Stocks to Buy

The stock market can be a labyrinth that even the sharpest minds become lost in. Not even Warren Buffet gets it right all of the time. At InvestorPlace, we employ dozens of market analysts, experts and traders to attempt the impossible — get it right. We cover a wide array of stocks to buy, condensing the day’s biggest headlines into timely, accurate advice that you can bank on.

8 Stocks to Buy That Are Growing Faster Than Amazon

Neurocrine Biosciences, Facebook and Etsy are just some of the stocks to buy if you want growth because they're outpacing Amazon.

Alibaba Stock Has Plenty of Juice to Rally Higher

Core commerce will drive revenue and EBITDA growth for Alibaba stock while an attractive valuation makes BABA a compelling buy.

Can AMD Stock Break Out to $37? 

Advanced Micro Devices stock has been on fire and that momentum can keep up if AMD stock is able to break out. Here's how to trade it.

7 Defense Stocks to Buy to Fortify Your Portfolio

This is a great time for leveraged growth of defense stocks because they have nothing to do with the U.S.- China trade war. They are domestically-driven firms with great prospects.

Innovation Will Continue to Drive Square Stock Higher

Square isn’t trading at an all-time high given the run SQ stock has been on. Here’s why iSquare stock is headed higher. 

Chipotle Stock: Should Ackman Stay or Go?

Chipotle Mexican Grill reports Q2 earnings July 23 after the markets close. Chipotle stock is on a roll. Should Bill Ackman take profits?    

3 Reasons Why You Can Trust Amazon Stock at $2,000

While Amazon stock has once again soared near the $2,000 level, this time, the e-commerce giant can do much more than provide a photo-op.

5 Reasons to Buy the Dip In Netflix Stock

NFLX stock tanked the most it has in a year on bad Q2 subscriber numbers, but this sell-off in Netflix is a gross overreaction.

Here’s Why the Contrarian Case for Intel Stock Makes Sense

Intel stock has suffered from a series of internal and operational challenges. That said, INTC has the ability to fly based on underappreciated fundamentals.

10 Tech Stocks That Are Still Worth Your Time (And Money)

Alphabet, Dell and FireEye are just some of the top tech stocks to buy, even if the rest of the sector is overbought or overvalued, or both.

The 3 Big Reasons to Stick With Walmart Stock in 2019

WMT stock is up big year-to-date, but the macro and micro fundamentals imply that this rally of Walmart stock price isn't over just yet.

5 Retail Stocks to Buy That Are Getting It Done

These days, retail is a bloodbath. But not all retail stocks are headed towards empty storefronts and bankruptcy. These five retailers have the goods to keep the profits coming.

Why I Still Believe in Canopy Growth Stock and the Weed Market

While CGC stock has serious challenges impacting it, the headwinds do not directly impugn Canopy's core business potential.

Alibaba Stock Can be Boosted by Digital-Ad Growth

Alibaba is doing very well in digital ads, and that's very good news for Alibaba stock. Digital ad revenue can boost BABA stock price.

3 Great Value Stocks to Buy This July

Don't fret! Value stocks can be had in today's hot market. Here are three that feature high growth and cheap valuations.

No Worries About Qualcomm Stock — You Can Safely Hold Your Shares

As far as I'm concerned, antitrust fines are a temporary problem and a sign of a truly redoubtable company; in truth, the only ones who should fear Qualcomm are the competition.

The Worst Appears to Be Over for CVS Stock

Over the years, CVS stock has incurred some painful losses in the markets. However, bold moves by management make this a compelling contrarian buy.

3 Reasons to Buy Shopify Stock Before Earnings

While Shopify stock has exceeded all bullish expectations, the underlying company has many growth drivers it can still lever.

3 Reasons Investors Should Be High on Hexo Stock

It’s been a roller coaster year for Hexo stock. But for the most part, the valuation looks reasonable right now. There are also a few catalysts that should help reinvigorate the stock price.

7 Stocks Top Investors Are Buying Now

Top investors leave a convenient blueprint of stocks to buy for the average trader. These seven stocks are key to their portfolios.