Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Twilio Stock Fell for a Fundamental Reason That Isn’t Going Away

Underlining the bullish case for TWLO stock is an impressive and relevant communications-related technology. However, investors ought to separate the investment thesis from the technological pageantry.

Why Groupon Stock Deserves to Trade at $3

Though Groupon stock offers a decently valued play, the reality is that the underlying company faces competitive issues, making it rather uninteresting.

Chinese Biotech Stocks: The 100X Play as Big Pharma Money Moves In

Investing in Chinese biotech stocks today is similar to getting into U.S. biotech back in the 1990s.

Time to Buy Value Stocks?

The financial media may be hammering the table on value stocks right now. But, here's why you should consider small-cap stocks instead.

WeWork Layoffs: 10 Things to Know About the Upcoming Job Cuts

WeWork layoffs are on the horizon and they could result in massive job cuts reducing the workforce by half at the SoftBank subsidiary.

COTY Stock Pops 3% on $600M Kylie Jenner Deal

COTY stock is heading higher Monday following news of a $600 million deal with Kylie Jenner that will expand her beauty products.

Karuna Therapeutics News: KRTX Stock Skyrockets 415% on Positive Schizophrenia Trial

Karuna Therapeutics (KRTX) news for Monday concerning a Phase 2 clinical trial of schizophrenia drug KarXT has KRTX stock soaring.

CEO John Legere Leaving T-Mobile, TMUS Stock Stays Steady

John Legere leaving T-Mobile isn't dropping the stock as the company already has a succession plan in place for its next CEO.

Advanced Micro Devices Stock Is Overvalued, But Could Climb Higher

The upside for Advanced Micro Devices stock is already priced into shares. But continued investor enthusiasm could send AMD stock higher.

Manchester United Earnings: MANU Stock Ticks 1% Higher on Q1 Results

Manchester United (MANU) earnings for the European football company's fiscal first quarter of 2020 have MANU stock up on Monday.

Fill Your Bellies and Your Portfolios With These 8 Thanksgiving Stocks

These bargain stocks represent key Thanksgiving day themes from football to turkey and even everyone's favorite, cranberry sauce.

Intel Stock Has Positive Catalysts, But Don’t Buy INTC Yet

I NTC is well-positioned to succeed in the long-term. However, Intel stock faces some near-term struggles as it waits for tech to evolve.

Aphria Stock Has the Best Chances of Soaring High in the Pot Market

Aphria has a strong brand, independent management and plenty of cash on the books to fund its expansion. How will Aphria stock fare next?

Why Isn’t Amazon Stock Participating in the Rally?

Amazon stock has been stuck in the doldrums, down 13% over the past year. Here's what to watch for from AMZN stock.

The Real Reason Advanced Micro Devices Stock Is Finally Worth Buying

Advanced Micro Devices' stock is finally worth buying as it becomes FCF positive. This will allow AMD to pay a dividend.

AMD Stock Benefits from a Clash Between Traders and Investors

AMD stock traders have won the latest battle, pushing the company's stock to multi-year highs. But the longer-term investment picture isn't so bright.

The Manitoba Harvest Acquisition Saved Tilray Stock This Quarter

Tilray’s acquisition of Manitoba Harvest should help Tilray stock. TLRY stock may perform better than other marijuana stocks.

Even Contrarian Investors Should Hold off on CRON Stock for Now

CRON stock is likely to continue to suffer in the short-run as it lack of a clear path to profitability

CNST Stock Is Particularly Risky After Its Recent Run

Enjoying a blistering run within the last two months, CNST stock has quickly attracted eyeballs. But with such strong momentum, investors shouldn’t lose sight of the tough fundamental picture for pharmaceutical companies.

The Question is Not Why Amarin Stock May Go Up, But Should It?

Amarin stock is set to move higher on a potential label expansion. But does this mean that the drug will perform well in the market?