Stocks to Buy

Whether you are a novice who just opened your first 401k or you are a seasoned investor, you have to spend countless hours researching stocks to buy. Who has that kind of time? We do. Powered by a diverse group of perspectives formed from dozens of analysts, advisors and strategists, our stories digest the day’s biggest headlines to uncover which stocks you should buy.

Square Stock Gets Goosed as Markets React To Its Afterpay Acquisition

Buy Now, Pay Later takes credit volume from banks and card processors, putting the risk on merchants. Square hopes it will fulfill its own banking ambitions.

A New Partnership for Skillz Creates Multi-Bagger Potential for SKLZ Stock

Today's partnership with Exit Games is a huge leap forward for Skillz, enabling them to create a broader array of synchronous multiplayer games and expand their market.

Buy F45 Stock While Misguided Uncertainty Keeps Share Prices Down

F45 is the cream of the crop in the social fitness niche of the rapidly growing alternative workout market. So we have no doubts that F45 will survive and thrive well into the future.

Buy NIO Stock During the Semiconductor Shortage, Before Its Breakout

Nio is making the most of the semiconductor shortage and continues to grow within the realm of what is possible.

Roblox Stock Is a Buy After Chinese Regulators Target the Gaming Sector

Currently, Roblox doesn't have major operations in China, and as a result, RBLX hasn't been hit as hard as other gaming companies. There's plenty of time for the dust to settle in China before Roblox scales its operations there and fuels its future growth.

You Should Still Buy ContextLogic Stock, Even Though Meme Traders Moved on

Today's hire of a former Google exec reinforces the thesis that Wish is building an elite team of data scientists to build the best platform in the entire discount e-commerce space.

Back Below $10, Hyliion Stock Is a Great Deal

HYLN stock deserves to double or even triple as Hyliion announces an awesome new long-range, zero-carbon truck that offers sales credits.

Facebook Begins to Climb a Wall of Worry

Investors worry about a Facebook ad slowdown after it releases better-than-expected earnings. FB stock remains a buy long term.

7 Great Retirement Stocks To Buy To Start Growing Your Nest Egg

Building a retirement nest egg requires the three "Ps" -- patience, perseverance and planning. Investors need to carefully build a well-diversified portfolio that provides them with consistent and reliable gains over many years and decades. And while many stocks and market trends come in and out of favor, there are some stocks that can be relied on during good times and bad.

Oatly Stock Looks Worth Betting on at This Point

OTLY stock looks like an inexpensive bet on plant-based milk. It's a bet that's worth making at this point, given Oatly's explosive growth.

7 Cheap Value Stocks To Buy For August 2021

These cheap value stocks are strong and competitive companies traded at discounted price levels -- and they could mean solid returns.

4 Chinese Stocks to Buy While Everyone Else Is Selling

Despite the recent weakness arising from regulatory headwinds, these Chinese stocks deserve consideration for long-term portfolios.

Cassava Sciences Stock Has Been Hammered For No Good Reason and Is Likely To Rebound

Cassava Sciences stock has been hammered for no good reason and is likely to rebound. AVA stock is still worth over $900 especially given the recent positive 9-month results of its Alzheimer's drug Simufilam.

4 Cruise Stocks to Buy to Benefit From Pent-Up Leisure Travel Demand

The following cruise stocks are well-positioned for renewed rallies given a bright outlook based on 2022 bookings.

Shoppers Love a Bargain, and Investors Should Love ContextLogic Stock

Even while Wish's Core Marketplace revenues are expanding across multiple continents, WISH stock remains surprisingly cheap at the moment.

Aon Stock Looks Better Now That It Is Out From Under the WLTW Merger

The Justice Department objected to the second and third largest insurance brokers merging, but investors seem happy about it.

Tilray Stock Is Worth Buying and Holding If You Have a Little Patience

It may remain volatile for now. But in the long-run, TLRY stock could climb to levels far above where it trades today (around $17 per share).

7 Stocks To Buy After The Market Crash

These high-quality companies are stocks to buy when they plunge during a crash and get an important chance to build significant wealth.

3 Stocks to Buy for Profits From Earnings Season Pin Action

Earnings season often offers great opportunities for equity profits. Today we look at three stocks to buy from the resulting price action.

Travelzoo’s Pristine Balance Sheet Creates a Safe Buying Opportunity

Travelzoo has maintained solid financials and strong cash flow. As more people resume traveling, TZOO stock is a safe recovery bet.