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Finding the right stocks to buy is one of the most difficult parts of investing. At Investorplace, our experts help expedite that process by providing reliable information that will assist you in choosing what stocks to invest in. Whether the ultimate goal is to find steady income or earn a quick buck, our staff provides advice to help you find a strong dividend stock, a penny stock with potential, or, plain and simple, good stocks to buy.

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Why Stitch Fix Stock Still Looks Good Long Term

The 20% post-earnings plunge in Stitch Fix stock is a gross overreaction that creates an opportunity for long-term investors. Read Article

How Will Intel Stock Be Impacted by Amazon’s Homegrown Chips?

Amazon's entry into the chip market is a cause for concern for owners of Intel stock, but it's not a reason to sell INTC stock just yet. Read Article

Apple Stock Likely to Be Rescued by Better-Than-Expected Results

Prior selloffs of AAPL stock have ended with the same catalyst, and this selloff of Apple stock should end in a similar way. Read Article

Sensationalism Aside, Boeing Stock Still Is a Great Pick

The plane’s been selling quite well with airlines around the world. Something like 76 have ordered a 737 Max through the end of October, an average of 63 planes per airline; it’s delivered 241 of those to 40 airlines, an average of six per airline. Read Article

10 Stocks That Can Move Higher Whatever Happens

Morgan Stanley says these stocks are set to outperform even if the market slows down in 2019. That makes these 10 excellent stocks to buy for careful investors. Read Article

How Tesla Stock Could Quadruple Within the Next Ten Years

An optimistic view on the long term trends underlying the EV market illuminates a path for Tesla stock to more than quadruple. Read Article

7 Stocks With the Strongest Balance Sheets

Want to know the top stocks with strong balance sheets right now? Apple is one, but there are six others that are also impressive. Come read! Read Article

5 Pharma Stocks That Could Cure Ailing Portfolios in 2019

These pharma stocks offer low multiples and growth catalysts that could offer relief to investors in the coming year. Read Article

Believe It or Not, Blue Apron Stock Can Still Cook Up Something Good

APRN stock is performing worse than any other IPO, but if the company better harnesses its tailwinds, APRN stock could rebound. Read Article

Don’t Wait for the Perfect Time to Buy Salesforce Stock

Salesforce (CRM) is a proven winner and its stock continues to reward buyers. Get long CRM stock now for the long-term! Read Article

Regulators Are Targeting Facebook Again, So Buy Facebook Stock!

FB stock faces scrutiny as the Facebook stock price falls, but these declines of Facebook stock will create buying opportunities Read Article

HSY Stock Is Proving Chocolate Safe From the Bear

Hershey's is not a go-go company, but that's what appeals in a bearish market Read Article

Disney Stock Is Still One of the Happiest Places on Wall Street

Disney stock has done well this year. Trade war and yield curve uncertainties are waning, so it is likely to do well into 2019. Read Article

3 Reasons Disney Stock Could Rally in 2019

Disney stock has been impressively resilient in 2018 despite the market's turmoil. DIS stock could break out in 2019. Read Article

7 Stocks to Buy Down 10% Last Week

195 stocks with market caps greater than $2 billion lost 10% or more in the past week. Here are seven stocks to buy from the group. Read Article

3 Hot IPO Stocks the Market Is Ignoring

A lot of IPO stocks debut to massive hype, but here are 3 stocks to buy that have flown under the radar since they started trading. Read Article

5 High-Value Stocks to Buy While They Start to Rally

These names should be back on your stocks to buy list after the market has started to brighten up a bit. Here's what investors need to know. Read Article

Take-Two Stock Is Poised to Rebound Soon

The new games released by TTWO are selling very well, and TTWO stock is likely to rebound strongly in the near-term, Read Article

Momo Stock Is Too Cheap to Ignore, but Consider the Headwinds

Failure to rally on strong Q3 numbers isn't a good sign for MOMO stock, but long term, this stock will head way higher from here. Read Article

4 Solar Stocks Poised to Surge in 2019

Solar stocks have multiple positive catalysts. Among the factors that will boost solar energy stocks are increased adoption by utilities and cheaper electric storage solutions. Read Article