Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Out-of-Control Expenses Make It Hard to Smile About SmileDirectClub

SDC stock may be the target of social media traders, but sensible investors should give the company a checkup before entering a position.

Cassava Sciences Can Recover Despite Harsh Allegations

SAVA stock dove after a law firm made statements against the company. However, Cassava's CEO isn't just taking it lying down.

Baidu is a Coin Flip, but One to Strongly Consider Following Recent News

BIDU stock is a buy-the-dip opportunity as it plays ball with its regulatory overseers leading to fairer competition.

The Fairy Tale Ending for General Electric May Get Delayed

Although GE stock is buoyed by a return of sentiment for air travel, the magnitude of such a tailwind remains a big question.

Hype Alone Could Keep Lucid Group Stock Steady, But Watch Out

Execution hiccups, and well as underwhelming sales figures due to high competition, remain big risks that could affect the performance of LCID stock going forward.

7 Short-Interest Stocks That Could Be Bull Traps

While betting on short-interest stocks has become a popular speculation tactic, you want to be careful about this fad.

Tilray’s $4B Revenue Target Needs More Than Organic Growth

Tilray stock investors should prepare for dilution or disappointment as the company targets generating $4 billion in revenue for Fiscal Year 2024. Here's why...

The Stock Market Plunge Is Wall Street Sending a Message to the Fed

When the stock market drops, you have to zoom out and look at the big picture. Ask yourself: Is today’s drop because of something fundamentally wrong with my stocks and/or the global economy, to a point where my stocks will be adversely affected over the next 12 months?

7 Sagging Software Stocks That Are Ready to Rebound

These software stocks could rip higher as investors seek deals from out-of-favor firms in an already expensive market at all-time highs.

Only Time Will Tell Whether Recent Plans Pay Off for Intel

The chip maker is making some big moves, but it may take time for INTC stock to shake off its value trap status and turn into a powerhouse.

Roku Needs the ‘Mandela Effect’ to Work in its Favor

Without the cynical catalyst of the pandemic, the valuation for ROKU stock appears awfully rich at its current price point.

Desktop Metal Is Worth a Deeper Look As a Long-Term Play

DM stock is a rapidly growing 3D printing company. The sector is still worthwhile following early trouble, so is this stock.

AAPL Stock Price in Danger After Judge (Sort Of) Sides With Epic

AAPL stock has fallen following a legal setback, but the selling may not be over as this is quite a big deal for Apple's future outlook.

AT&T’s Positive Change Remains on Track

T stock offers value as AT&T refocuses on wireless, fiber and telecom services. The company won't have the burden of complex media companies.

Coupang Is Below Its IPO Price, But Does That Make It a Buy?

This South Korean e-commerce company’s share price continues to lose ground. CPNG stock is down 8% in the past month. Is it a long-term buy?   

REE Automotive Can Surprise Investors With a Comeback

REE stock took a beating, but the low share price doesn't reflect future growth based on government funding and technology developments.

Sundial Stock Is Still Too High, Even with Its Cash and Acquisitions

Sundial Growers is still too pricey today. SNDL stock is worth just 68 cents, at 10 times sales with its new Spiritleaf acquisition.

Senseonics Ready to Deliver More Than Just Hope?

SENS stock is up 800% in the past 12 months, but a potential FDA approval could give shares a reason to go even higher.

Sundial Is a Late Bloomer with Short-Term Trading Opportunities

SNDL stock represents a budding company trying to operate under very tight legal confines. In due time, investors should get their reward.

Tilray Anywhere Near $12 Is an Absolute Steal

The skeptics will fret over a vote allowing more TLRY stock shares to be issued. Yet, this move will give Tilray more financial flexibility.