Hot Stocks

HotThe stock market, like fashion, technology, and seemingly everything else in the world, revolves around trends. When the interest in a company rises, it seems that everyone wants to be involved and the price of the stock will increase. Therefore, the hotter a stock is the more valuable it becomes. Our experts try to predict the hot stocks before they reach their peak so that investors like you have time to jump on board.

Read our predictions and picks of hot stock to buy now.

Pfizer Layoffs: Company to Offer Early Retirement Deals Ahead of Cuts

The latest round of Pfizer layoffs will see the company offer many early retirement deals to workers as it prepares to reduce its workforce. Read Article

Mark Your Calendar for Microsoft Earnings

Microsoft earnings are a week away and will likely show that the growth in MSFT stock -- and the tech sector as whole -- is far from over. Read Article

New Arby’s Duck Sandwich Makes Headlines

There's an Arby's duck sandwich now that will be made available at 16 locations and it will only be available in "very limited quantities." Read Article

Grubhub Delivery Locations: 28 New Markets Added

The number of GrubHub delivery locations has been expanded as 28 new markets have been added to the fold, including seven cities in Indiana. Read Article

5 Beaten-Down Biotech Stocks to Pick Up from the Wreckage

After the market's rout, biotech stocks offer a huge value right now. Here are 5 that offer the best opportunities for investors. Read Article

Caesars Entertainment Stock Jumps on Merger Buzz

Caesars Entertainment stock (CZR) is up more than 10% on Wednesday as the company may be the subject of a buyout in a deal worth $13 a share. Read Article

Great Quarter Pushes Netflix Stock Back to Fair Value

Netflix stock popped after a strong third-quarter print, but the market faded the rally as NFLX investors worry about its valuation. Read Article

Something’s Wrong With the Netflix Stock Price

Netflix couldn't have delivered a better quarter but the stock isn't moving that much. Is the story played out? Read Article

The Target Cheese-Advent Calendar Is Coming Soon

A Target cheese-advent calendar will soon be available for purchase at stores across the country and it includes 24 pieces of cheese. Read Article

Mega Millions Results: No Tuesday Winner Sends Jackpot Soaring

The Mega Millions results for Tuesday saw no winner of the jackpot and now its surging higher in value for Friday's drawing. Read Article

Del Taco Stock Tanks on Revenue Miss, Downgrade

Del Taco stock got hit with a double whammy on Wednesday due to its recent earnings report, as well as an analyst downgrade. Read Article

Buy Canopy Growth as Pot Goes Legal in Canada? I Wouldn’t

As Canada legalizes recreational pot use on Wednesday, should you buy Canopy Growth? Here's a great spot to buy CGC stock if it gets there. Read Article

Winnebago Stock Is a Winner on Strong Q4 Earnings

Winnebago stock was up on Wednesday after releasing a positive earnings report for its fiscal fourth quarter of the year. Read Article

ABT Stock Dips Following Q3 Earnings Results

ABT stock was down on Wednesday after the healthcare company released its earnings report for the third quarter of the year. Read Article

Watch Roku Stock, but Do Not Buy at These Levels

Despite a lower Roku stock price, ROKU remains overvalued, but if Roku stock continues to fall, it could become a great buy. Read Article

Don’t Buy NIO Stock Yet

NIO stock has huge long-term potential, but the company's growth outlook is unclear, making NIO a risky investment for now. Investors should wait for more clarity before buying the shares. Read Article

Two Charts That Outline How to Trade Tesla Stock

Tesla stock has been all over the map lately. But it held where it needed to and is now on the rise. What now with TSLA stock? Read Article

IBM Stock Still Has Hope Despite Disappointing Q3 Result

Big Blue’s share price crumbled after the latest IBM earnings report, but hidden positives offer some rationale for a contrarian investment. Read Article

Cree Stock Surges on Q1 Earnings Topping Expectations

Cree stock (CREE) is up about 1% after hours as the company's earnings for its latest quarter came in just ahead of analysts' expectations. Read Article

CSX Stock Surged on Q3 Earnings, Revenue Beat

CSX stock was up more than 1% after the bell Tuesday as the company reported its latest quarterly earnings results, which beat estimates. Read Article