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The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

UAL Stock Remains a Wait-and-See Situation

And in this situation, that's especially the case. Instead of trying to "predict the unpredictable," it may pay to take a wait-and-see approach with UAL stock.

This Coronavirus Crisis Will Mint Millionaires

History shows that not only is there an opportunity to buy during a crisis, but that the best performers are the small caps.

PriceSmart Earnings: PSMT Stock Not Moving Despite Q2 Beats

PriceSmart (PSMT) earnings for the membership warehouse company's fiscal second quarter of 2020 have PSMT stock unmoving on Wednesday.

EHealth News: Why EHTH Stock Is Plunging 12% Today

EHealth (EHTH) news for Wednesday concerning a negative stance on the online health insurance exchange has EHTH stock taking a beating.

Novavax News: NVAX Stock Surges 14% as Human Trial for Coronavirus Vaccine Nears

Novavax (NVAX) news for Wednesday concerning a trial for a vaccine to treat the coronavirus from China has NVAX stock flying high.

Don’t Buy Chevron Stock Just For This Year’s Dividend

The dividend on Chevron stock should be secure in 2020. But without rising crude prices, the same can't be assumed of CVX going forward.

Who’s Hiring Now? 17 Companies Hiring During Coronavirus Pandemic

Who's hiring now? Plenty of Americans are asking this question as they deal with a lack of work thanks to the coronavirus from China.

Why AMD Stock Is Now a Defensive Play

AMD can see to the other side of the pandemic, with high-performance PC chips and graphics processors that will help build the Machine Internet.

Piper Sandler Survey: Top Teen Brands for Spring 2020

The top teen brands for spring 2020 have been revealed due to a recent Piper Sandler survey and Nike is a favorite among them.

Walgreens Coronavirus Testing Sites to Open in 7 States

Walgreens announced on Tuesday that it will open 15 coronavirus testing sites across seven states beginning later this week.

AT&T Stock Is Only for the Iron-Willed Speculator

Due to its aggressively expansive posture, AT&T stock was very viable in a bull market. But even in this unprecedented black swan event, it does offer some bullish arguments, though at the risk of incredible volatility.

How Another Breakthrough Will Boost NVIDIA Stock

NVDA stock should get a boost from the company's rollout of upgraded GeForce RTX 2080 Super and RTX 2070 Super graphic processing units.

Biotech Stocks: Big Buying Opportunities in 2020’s Sector of the Year

Yes, many biotech stocks are down at the moment. But that sets up an incredible chance to get some of the best at a discount.

Alibaba Stock Consistently Earns My Love

Alibaba stock has made me a lot of money, and will be the primary competitor to America's internet, payment and commerce giants in the 2020s.

When It Comes to UAL Stock, There’s Nothing to Do but Wait

UAL stock faces plenty of uncertainties in the short-term as passenger traffic keeps dropping. The best thing to do is wait and see.

Investors Don’t Need General Electric Stock

CEO Larry Culp has done great things at General Electric. But debts still hang heavy, and GE stock is suffering as the pandemic rages on.

Levi Strauss Earnings: LEVI Stock Soars 3% on Q1 Beats

Levi Strauss (LEVI) earnings for the clothing company's first quarter of the year have LEVI stock up after-hours on Tuesday.

Apple Could Leverage Its ‘Privacy Brand’ to Beat Amazon’s Echo. So Why Hasn’t It?

HomePod sales have little impact on Apple stock, so why doesn’t the company press its data privacy advantage to boost smart speaker sales?

Insider Buying News: Carnival Board Member Buys $10M CCL Stock

Insider buying news for Tuesday includes a major transaction from a Carnival (CLL) Board member picking up $10 million in CCL stock.

Gannett News: GCI Stock Moves on Poison Pill Plan

Gannett (GCI) news for Tuesday includes the adoption of a new poison pill plan that has GCI stock taking a wild ride today.