Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

4 Stock Winners and 4 Losers in the Microsoft-Activision Deal

The video game industry is still buzzing about the $68.7 billion Microsoft-Activision deal. Let's parse out the stock winners and losers.

Ford Looked Electric in 2021, But Headwinds Are Building

F stock performed robustly in 2021, but it may be time for investors to reduce their positioning ahead of the fourth-quarter earnings report.

Stand Back as the Steep Pullback in Palantir Stock Looks to Get Worse

The stock of Denver, Colorado-based Palantir has fallen 30% through the first three weeks of trading this year, pulling its share price down to $13.06. PLTR stock is now 70% lower than its 52-week high of $45. The decline in Palantir's share price has far outpaced the year-to-date losses for the technology-laden Nasdaq index, which is down 15%.

With the Meme Trade Unwinding, GameStop Shows There is No There There

GME stock might still have some grassroots-level support among the "apes," but sensible investors should check the company's financials.

SoFi Technologies Looks Strong as the App Is Now Also a Bank

In light of some exciting news, struggling investors may be able to bank on SOFI stock, though a turnaround probably won't happen overnight.

Block: Jack Dorsey is Too Hip to Be Square

Square remains a fast growing payments company that even reports the occasional profit, but the stock fell out of bed on its advocacy for Bitcoin.

The Two Faces of Zillow (and Why Investors Should Stay Away)

Zillow has the potential to be profitable, but it must liquidate its real estate before investors can determine the value of ZG stock.

As Crypto Crashes, It Will Take Nvidia Stock Down With It

As cryptocurrency continues to plunge, changes in the crypto market are likely to hurt Nvidia, pulling down NVDA stock.

Try Out a Warren Buffett-Backed Neo-Bank with Nu Holdings

The drawdown in NU stock is unnerving, but it's not necessarily Nubank's fault as technology and financial stocks are generally out of favor.

American Virtual Cloud is Not Worth the Headache

The cloud computing and software industries are in steep market corrections right now. So stick to leaders rather than trying to buy AVCT stock.

What, If Anything, Can Send Virgin Galactic Rocketing Higher?

It hasn’t been a good start to 2022 for Virgin Galactic. SPCE stock has lost 42% of its value. Is it worth buying in single digits? 

For Now, Sea Limited Stock Is a Falling Knife

The high valuation of SE stock, along with the company's losses and exposure to "stay-at-home" markets, make the shares a falling knife.

Roku Faces a New World That Doesn’t Have Time for All Streaming Options

Roku now gets over 80% of its revenue from video streaming, but its value may be as a platform for the coming cloud gaming market.

Solid Power Stock Held Back as Concept Clashes with Pandemic Reality

Although SLDP stock is undergirded by an innovative solid-state battery proposal, outside headwinds are very distracting.

Investing in Canoo Comes With a Bucket-Load of Risks

Canoo has a fascinating year with a lot of opportunity ahead, but there's a tad too much risk for GOEV stock at this time.

How low can DraftKings Stock Go?

DraftKings continues to fall in 2022. Down 69% from September highs, DKNG stock could finish January in the mid-to-low teens.

Why November 17, 2022 Is So Critical for Fisker Stock

FSR stock is going to be volatile in the months leading up to the company's promised Nov. 17, 2022 Fisker Ocean EV production start date.

7 Undervalued Stocks That Won’t Stay That Way for Long

With growing concerns about stability inducing significant fear, contrarians may have an opportunity with undervalued stocks.

Despite Big Disappointment, There’s Still Potential With Ocugen Stock

I would take a closer look at the rest of its pipeline before buying, but consider OCGN stock one to keep on your watchlist.

Nextdoor Holdings Is on the Right Path, but Not Yet a Buy

KIND Stock represents a good product but the dust hasn't settled enough. That's why it's best to hold back for the time being.