Stocks to Buy

The stock market can be a labyrinth that even the sharpest minds become lost in. Not even Warren Buffet gets it right all of the time. At InvestorPlace, we employ dozens of market analysts, experts and traders to attempt the impossible — get it right. We cover a wide array of stocks to buy, condensing the day’s biggest headlines into timely, accurate advice that you can bank on.

Be Greedy When Others Are Fearful of Qualcomm Stock

The trade war and economic slowdown remain concerns. However, the launch of 5G in 2020 is likely to translate into revenue and earnings growth for QCOM stock.

15 Cybersecurity Stocks to Watch as the Industry Heats Up

These 15 cybersecurity stocks are shaping the future of digital security, and a few of them could turn into huge success stories.

7 “Boring” Stocks With Exciting Prospects

These are boring stocks. They aren’t unicorns or in sexy, headline-grabbing industries, but they do make money slowly and steadily.

Why Alphabet Stock Remains a Great Long-Term Investment

When you take a step back and look at the forest through the trees, it becomes obvious that Alphabet stock is a long term winner.

Here’s Why a Gamble on Nvidia Stock Might Pay Off

Poor timing issues, along with the nasty U.S.-China trade war have disproportionately impacted Nvidia stock. However, NVDA is starting to flex its muscles and its broader fundamental strengths should help make a viable contrarian case.

Why It’s Time to Buy the Dip in Stock stock is down by over 11% from 52-week highs. AMZN stock investors fear short-term investments will not pay off.

Artificial Intelligence Is Key to Nvidia Stock’s Turnaround

Nvidia (NVDA) stock earnings prove that the company is turning things around. And artificial intelligence (AI) is front and center.

The 7 Best Long-Term Stocks to Buy for 2019 and Beyond

Even the best long-term stocks require some patience, but their viable growth industries make them the best stocks for 2019 and beyond!

For Plug Power Stock to Snag $3, It Needs More Than Amazon and Walmart

PLUG stock shows great promise due to some encouraging financial results. However, if the underlying company wants to make a true impact, it has to start cutting bigger deals.

8 SHEconomy Stocks Morgan Stanley Says to Buy

Never heard of the SHEconomy? It's time to learn up, and understand why these stocks to buy will benefit from that demographic megatrend.

Alphabet Stock Has Recession-Resistant Trump Cards

In the nearer-term, the picture for Alphabet stock is sour due to the U.S.-China trade war and its implications. However, a recession may end up helping GOOGL because the underlying company is simply too relevant to ignore.

7 Internet of Things Stocks to Buy Now

From semiconductors to smart meters and cellphone towers, there's a whole variety of ways to play the growing internet of things stock trend.

4 Defensive Mega-Cap Stocks to Buy Now

These four mega-cap companies including Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble are great stocks to buy. They all next report earnings in October, but investors should consider buying shares now. Stock Is a Risk that Long-Term Investors May Want to Take looks likely to be a winner once the trade war is over and Chinese stocks are back in favor. Investors who can ride out some turbulence in the near term should consider buying JD stock now to take advantage of the market's caution.

Here’s Why Netflix Stock Might Win in the Recession

Netflix stock tanked after the streaming giant released its Q2 results due to fears that subscribers are jumping ship. However, during a recession, it’s possible that NFLX offers the most relevant coverage amid a sea of competitors.

7 Retail Stocks to Buy on the Dip

Low rates, reduced trade tensions, and strong labor conditions will converge to produce a big rally in these depressed retail stocks.

Seize the CBD Opportunity With a Position in Aurora Cannabis Stock

The hemp market has a terrific future, and you may regret waiting to buy ACB stock despite some near-term uncertainty.

Check Out These 5 Fast-Growing Stocks to Buy

Growth is on a different track now, and here are some great ideas for stocks to buy to ride the momentum.

Alphabet Stock Is the Top AI Investment

A new study by Loup Ventures reveals why Alphabet stock may be the best play on AI technology today. Google Assistant was the top performer in a comprehensive test of AI digital assistants.

Fitbit’s Singapore Contract Looks Like a Big Deal for FIT Stock

The deal that Fitbit made with Singapore bodes very well for FIT stock. Investors should buy Fitbit stock at its current levels.