Faizan Farooque

Faizan Farooque

Expertise: Real estate investment trusts (REITs), SPACs, Cryptocurrencies

Education: BSc (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting, Oxford Brookes University; Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel, Rice University; Excel Skills for Business: Intermediate, Macquarie University

About Faizan
Faizan Farooque is a finance journalist who has reported on the latest trends in the stock market for many years. He helps people by providing advice about saving and investing and keeping up with what’s happening in the financial world.

Faizan is writing for InvestorPlace.com, GuruFocus, and TipRanks and has previously worked as a financial journalist and data analyst for S&P Global. He can analyze company filings from sources like SEC, FINRA, and others to help identify potential investment opportunities. Researching specific industries is also something he does to provide industry insight for clients.

Faizan deeply understands the market and how to read the financial tea leaves to anticipate where things are headed. His expertise gives readers an insider’s perspective on what’s happening in the finance world so they can make smart decisions.

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