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Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Norwegian Cruise Line Shares Are Cruising Higher, But Concerns Persist

NCLH stock was once out of favor, but now it seems to be a darling of the trading community. Skeptical investors ought to be concerned.

Riot Blockchain’s Acquisition Changes the Company, but Not Its Outlook

RIOT stock isn't just a mining company now following a recent acquisition. However, Riot Blockchain still has lots to prove to potential investors.

Sundial Growers Investors Should Applaud Cost Reduction and Debt Elimination

The pessimism surrounding SNDL stock is intense and perhaps overdone - and investors should prepare for a potential snap-back.

Gamestop Is Still Overvalued, But Its Fundamentals Are Improving

Beyond the wild trading in GME stock, a real comeback is taking shape. There's no guarantees yet, but Gamestop has a shot.

Tilray’s Volatility Can Be Your Friend, But Carries Downside Risk

Shares of TLRY stock have been on what investors can only call a very bumpy ride of late, as price discovery continues for Tilray.

Hold Genius Brands Stock as CEO Letter Maps Out Aggressive Plan

As Genius Brands firms up its finances and prepares to potentially acquire more brands, GNUS stock is poised for significantly higher prices.

Ebang International Stock Is Cheap, Despite Crypto Exchange Launch

Amid a short seller's report and the market's negative response to Ebang's cryptocurrency exchange launch, EBON stock looks like a bargain.

Roku Stock Could Falter From a High Valuation and Lower TV Streaming

Roku stock flies at a sky-high valuation but could crash if sales slow. Roku could falter given its valuation and if its sales slow after Covid restrictions reduce TV streaming.

7 Electric Vehicle Stocks Betting Big on the Chinese Market

China's electric vehicle sales are expected to grow by more than 50% in 2021, making it the golden goose for electric vehicle stocks.

Nike Stock Looks to Be Fairly Valued According to Fundamentals

At 42 times earnings Nike stock looks like it is fairly valued. NKE stock is not worth buying now although it may become a bargain if its Chinese sales dip.

Investors Can Do Better Than Low-Growth Pfizer Stock

PFE stock is cheap, and a 4.2% dividend yield looks attractive. But that case has failed for years now; without growth, nothing will change.

Is MVIS Stock Worth a Buy at More than 700-Times Sales?

Investors in MVIS stock may be buying shares in what could be one of the biggest recent bubbles, and that says something.

Fisker Stock Should Swell With the Ocean, but a Sea Change Looms

FSR stock still makes sense as its first vehicle is coming together nicely. Its second vehicle is decidedly riskier.

MicroVision Stock Has Limited Upside Until it Has a Product in Hand

MicroVision is up for sale, but MVIS stock won’t rise until MicroVision actually produces its long-range Lidar sample.

Fisker Is an High-Risk, High-Reward EV Play

Here's why FSR stock could be an intriguing speculative buy for investors interested in the long-term upside the EV space has to offer.

7 Cyclical Stocks To Bet Against a Recession in the Offing

Savings, vaccines, and a jobs plan make these seven cyclical stocks worth investor consideration as a bet against recession.

Aphria Gets Smoked On Surprisingly Awful Earnings

It was not pretty. But the key to Aphria will be the upcoming merger with Tilray.

Make It or Brake It: Lucid Motors Hype Leaves Little Margin For Error

CCIV stock continues to trade at a lofty valuation, despite the steep challenges ahead for Lucid Motors in the electric vehicle sector.

Aphria Investors Are Just Waiting On the Votes to Be Counted

Shares of APHA stock are falling prior to the shareholder's vote on the company's merger with Tilray. The difference in the spread makes Aphria a buy before the vote.

5 Heavily Shorted Stocks to Watch Carefully

Short-covering has become one of the hottest buzzwords of the year. Here are 5 stocks with some of the highest shorts on the market.