Hot Stocks

The stock market changes from minute to minute, and what’s hot today may not be hot tomorrow. Our expert analysts spot hot stocks that are heating up before the crowd swoops in to bid prices higher, and our journalists sift through the noise to shine a light on trending investments -- in spaces ranging from quantum computing to marijuana stocks -- to determine whether they’re actually worth your time.

Silicon Valley Whiz Kid Reveals #1 Tech Stock in America

He uncovered peak gains: CHGG 2,063%, NIO 2,754%, AMD 4,793%, and BLNK 2,761%. Now he’s revealing his next tech stock recommendation for FREE.

The Core Reason Why Gevo Stock Is Still On the Riskier Side of Things

Gevo is a biofuel producer that is in position to benefit from Joe Biden’s green energy plan, but GEVO stock’s big moves make it a risky bet.

Palantir: The Sell-Off Is Not Over

PLTR has been hit hard -- which is the result of the general market bearishness and a disappointing earnings report.

Reddit Resurrects SNDL Stock but Normal Service Will Resume Soon

SNDL stock is not trading on fundamental strength after miraculously surviving. Shares are too speculative to merit a buy recommendation.

Pershing Square Tontine Has the Two Big SPAC Problems

At $29 and without a merger target, PSTH stock is now pricing in an incredible amount of deal value. It's unlikely to find that value.

Tilray Is Gathering Momentum for a Profitable 2021

TLRY stock is already having an amazing 2021, but it's only the beginning. The Tilray-Aphria merger is expected to close in the second quarter of the year.

Why Nokia Stock is a Compelling Value Holding for the 5G Growth Ahead

NOK stock traded at above $9, albeit briefly, after Reddit users short-squeezed GameStop short-sellers and bought Nokia shares too.

All Bets are Off Whether Zomedica Stock Grows Into Its Valuation

In the meantime, the company still needs to execute the commercialization of Truforma. If it experiences any hiccups along the way, shares could fall back to lower price levels. Reconsider ZOM stock as a buy if that happens. But, for now, hold off buying.

How to Navigate the Questionable Future of the Top 10 Meme Stocks

The rallies in January's meme stocks clearly went too far. After big pullbacks, however, some of the names may still have a long-term case.

Churchill Capital Bulls and Bears May Each Have Their Patience Rewarded

The recent selloff in CCIV stock is requiring both bulls and bears to have patience while finding their respective entry or exit points.

It’s Not Time to Buy Into GameStop Stock Just Yet

Shares of GameStop exploded again after the company announced CFO Jim Bell will step down in late March 2021.

Even After the Name Change, TransEnterix Lacks the Momentum It Needs

TRXC stock has pulled off a nice rally. But the company’s systems could take some time to get traction.

3 Futuristic Space Stocks to Watch

These space stocks are the cream of the crop in the hugely promising space industry. Each are set to provide massive gains for investors.

7 Companies That Should Start Using Cryptos in Everyday Business

For cryptos to gain widespread acceptance, they need to be accepted as a medium of exchange. Hundreds of companies are on board and these seven could be next.

Hit the Skip Button on IPOD Stock for Now

Chamath Palihapitiya is a very busy man. This could cause issues for IPOD stock in the short run as traders turn elsewhere.

Ideanomics Is a Hip Tech VC That Intersects Prudence and Potential

IDEX stock is managing a portfolio of very innovative companies, so now is the time to see how well management can pull it off.

Clover Health Will Have Valuation Trouble Until It Gets Profitable

Clover Health will have continuing valuation issues. CLOV stock won't rise until it gets profitable by 2023, but the margin is only 1%.

Solar Stocks: It’s Time to Invest in One of the Most Valuable Technologies Ever

A solar revolution has begun that will lead to the biggest change to the energy market in a century.

Schedule a Rain Check On Your Churchill Capital Roadtrip

CCIV Stock is incredibly overvalued, but Lucid Motors' promise could make CCIV a good play later down the line.

Workhorse Shares May Not Be Able to Recover Quickly From Postal Loss

Workhorse shares may not be able to recover quickly from the USPS modernization contract loss. WKHS stock is a falling knife at this point, especially until analysts rerate the stock.