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If you bought $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2013, you would now have enough to buy an average home in Philadelphia — and enough to completely furnish it through one of Snoop Dogg’s favorite retailers. You could even buy that furniture directly with Bitcoin, thanks to rapidly growing support for the digital currency. Cryptocurrencies aren’t the money of the future; they’re the money of today. Read onward to find everything you need to get started with crypto, whether it be a thorough Bitcoin guide or a detailed look into the most promising altcoins. Or check out this special presentation for details on how to become a member of the world’s first Crypto Investor Network.

The One Chart That Suggests the Crypto Comeback Is Around the Corner

The next few months will likely continue to prove volatile for cryptos as Fed policy uncertainty and sky-high inflation roil the growth trade. But once these headwinds die down, cryptos will stage an enormous comeback.

Shiba Inu Doesn’t Have The Utility To Hang When The Chips Are Down

Shiba Inu doesn't have the fundamentals to stay strong in the crypto market of today. When Bitcoin's down, why would SHIB-USD be up?

NEAR Protocol Price Predictions: Where Will $150M Take the NEAR Crypto?

Among the top tokens investors want expert opinions on, NEAR Protocol price predictions are trending today, and for good reason.

SHIB Crypto News: Pupcoin Star Shiba Inu Just Debuted on a Huge International Exchange

Shiba Inu fans are barking up a storm today. The SHIB crypto was added to Mexico's largest crypto exchange, Bitso, and crypto bulls love it.

Cardano Needs Help Getting Out of Its Steep Dive, but It Could Be a Contrarian Buy

Cardano needs help getting out of its steep dive, but it could be a contrarian buy. Now might be a good time to buy ADA-USD as it is usually very hard to call a bottom in a falling asset price.

SHIB Crypto News: The CoinMarketCap Update Frustrating Shiba Inu Fans

It seems the SHIB crypto and CoinMarketCap are at war today. The pupcoin claims the site knowingly added erroneous addresses for the crypto.

12 Things for SQ Stock Investors to Know About Block’s Bitcoin Mining Plans

Block (SQ) stock is in the news Friday following news that the payment services company plans to get into Bitcoin (BTC) mining.

7 Cryptos You Need in Your Portfolio for Massive Returns in 2022

The rise of cryptocurrency prices has made them some peoples' newest form of investment. Here are seven growth cryptos for your portfolio.

12 Things for LGHL Stock Investors to Know About the Lion Group NFT Platform and MetaWords

Lion Group (LGHL) stock is on the move Friday after the company announced a new NFT marketplace alongside MetaWords plans.

DOGE Crypto News: Dogecoin Prices Surge on Tesla Merch Catalyst

Dogecoin is up 12% today after Elon Musk announced that Tesla will accept the cryptocurrency as a form of payment for some items.

With Ethereum, It’s Time to Consider Market Reality Rather Than Utility

As much as you may support Ethereum and its bolstering of multiple applications, you need to see the reality of its situation.

XRP Crypto News: The Latest Lawsuit Victory XRP Fans Should Watch

A federal judge has ruled in favor of Ripple in its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC. Here's what that could mean for the popular XRP crypto.

Nervos Network Price Predictions: Where Will the CKB Crypto Go Next?

Nervos Network price predictions are heating up. Here are some bullish takes offered by experts on the future of CKB crypto.

Cardano Is a Better Bet Than Bitcoin and Ethereum Right Now

The price of Cardano is rebounding as several catalysts propel the cryptocurrency higher and help it recover from its autumn selloff.

Litecoin Price Predictions: Where Will Incoming MimbleWimble Upgrade Take LTC?

Litecoin price predictions are on the rise at investors anticipate the network's MimbleWimble upgrade before the end of January.

Dogecoin Price Predictions: Where Will Pupcoin Frenzy Take the DOGE Crypto?

Meme coin fever appears to be picking up again today, with investors increasingly interested in Dogecoin price predictions.

Forget Shiba Inu. How Can I Get My Hands on Flexa Network Shares?

Regal Cinemas could accept Shiba Inu. However, you might be wiser to buy some Amp, the collateral token for the Flexa network.

OSMO Crypto Price Predictions: What’s Next for Osmosis After New All-Time High?

OSMO crypto price predictions are of keen interest to investors today after they noticed the fledgling platform post new all-time highs.

7 Up-and-Coming Cryptos to Buy Early While You Still Can

The embrace of NFTs and growing interest in DeFi platforms have grown the crypto space. Here are 7 up-and-coming cryptos to buy.

7 Cryptos That Are Poised To Double During 2022

7 Cryptos that are poised to double during 2022. These 7 cryptos will likely rise at least 100% or more during 2022 from their depressed prices now.