Faisal Humayun

Faisal Humayun

Expertise: Oil and Gas, Electric Vehicles, Emerging Growth Stories
Education: Bachelor of Science, MBA with Specialization in Finance

About Faisal:
Faisal Humayun is an MBA in Finance and a senior research analyst with 14 years of experience in the field of equity, credit, industry and economic research. While working as a senior analyst, he has been involved in financial modelling, valuation analysis and credit rating.

As a freelancer, Faisal has authored over 1,500 articles for various publications that include Seeking Alpha, GuruFocus, Motley Fool, Trading Ideas and Red Pulse. His primary focus is on fundamental analysis using the top-down as well as bottom-up approach to stock selection.

Faisal is also an active trader with focus on price action trading strategy. A combination of long-term investing and short-term trading has produced decent results in a decade long exposure to equity markets. However, his favorite asset class is precious metals.

Additionally, Faisal has been researching cryptocurrencies in the last few quarters. His focus is not on the blue-chip coins, but on emerging altcoins that can be value creators.

You can learn more about Faisal at his profile on LinkedIn.

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