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If you bought $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2013, you would now have enough to buy an average home in Philadelphia — and enough to completely furnish it through one of Snoop Dogg’s favorite retailers. You could even buy that furniture directly with Bitcoin, thanks to rapidly growing support for the digital currency. Cryptocurrencies aren’t the money of the future; they’re the money of today. Read onward to find everything you need to get started with crypto, whether it be a thorough Bitcoin guide or a detailed look into the most promising altcoins. Or check out this special presentation for details on how to become a member of the world’s first Crypto Investor Network.

Dogecoin News: The Big Catch to the Burger King DOGE Announcement

Dogecoin (DOGE) news for Thursday includes an offer from Burger King that lets DOGE owners buy food with the crypto, but there's a catch.

The 3 Best Cryptos to Buy Now Before They 10X

Bitcoin has had a wild ride over the past few weeks. But many altcoins are seeing gains in the meantime. Check out these cryptos to buy.

7 Altcoins That Could See High Returns in August

In 2013, there were only 66 altcoin cryptos, now there are over 6,000. Let's take a look at seven of the best altcoins to buy in August.

New Coins on Binance: When You Can Buy AMP & ANKR

New coins on Binance that crypto traders will want to keep an eye on Thursday morning include Amp (AMP-USD) and Ankr (ANKR-USD).

Ripple Will Survive the SEC, but It May Not Matter Anymore

Ripple has drastically underperformed other cryptocurrencies over the past few years. There is good reason to keep steering clear of XRP.

5 Best Stablecoins to Buy as the Circle SPAC Brings Attention to Asset-Backed Cryptos

Stablecoins aren't supposed to have great volatility -- that's their most vital feature, and why they are considered safer than their peers.

7 Alternative Cryptos to Buy as Bitcoin Rebounds

With Bitcoin surging higher from its recent lows, here’s a closer look at the price thresholds to watch for alternative cryptos.

Project Quantum Crypto: 11 Things to Know About the Gaming Upstart Quantum Works and QBIT Coin

Project Quantum is catching the eye of crypto traders today as a game that will include an economy based on the digital asset.

When It Comes to Cryptos, Ignore the Charts & Study the Fundamentals

Correlation does not equal causation, and just because two squiggly lines line-up with one another, it doesn’t mean that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will follow the same path as 2018.

Ripple (XRP) Crypto News: The Big Announcement That Has XRP Prices Gaining Today

The XRP crypto is gaining after Ripple announced moves into the remittance market. XRP prices were up as much as 15% over the past 24 hours.

If Billionaires Own Ethereum Classic They’re Keeping Pretty Quiet About It

Investors follow the portfolios of billionaires. That’s not easily done when it comes to cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum Classic.  

The Magneto Update Shouldn’t Move Ethereum Classic Prices Long-Term

Ethereum Classic has an upcoming update which is being touted as a catalyst to pay attention to. There's no much there.

Looks Like a Good Time to Jump Back on the Dogecoin Roller Coaster

It looks like a good time to jump back on the Dogecoin roller coaster. Dogecoin could rebound along with Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it is going to be a highly volatile ride.

Bullish Crypto Exchange: 9 Things to Know About the Peter Thiel-Backed Platform

The Bullish crypto exchange is releasing its pilot program today. Here are all the details you need to know ahead of the full public launch.

7 Cryptos to Sell Before You’re Left Holding the Bag

While cryptos recently bounced higher from their worrying lows, you may want to consider trimming exposure to these seven names.

Why You Should Expect to See Litecoin Rebound By the End of the Year

Expect to see Litecoin rebound by the end of the year. Litecoin is likely to rise along with Bitcoin if it starts to recover as interest in cryptos rebounds.

Bitcoin Is Headed Back To $60,000 With or Without You

Since the Bitcoin price has been cut in half, investors may be fearful. Yet, it's during times of peak capitulation that opportunities arise.

Gold Was Never Money, and Bitcoin Never Will Be, Either

Bitcoin is an asset that competes with other assets, some of which generate an actual return like stocks and bonds. It's not money.

Bitcoin Price Predictions: What’s Next for Bitcoin After White-Hot Monday?

Bitcoin price predictions are en vogue once again as cryptocurrency looks to turn around and go on a bullish tear through the rest of 2021.

Dogecoin News: What Has DOGE Prices Moving Today?

Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) is on the rise Monday and there's a lot of news for traders to take in today concerning the meme cryptocurrency.