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HotThe stock market, like fashion, technology, and seemingly everything else in the world, revolves around trends. When the interest in a company rises, it seems that everyone wants to be involved and the price of the stock will increase. Therefore, the hotter a stock is the more valuable it becomes. Our experts try to predict the hot stocks before they reach their peak so that investors like you have time to jump on board.

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5 Big Biotech Stocks To Buy In 2018

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Blockchain ETFs Launch on Nasdaq: 7 Things to Know About BLOK, BLCN

Two blockchain ETFs launched on Nasdaq Wednesday, but they were asked to change the word blockchain. Here's what you should know about them. Read Article

Dunkin’: 11 Things You’ll See at Dunkin’ Donuts Next-Gen Stores

Dunkin Brands (DNKN) is testing out a new Dunkin' Donuts concept store in Quincy, Mass that brings several changes to the chain. Read Article

Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc May Win With MoviePass

Something should not sit right with investors when a company hints at blockchain technology getting incorporated into its business model. But when Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc (NASDAQ:HMNY) did such a thing on Jan. 10, it gave the stock a strong lift, at least in pre-market. Helios is not the only company doing this: Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:KODK) did the same thing on January 9. When it unveiled cryptocurrency, its stock rallied from $3 to over $12 a share. To even consider investing in HMNY stock, astute investors must look at Helios’ key product: MoviePass. [ipm_internal_ad_list ipm_ad__post_id_1="1103165" ipm_ad_copy_1="10%20Stocks%20to%20Banish%20From%20Your%20Portfolio%20Forever" ipm_ad_url_1="" /] MoviePass is a potential money-maker for Helios. Consumers who sign up for the service save significant sums of money. And word is spreading fast just how good a deal subscribers get. Over 500,000 signed up to the movie-ticketing service in under a month, giving MoviePass over 1.5 million paid subscribers. Subscribers may buy one movie ticket a day for a flat monthly fee. But MoviePass then pays theaters the full price for a ticket. The obvious question is: How is losing money from each movie-goer sustainable? Unless the company collects more revenue from subscription fees than the cost of movie tickets, MoviePass will not survive for very long. Helios may be borrowing the money-losing gameplay from Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX). The online TV and movie streaming giant started its business by renting out DVDs. It pivoted its business by selling online streaming subscriptions. In that time, subscriptions soared. These days, Netflix may raise monthly subscriptions without its customer defecting. Helios probably has the same ambitions as an early Netflix: Grow the user base in the hundreds of thousands monthly and then worry about revenue later on. MoviePass must work quickly. Already, Cinemark launched Cinemark Movie Club in November at a competitive price. MoviePass may still have the first-mover advantage, building its brand-name awareness ahead of the competition. Having a massive user base will inherently increase the value of MoviePass, not only for the subscription revenue. The app will collect useful user data that the company may then mine. This would let movie theaters pitch more suitable advertising to the movie-goer.  Read Article

10 Worst States to Retire in 2018: Who Tops the List?

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Now a Dow Stock, Apple Inc. Stock Lacks Tech Leadership

Apple is no longer a tech leader, and its lack of innovation is bad for investors and the AAPL stock price. Read Article

Walmart Joins Fight Against Opioid Abuse With Free Disposal Kits

Walmart (WMT) is taking steps to fight opioid abuse in the U.S. with a new disposal kit that it is giving to customers for free. Read Article

American Express Company Stock Is Nothing to Get Excited About

While AXP stock has proven that it can make a comeback after the Costco loss, it's still not as strong as its peers and the firm's Q4 will likely drag down the share price. Read Article

International Business Machines Corp. Is Tap-Dancing on the Blockchain

IBM is pushing blockchain as it once pushed Watson, and analysts are buying the technology can lift the stock Read Article

10 Best States to Retire in 2018: Who Tops the List?

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New California: What We Know About the Bid to Create a 51st State

There's a new movement in California that is looking to split off into the state of New California, but success is unlikely. Read Article

Falling Sales Growth Make Weatherford International (WFT) a Sell

Weatherford International Plc (NYSE:WFT) is one of 54 companies within the Oilfield Services/Equipment GICS industry group, which is in turn part of the 170 company GICS Industrial Services sector. WFT's market value is $4.2 billion which places it in the top quarter of its industry group. The ranking for WFT by Portfolio Grader places it 25 among the 54 companies in this industry group, putting it in the second quartile; in the top half of the sector with a ranking of 83 among the 170 companies in the sector, and number 3,166 in the nearly 5,000 company Portfolio Grader universe. Read Article

Bank of America Corp Stock Falls Despite Q4 Earnings Beat

Bank of America (BAC) stock was down on Wednesday despite reporting an earnings beat for the fourth quarter of the year. Read Article

Metrics for Earnings Growth Make Wells Fargo & Co (WFC) a Sell

The current recommendation of Sell for Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) is the result of using the approach of Louis Navellier for investing and his Portfolio Grader stock evaluator. The current Portfolio Grader recommendation on the shares has been in place for 3 months. Read Article

The Bitcoin Bubble Burst Because It Had To

Although it appears that the bitcoin bubble is bursting, you have to consider the entire context before panicking out of cryptocurrencies. Read Article

Rating for Vale SA (VALE) Lowered by Drooping Earnings Momentum

Vale SA (NYSE:VALE) ranks in the top 10% of its industry group, Steel, and in the top 10% of its sector group, Non-Energy Minerals, with a market value of $66.4 billion. From an investment attractiveness vantage point, VALE is ranked in the top half of the sector with a ranking of 58 among the 150 companies in the sector; Portfolio Grader's current ranking for VALE puts it 7 among the 25 companies in this industry group, placing it in the top half and number 1,746 in the 5000 company Portfolio Grader company universe. Read Article

Goldman Sachs Group Inc Stock Falls on Big Tax Loss

Goldman Sachs (GS) stock was down today after the company reported a loss during the fourth quarter due to tax regulations. Read Article

Pfizer (PFE) a Hold on Poor Earnings Visibility

The current recommendation of Hold for Pfizer Inc (NYSE:PFE) has been derived by using Louis Navellier's methodology for investing and his Portfolio Grader stock evaluator. The current Portfolio Grader recommendation on the shares has been in place for the last month. Read Article

Top-End Analytics for Earnings Momentum Keep Microsoft (MSFT) a Strong Buy

The current recommendation of Strong Buy for Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT) is derived using the Portfolio Grader stock evaluator, which incorporates Louis Navellier's investing methodology. The current Portfolio Grader recommendation on the shares has been in place for 8 months. Read Article