Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

The Sports Betting Boom Has Arrived

There's a seismic shift happening today -- ARK Invest estimates that the online sports betting market in the U.S. alone will grow from $9.5 billion today to $37 billion by 2025, implying a near 4X increase in value in just four years.

Below-$10 Paysafe Stock Is Broader Warning Against Blind SPAC Bets

While PSFE stock was one of the promising SPAC-based business combinations, it’s starting to look like your typical reverse merger.

DraftKings Stock May Never Be Able to Justify Its Valuation

Pulling back once again, you may want to wait for DKNG stock to dip further before making it a buy.

GameStop Stock Frenzy Shows What Happens When a Meme Hardens Into Belief

Analysts believe that GameStop's latest earnings call was gobbledygook, but GME stock investors believe it's on to the next big thing, an all-immersive metaverse that doesn't exist yet.

Vinco Ventures Investors Can ‘Ride the Tyde’ with Blockchain Spin-off

There's a lot to unpack nowadays with BBIG stock as Vinco Ventures investors should keep abreast of short squeezes and shareholder votes.

WHO Approval Should Get Ocugen Stock Over the $15 Barrier

Sharp up-and-down moves in OCGN stock shouldn't scare investors away, as a regulator's nod for Covaxin should put the stock back on track.

It May Take Time for General Electric to Surge Again

As strengths and weaknesses cancel each other out, GE stock could remain stuck around $100 per share in the near term.

It’s Too Early to Buy Rocket Labs Stock at Its High Price

Rocket Labs has skyrocketed since its merger, but RKLB stock is too high. RKLB stock is high-growth and trades at a very high P/S multiple. Just Got a New Name and Bitcoin Focus

Shareholders have approved the merger with Greenidge Generation Holdings. Now SPRT trades as GREE stock. But what lies ahead?

The Most Important Chart Level to Know for Lucid Motors Stock

Lucid Motors does not have the fundamentals to back up its lofty valuation. Now, the charts for LCID stock are on watch for a breakdown too.

Joby Aviation: Worth Taking a Flier

Joby Aviation is off to a slow start as a publicly-traded company. However, the company's business plan could still lift JOBY stock.

Vinco Ventures Stock Is Having a Great Run, But the Risk Is Significant

Vinco Ventures continues to slice and dice its business in an effort to add value to BBIG stock. Hudson Bay Capital has bet on its success.

Oracle Is a Cash Flow Machine, But the Stock Is a Little Ahead of Itself

Oracle is a low-growth, high cash flow machine, but the stock is overvalued. By my estimates, I would predict a fair value between $73-$79.

Let the SEC Drama Play Out Before Investing in Robinhood

With the SEC chief saying a ban of payment for order flow is "on the table," it's too risky to hold HOOD stock.

Why Digital Turbine Stock Likely Won’t Rally Anytime Soon

Digital Turbine grew rapidly not long ago. But its guidance suggests that it should slow dramatically, hurting APPS stock.

AT&T Stock Still Looks Like a Value Trap

AT&T is planning for a fresh start. However, the uncertainty around its media business and its recent dividend cut have T stock in the penalty box.

7 Gene Editing Stocks Promising to Change our DNA

Gene editing stocks will take off as the underlying tech moves from fiction to fact and companies put their products on the market.

$34 Price Target for Plug Power Is Just the Beginning

Don't let the recent price action of PLUG stock fool you. We could see a comeback with the gradual demise of the internal combustion engine.

Familiarity May Not Breed Contempt When It Comes to Novavax Stock

The Novavax vaccine might indeed reduce vaccine hesitancy in the United States. If that’s true than NVAX stock may have much more upside than I previously imagined.

Here’s How Palantir Stock Can Rally 20% From Current Levels

The technicals show promise for PLTR stock, but Palantir is not a slam dunk at its current valuation. Here's how we're evaluating the stock.