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The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Dow Jones Today: Almost a Case of the Mondays

Boeing was up on Monday, but more than half of the stocks in the Dow Jones today closed in the red. What's next?

9 First Day of Summer Quotes to Post on June 21, 2019

We've compiled nine of our favorite first day of summer quotes as we head into a warmer and happier season. Pick your favorite and share it.

7 Happy First Day of Summer Images to Post on June 21, 2019

We have compiled seven happy first day of summer images for you to post on social media this coming summer equinox, which is Friday, June 21.

Summer Solstice 2019: 10 Things to Know About Longest Day of the Year

The summer solstice 2019 is coming, signifying the longest day of the year. Here are 10 things to know about it, which will be this Friday.

Strawberry Moon 2019: Everything You Need to Know

There will be a Strawberry Moon in 2019 that will be visible tonight. The name has historical significance to some Native American tribes.

Pillsbury Flour Recall 2019: Check Your Pantry!

A Pillsbury flour recall has been issued as more than a dozen people have gotten sick from consuming the product, which may have E. coli.

Amazon’s Advertising Business Is in a Transition

Amazon stock is dependent on the performance of advertising segment -- and worries about that segment are overblown.

Micron Stock Is in the Crosshairs As China Threatens Its DRAM Business

MU stock slides again as the downsides pile up, including a DRAM supply glut, trade war with China and news of a Chinese competitor.

5 Gloria Vanderbilt Quotes to Remember the Iconic Fashion Designer

Gloria Vanderbilt passed away at the age of 95 on Monday and 'InvestorPlace' is remembering her with a collection of quotes.

Why Is EBIX Stock Down Today?

Why is EBIX stock down today? That's a great question that even the software company itself isn't really sure how to answer.

Alibaba Stock Split: What BABA Investors Should Know About the 1-for-8 Proposal

An Alibaba stock split proposal has been made by the company and we have what investors in BABA stock need to know about it.

Sotheby’s News: BID Stock Flies on $3.7 Billion Buyout Deal

Sotheby's news about the company being taken private in a deal valuing it at $3.70 billion has BID stock heading higher on Monday.

Array BioPharma News: ARRY Stock Skyrockets on Pfizer Deal

Array BioPharma news for Monday concerning a deal with Pfizer (PFE) that will have the two companies coming together has ARRY stock soaring.

NBEV Stock Is More Than Just CBD — But It’s Still Not Enough

New Age Beverages has made some good moves since drawing attention for CBD drinks, but its high valuation gives NBEV stock a sell-by date.

Target Stock Is Still One of the Best Retail Plays

There are only a few winners in retail and Target stock is one that still has a huge upside opportunity going into the summer months.

Visa Stock Remains a Buy, But Expectations Need to Be Lowered

Visa's opportunities still suggest upside in V stock, but investors, be cautious -- the easy money may well have been made.

A Great Business Alone Might Not Be Enough to Boost AMD Stock

The AMD stock price touched a 13-year high last week. But valuation concerns still dog Advanced Micro Devices stock.

Hexo Stock Has An Earnings Buzz Kill That Simply Isn’t Deserved

HEXO stock took a hit on disappointing earnings. This could be temporary as Hexo ramps up for CBD opportunities.

Even After Apple Settlement, Risks Abound for Qualcomm Stock

Qualcomm's settlement with Apple sent QCOM stock soaring. But other long-running risks have brought it back down … and might keep it down.

Small-Cap Stocks: 3 Reasons I See Big Profits Ahead

Given the strength I expect in June, I see even more gains ahead for small-cap stocks. Don’t miss out.