Stocks to Buy

The stock market can be a labyrinth that even the sharpest minds become lost in. Not even Warren Buffet gets it right all of the time. At InvestorPlace, we employ dozens of market analysts, experts and traders to attempt the impossible — get it right. We cover a wide array of stocks to buy, condensing the day’s biggest headlines into timely, accurate advice that you can bank on.

Look for Microsoft Stock to See a Big Post-Earnings Pop

Microsoft's rally paused in recent weeks, but the breather is likely to end. Once earnings are reported Microsoft stock should get a boost.

The 6 River Acquisition Sets SHOP Stock up Well into the Future

6 River brings a management team to the table that can head up Shopify’s $1 billion plan to grow its fulfillment network. It’s got the people, the product, and the expertise to woo customers of all sizes.

Does Jack Ma’s Exit Make Alibaba Stock a Sell? 

Alibaba stock is on the verge of a breakout as Jack Ma has left numerous high-growth assets in the BABA vault. Let's explore.

Is This an Opportunity to Buy Chipotle Mexican Grill Stock?

CMG stock struggled for several years. But new menu options and a refocused management are turning Chipotle around.

5 Goldman Sachs Stocks to Buy With Over 20% Upside Potential

Here we take a closer look at five stocks with bullish calls from Goldman Sachs. As you will see, each of these stocks shows over 20% upside potential from current levels.

5 Cheap Energy Stocks to Buy Now

These energy stocks have become promising stocks to buy after Iran's attack on Saudi oil facilities over the weekend made them prime producers to watch.

3 Reasons Qualcomm Stock Can Go Higher

QCOM stock is having its best year in 15 years, and the strength of QCOM should persist for the foreseeable future.

5 Stocks to Buy With Great Charts

These 5 stocks should head higher over the next few months, supported by great charts, favorable fundamentals and strong optics.

7 Stocks the Insiders Are Buying on Sale

Insiders sell stocks for many reasons, but the only reason they buy is that they believe they will profit. Check out these insider buying picks.

7 CBD Stocks to Buy That Are Still Worth Your Investment Dollars

These stocks to buy base at least some of their revenue on CBD and are poised to buck the downtrend that has hit the larger cannabis stocks.

4 Retail Stocks to Buy that Are Not Amazon

Investors looking for retail stocks to buy should consider DG, SFIX, SPG and GOOS as all four have growth on the horizon.

Canopy Growth Stock Emerges as Top Pick

CGC stock still isn't a name fit for grandma's safety portfolio, but Canopy Growth may be moving back into a bullish mode.

Use This Lull to Get in on Shopify Stock for the Long Term

SHOP stock has tumbled 17% in less than three weeks, and may fall even more before all is said and done. But, Shopify is the real deal, regardless.

Lyft Stock Is the Hyper-Growth Play in Ride Hailing — Not Uber

LYFT stock is undervalued, but patience is the key to buying the dip in this beaten up ride-sharing company.

3 Reasons Canopy Growth Stock Could Rally Big in 2020

It's been a wild year for CGC stock, but the next move in Canopy Growth stock will likely be a big rally in 2020. Here's why.

3 Reasons QCOM Stock Is a Great Buy on the Recent Dip

InvestorPlace contributor Mark Hake recently suggested that Qualcomm will generate more than $7 billion in free cash flow in 2019, reminding investors that its free cash flow yield (FCF) of 7.5% is three times Amazon’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) FCF yield of 2.5%.

Despite Junk Credit, Ford Stock Still Hasn’t Been Downgraded by the Markets

Investments in the electric vehicle segment will likely boost Ford stock. Liquidity remains comfortable with any major credit stress unlikely.

Zynerba Stock is a Medical Cannabis Investment You Can Feel Good About

Thinking about investing in medical cannabis? ZYNE stock is a lesser-known gem with transformative potential.

The ‘Secret’ Ingredient Set to Send Marijuana Stocks Soaring

Marijuana companies are right now hitting the investing sweet spot. Here's why now is the time to buy.

The 9 Best Stocks to Buy for the Next Decade

These nine companies should fatten investors’ portfolios over the next decade because they're the best stocks to buy and hold.