companies are often the bellwether for a strengthening economy and consumer sentiment. Here are three picks to get exposure into Q2!

3 Russell 2000 Stocks to Buy Now: Q2 Edition

These are a number of great buys for investors who are seeking more exposure to stocks that are within the Russell 2000.

7 Under-The-Radar Penny Stocks to Buy for Multibagger Returns: April 2024

These are the possible multibagger penny stocks to buy as they represent companies that are positioned for stellar growth.

7 Small-Cap Gems Under $10 Primed for 1,000% Growth

These seven small-cap stocks under $10 have the potential to deliver huge growth as they make a turnaround.

AMD’s AI Arsenal Expands: Why This Dip Is Your Ticket to Soar

This leading semiconductor company is competing directly against Nvidia and Intel and winning, taking market share in the process.

Election Year Investing: 3 Must-Buy Stocks for Investors on Either Side of the Aisle

In the spirit of bipartisanship, here are the top three election-year stocks to buy for investors of all political stripes.

Wall Street’s Earnings Blunders: Don’t Miss These 3 Mispriced Plays

The Street ignores important, upcoming catalysts. Here are three mispriced stocks that can generate profits for investors.

Magnificent 7 Killers: 3 Growth Stocks Ready to Become Wall Street’s New Darlings

The Magnificent 7 have dominated for years. Now a new class of growth stocks to challenge Magnificent 7 have emerged to steal the limelight.

Load Up on These 3 Student Loan Stock Plays if Biden Beats the Courts 

Explore three student loan stocks that stand to gain from new student loan forgiveness plans. These financial firms could see a boost.

3 Transportation Stocks to Buy Now: Q2 Edition

These transportation stocks to buy now blend the speculative with the stable, creating a perfect roadway to riches.

3 Tech Stock Winners to Buy Now for a Huge 2024

These top tech stock winners could be market-beating growth options for long-term investors seeking to beat the broader benchmarks.

The 3 Best Bank Stocks to Buy on Q1 Earnings Results

Investors would be smart to consider these bank stocks to buy based on earnings from this years first quarter.

Forget Dividends, Buy These 3 Buyback Behemoths Instead

By leveraging their free cash flow generation, these buyback stocks have reduced their shares outstanding, boosting value per share.

3 Auto Stocks to Buy Now: Q2 Edition

The electric vehicle market is in a bit of a funk, but there are plenty of auto stocks to buy now before EV sales improve.

Forget Big Tech, These 3 Underdog Sectors Are About to Steal the Show

In a stock picker’s market, opportunities within underdog sectors can prove ideal for growth-hungry investors.

3 Chinese Stocks to Buy Now: Q2 Edition

Tap into the resurgence of Chinese stocks to buy now, as recent data suggests robust growth and a favorable investment climate.

Capitalizing on Gold’s Momentum: 3 Stocks to Watch in April

The run-up in gold prices and gold stocks isn’t over just yet. According to Goldman Sachs, the metal could test $2,700 this year.

Forget Pepsi and Coke: The 3 Best Beverage Stocks to Buy Instead

It’s tempting to buy the most obvious non-alcoholic beverage stocks. However, they might not deliver your best return on investment.