Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Decentraland Growth: MANA-USD Is The Hot Crypto Of The Metaverse

Metaverse-related crypto Decentraland has seen significant growth.

Clover Health Appeals to Its Base, But Profits Are in the Distant Future

Clover Health has done a great job appealing to the biggest CLOV stock fans on Reddit, but great publicity doesn't make it profitable.

GGPI Stock Is Worth 20% More Based on Polestar’s Excellent Outlook

GGPI stock is worth 10% to 20% more up to $14.34 per share based on Polestar's excellent production and financial outlook.

$20 Price Prediction Is Ambitious but Possible for Biofrontera

BFRI stock is an imperfect investment as Biofrontera isn't currently profitable, but a new patent could provide a significant revenue source.

Iris Energy Offers a Cleaner and Greener Bitcoin Miner Play

IREN stock declined sharply after its IPO, but that might not be Iris Energy's fault and an imminent turnaround could still be in store.

What to Do With Didi After Panicked Investors Sold off Shares

DIDI stock announced plans to delist, creating a permanent loss for shareholders while offering a potential opportunity for speculators.

Omicron Could Sadly Weigh Heavily on SoFi Technologies

Although SOFI stock is a relevant investment under normal circumstances, the new normal poses harsh challenges for the neobank.

Sundial Growers Has More Than One Way Back to Higher Prices

With its M&A and investments yet another sign it's making the right moves, SNDL stock is looking more promising.

UiPath Needs Time to Reverse the Tide in Its Favor

PATH stock had a rough start on Wall Street. But it's at the forefront of the automation trend, so long-term investors will see the rewards.

Gamestop Traders Need To Mark This Date on Their Calendars

GME stock may be ruled by meme dreams and Reddit rumblings, but an imminent event could be Gamestop's game-changer.

Even Under $3, Vinco Ventures is Still Risky

Vinco Ventures is a company seeking to commercialize a social network. However, details are sparse and BBIG stock comes with massive risk.

Nokia’s Comeback Story Is Finally Starting to Solidify

While the Nokia name can still be found on smartphones, products like telecommunication solutions are driving NOK stock’s comeback.

Despite Volatility, QuantumScape is a Good Growth Investment

QuantumScape stock’s latest slide was kicked off by an analyst downgrade, with production lead time and competition concerns.

This Breakthrough Technology Is at the Epicenter of Nissan’s $18 BILLION Electric Vehicle Bet

Nissan plans to invest $18 billion into EV technology over the next five years. Basically, Nissan is doing everything it can – and investing all the resources it can muster – into becoming an EV giant.

As EV Investors Take December Break, Dips in Lucid and Nio Have Appeal

Lucid and Nio are both getting hammered. LCID stock is down 13.8% -- even before the SEC news -- and Nio is off more than 20%. Which is the better buy-on-dip candidate?  

Here’s the Real Reason Why Gores Guggenheim Is Hurting

GGPI stock seems like an undervalued no-brainer, but dig a little deeper into the chip crisis and you’ll see the reason for its red ink.

The Future of GameStop Stock Hinges on Investors’ Expectations

Retail investors must do more than hold GME stock. They should hold the company accountable to protect their investment.

Reddit Hype Will Only Help Vinco Ventures so Much

BBIG stock is starting to lose steam as Redditors move towards other more exciting prospects as the company struggles to define itself.

The Honeymoon Is Over for Lucid as the SEC Investigates Its Merger

LCID stock peaked when it won Motor Trend's Car of the Year award, and now the SEC is asking questions about its past.

Matterport: Great Long-Term Story, But Wait for 2022 to Buy

Matterport has a promising future ahead of it. However, MTTR stock has gotten a little ahead of itself here at $30 per share.