Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

2 Things to Consider Before Jumping In to AMC Stock Now

It's encouraging that AMC Entertainment's bottom line is improving, but AMC stock could lose value if too many shares are in circulation.

Friday Predictions: 3 Hot Stocks for Tomorrow

Regional banks, Block and Ethereum are the hot stocks for tomorrow. Let's see how we round out the week with these names.

Apple Outlook: What Analysts Are Saying About AAPL Stock Now

Some Wall Street experts are enthusiastic about AAPL stock, but the reviews are mixed and investors must consider Apple's pros and cons.

What Shifting Sentiment Means for TRKA Stock

Investors went overboard abandoning TRKA stock in droves. However, a good deal of its recent decline was warranted, in light of the uncertainty. With this, you may want to wait for additional developments, before taking the plunge.

Thursday Predictions: 3 Hot Stocks for Tomorrow

With the Federal Reserve on deck and earnings still rolling through, let's look the hot stocks for tomorrow: Thursday.

Amazon Outlook: What Analysts Are Saying About AMZN Stock Now

Investors' sentiment about Amazon might be low at the moment, but experts on Wall Street are bracing for a sizable rally in AMZN stock.

3 Stocks Democratic Congressmen Are Quietly Buying Now

It is worth studying stocks democratic congressmen are buying as they can potentially give you the inside track of stocks that will do well.

While Bing AI Thinks MULN Stock Is a Buy, Stay Away

Even as Bing AI is able to make an argument in support of MULN stock, consider it best to take its opinion with a grain of salt.

What Analysts Are Saying About LCID Stock Now

With this, ahead of the next round of big declines, you may want to sell LCID stock, well before the sell-side changes its tune.

TRKA Stock: A 400% Rise in Troika’s Shares Outstanding Changes Everything

Until management can explain a huge jump in shares outstanding, investors should avoid TRKA stock. Here's what you need to know.

GME Stock Alert: Investors Are Banking on an ‘Accidental’ Squeeze in GameStop

Short sellers betting against GME stock ahead of its Q4 earnings release are playing with fire. A major gamma squeeze could be underway.

Troika Media Jumps on the NFT Bandwagon: Hot or Hype?

Troika Media Group jumped headfirst into the digital-asset market, but this was a risky move that might not benefit TRKA stock investors.

Mullen Outlook: Is MULN Stock a Buy at 52-Week Low?

Mullen Automotive could enact a reverse share split to prevent MULN stock from getting delisted, but the company still has other problems.

Will LCID Stock Rebound from its February Slump?

Downside risk remains high. Upside is likely limited. All in all, LCID stock is not a compelling rebound play.

Place Nvidia Stock at the Top of Your Watchlist

Weighing near-term risk against long-term potential, here's my verdict: keep an eye on NVDA stock, and pounce on any major weakness.

QuantumScape: The ‘Forever Battery’ Stock With Millionaire-Maker Potential

By addressing the largest short-comings of solid-state battery chemistry, QuantumScape is powering ahead to create the next-gen EV battery.

5 Big Names That Are Betting on AI Stock

The machine learning market could be worth $600 billion soon, and investing whales are jumping into the trade with AI stock.

Is Rivian Automotive Stock a Falling Knife or a Buying Opportunity?

With all of this in mind, it's best to err on the side of caution. Assume this is a "falling knife" scenario, rather than a "generational buying opportunity." Follow the crowd's lead, and avoid RIVN stock.

3 Hot Stocks for Tomorrow: Friday Predictions for FDX, XPEV, AAPL

FedEx and Xpeng report earnings earnings tomorrow, while Apple tries to clear resistance. They are the hot stocks for tomorrow.