Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Wednesday Predictions: 3 Hot Stocks for Tomorrow

Microsoft, Boeing and Tesla lead are our hot stocks for tomorrow, with all three companies reporting earnings.

My RIVN Stock Price Prediction for 2025

It's questionable whether RIVN stock will get out of its slump, much less retake past highs, within the next two years.

Redditors Didn’t Start the GROM Stock Squeeze. And They Shouldn’t Finish It.

GROM stock soared more than 60% in a short squeeze on Tuesday. Here's why Reddit investors shouldn't dive in.

Is NIO Stock a Buy or Sell? Here’s My Call.

NIO stock could revisit its peak price as the automaker prepares to venture into a new and potentially lucrative product market.

TSLA Stock Forecast: Where Will Tesla Be in 5 Years?

Cathie Wood is standing by her stake in TSLA stock, and Tesla's recent price-reduction strategy could result in a huge long-term payoff.

3 Things Investors MUST Consider Before Making a Bet on Mullen Stock

After considering these three things, there's only one takeaway. The best move is to stay away from MULN stock.

Fintech Stocks Face-Off: SOFI vs. UPST vs. AFRM

Fintech is changing the world of banking and it is here to stay. Here are the top 3 fintech stocks compared.

My Kandi (KNDI) Stock Price Prediction for 2025

KNDI stock is trading at a sweet price as Kandi Technologies closes the profitability gap and kicks its golf-cart production into high gear.

MULN… AMC… TSLA… How Meme Stocks Turned Us Into Terrible Investors

Meme stocks like GME and MULN have burned retail investors. That's not stopping investors from diving in again and again.

PRTY Stock Alert: 3 Things Investors Need to Know About the Party City Bankruptcy and Delisting

PRTY stock was a retail traders' favorite and short-squeeze target, but reality is setting in as Party City files for Chapter 11.

Is META Stock a Buy or Sell? Here’s My Call.

Timing is crucial if you're trading tech stocks in 2023, and META stock is vulnerable to further downside even at its seemingly low price.

Not So Fast. AMZN Stock Is NOT Having a Buy the Dip Moment

The drawdown in AMZN stock doesn't necessarily mean it's a bargain, as Amazon's earnings could remain soft throughout the new year.

Friday Predictions: 3 Hot Stocks for Tomorrow

Tesla, Netflix and Bitcoin are the hot stocks for tomorrow. All of them have been active lately, while Netflix reports earnings.

New Layoffs Add Uncertainty to Microsoft (MSFT) Stock

It's wise to be cautious with MSFT stock now as Microsoft's workforce faces the fallout of the company's post-pandemic hiring spree.

Is SOFI Stock a Buy or Sell? Here’s My Call.

SOFI stock's recovery should be viewed as a marathon, not a sprint, so be patient and time your entry point carefully.

Resist Squeeze-Play Temptations With QuantumScape Stock

QS stock popped recently, but always remember that volatile assets are prone to head-fakes and caution could save you from financial loss.

Thursday Predictions: 3 Hot Stocks for Tomorrow

The hot stocks for tomorrow include Procter & Gamble, the ARKK ETF and AMC Entertainment. Here's why we're watching them now.

Job Cuts Alert: Why More Companies Will Conduct Layoffs in 2023

Tech giants like Amazon and Salesforce are kicking off 2023 with layoffs. Thanks to the Fed, a lot more job cuts are coming.

Hold Up! Don’t Rush to Buy MSFT Stock on AI Bot Buzz.

Earnings season could be rocky, and it's better to tread carefully with MSFT stock than to get caught in a potential downturn.