Best Crypto & Blockchain Right Now

If you bought $1,000 in Bitcoin in 2013, you would now have enough to buy an average home in Philadelphia — and enough to completely furnish it through one of Snoop Dogg’s favorite retailers. You could even buy that furniture directly with Bitcoin, thanks to rapidly growing support for the digital currency. Cryptocurrencies aren’t the money of the future; they’re the money of today. Read onward to find everything you need to get started with crypto, whether it be a thorough Bitcoin guide or a detailed look into the most promising altcoins. Or check out this special presentation for details on how to become a member of the world’s first Crypto Investor Network.

Cardano Is Poised for a Comeback That Could Eventually Rival Ethereum

Consider it still worthwhile to buy Cardano as a long-term wager on both blockchain finance gaining critical mass, and this crypto's blockchain becoming one of the more widely used ones out there.

Dogecoin Will Keep Being Driven By Musk, Like It or Not

Dogecoin is unlikely to repeat massive gains. However, wider adoption and the support of Elon Musk can take the coin higher in 2022.

Amp Is Having a Rough Start in 2022, But That Shouldn’t Last Long

The drop in Amp’s price looks like a case of guilt by association as investors may be looking to move into risk-off assets.

Dear Cardano Crypto Fans, Mark Your Calendars for a SundaeSwap Catalyst on Jan. 20

On Jan. 20, the beta version of SundaeSwap will launch. What implications does this have for the Cardano crypto? Let's take a look.

Here Are the Must-Know Levels on the Ethereum Chart Right Now

Ethereum has multiple reasons to survive over the long term. However, there are some key levels to know in the short term.

Coinbase NFT Partnership: 6 Things to Know About the Coinbase-Mastercard Collaboration

Today, Coinbase announced that it had entered into a partnership with Mastercard. Mastercard users will be able to buy NFTs with fiat money.

Cardano Price Predictions: Where Will the Metaverse Take the ADA Crypto?

Despite promising metaverse news from recently launched gaming application Pavia, Cardano is down today. Cardano price predictions are hot.

Fantom Could Be a Protagonist in Decentralized Finance

Fantom coin has plenty of advantages to support DeFi with its groundbreaking protocol. Caution is suggested after its rally in 2021.

Scaramucci Sees Algorand As the Undiscovered Google of Crypto

ALGO crypto is a favorite of Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital as he believes its value is undiscovered just like Google was when it first started.

PlanetWatch Crypto Price Predictions: Could PLANETS Be the Next Big Crypto?

PlanetWatch crypto price predictions are a hot topic as investors look to the company for its easy means to passive income.

6 Sustainable Crypto Mining Stocks Vying for Kevin O’Leary’s ‘Wonderful’ Money

Sustainable crypto mining stocks are coming into the forefront of investor interest today as Kevin O'Leary shines a light on the space.

Bitcoin Is the Chief Coin in Charge of a Strong Posse

The Bitcoin chart showing potential bearish setups that could cause it to correct. Get ready to catch the rebound in BTC-USD if it happens.

BBIG Stock Alert: How High Can Investors Squeeze Vinco Ventures?

Shares of BBIG stock are up by more than 25%. The popular Reddit name also carries a high short interest figure. Is a short squeeze coming?

Baby Doge Coin Price Predictions: Where Will BABYDOGE Crypto Go After CoinEx Listing?

Baby Doge crypto fans are likely yipping up a storm today after the token jumped on listing news. Baby Doge Coin price predictions abound!

Polkadot Will Rebound as the Number of Parachains on Its Platform Grows

Polkadot plans to auction off several more parachains on its network, which can bring it more positive attention and bump its coin price. Coin Dips as Platform Sees $15 Million in Ethereum Stolen Coin is suffering today as the exchange continues dealing with the aftermath of a major network hack.

5 Cryptos to Buy for the Explosive Future of DeFi 2.0

DeFi 2.0 is promising to further evolve DeFi as many know it. But what are the best DeFi 2.0 cryptos to get ahead of the curve?

Dogecoin Is Set to Be a Modern-Day Version of the Roman Denarius Coin

If the Dogecoin Foundation is successful, Doge crypto will become a universally accepted digital form of payment, just like the Roman Denarius.

Walmart Crypto News: What to Know as WMT Preps to Enter the Metaverse

Walmart has generated buzz with its plans to develop a cryptocurrency and NFTs as it explores entry into the metaverse.

Floki Inu’s Issues Are Beginning to Be a ‘He Said, She Said’ Drama

Floki Inu may be on a better trajectory, or it may not depending upon who you believe within its current development camp.