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Best Crypto & Blockchain Right Now

Occasionally, the financial markets are rocked by fundamental changes in the investing landscape. We believe the tokenization of assets is one such monumental change. Through asset tokenization, investors can buy pieces of a Picasso. They can invest in their favorite sports teams, or short the teams they don’t like. They can invest in royalities for music companies, and so much more. As companies begin to utilize the blockchain to tokenize their assets, we believe this area will take off like a rocket. Read on to learn how to find and invest in the strange world of tokenized assets.

Ripple Is a Great Long-Term Buy No Matter What Happens With the SEC

The SEC’s suit against Ripple is a regulatory risk hurting XRP stock in the short-term, while Bitcoin soars to record highs.

Ethereum Is Much More Intriguing as a Blockchain Play Than Pure Crypto

Ethereum continues to soar as investors pile into utility-rich cryptocurrency options supporting key real-world applications today.

How I Find Cryptos Poised to Soar in Value

Cryptocurrencies are still mysterious to a lot of investors, but Blockchain 2.0 means that understanding the fundamentals is important.

Smart Contracts Could Elevate Cardano to a Top Tier Cryptocurrency

Cardano is rising on NFT excitement. However, the real game-changer -- smart contracts -- are expected to debut later this spring.

3 Reasons Why the Ethereum Bull Run Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Interest in Ethereum will continue to rise as institutional demand increases with the launch of the CME Ether futures contract.

Ethereum’s Value Premium Over Bitcoin Is Slowly Being Acknowledged

Ethereum skyrockets as its value premium over Bitcoin is slowly acknowledged. Ethereum will continue outperforming Bitcoin, due to its smart contract value.

You Can Still Buy a Little Bitcoin for Peace of Mind

If you regret not buying Bitcoin at lower prices, taking a small position now may help stem regret should the price of BTC continue to rise.

Patented Network Design Signals Progress for Holo Cryptocurrency Framework

You might see some sky-high price forecasts for the Holo token, but they may be justified as Holochain brings users a new level of autonomy.

When Two Hypergrowth Themes Come Together

We're entering a new phase for cryptos, the blockchain and gaming. Smart investors have the opportunity to beat the big money in now.

Why Crypto Bulls Should Keep Cardano on Their Shopping List

The organized, logical development of Cardano could create an innovative platform. There's work left to do, but the altcoin has big potential.

The NFT Craze Could Easily Vault Cardano Above $5

Could Cardano be a multi-bagger due to the sudden interest in digital collectibles? Sure, but don't assume the trend will last forever.

Ripple Won’t Be Safe Anytime Before the SEC Makes Its Ruling

Ripple Labs will get to see how the SEC decided to charge it's not a currency, while it continues to build its value exchange network in Southeast Asia.

‘Tis the Season … Your Profits Could Be Bigger Than Ever

Cryptocurrencies aren’t fantasy internet money. The technology that they are built on, the blockchain, is the future of just about everything.

How Cardano Makes Decentralization and Blockchain Easily Accessible

Cardano has risen dramatically of late. Part of the reason is that the company is building something that non-blockchain experts can understand.

Cardano Is Worth Considering for Its Utility and Strong Leadership

Cardano was founded by Charles Hoskinson. He co-founded Ethereum. That’s useful information if you’re interested in buying cryptocurrency.   

Dogecoin’s Moon Shot Is Proof That Elon Musk Runs the Universe Now

With the all-powerful founder of Tesla and SpaceX leaning heavily bullish on Dogecoin, you'd have to be reckless to bet against it now.

Bitcoin’s Raison D’être Is Not as a Store of Value, But Price Appreciation

Bitcoin's raison d'être is not as a store of value any longer, but price appreciation. Owning Bitcoin for price appreciation purposes is not any different than buying gold or stocks to see them rise.

Dogecoin Shows No Sign of Slowing As the Endorsements Keep Piling Up

Dogecoin will continue to rise due to the broader interest in the crypto space and several high-profile celebrities' endorsements.

Dogecoin Looks Unattractive in an Ocean of Altcoins

Despite Elon Musk's hype, Dogecoin seems more like a speculative bet than a cryptocurrency that's worth holding for the long term.

Dogecoin Is a Gamble That Currently Doesn’t Make Sense

Dogecoin has been a fun ride, one that enjoyed backing from heavy-hitting influencers. But all good things must come to an end.