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Boeing Stock Could Run to $400 Under New CEO David Calhoun

Boeing stock still faces plenty of headwinds and uncertainty. However, if David Calhoun can turn things around, it could hit $400 in 2020.

Nike Stock Could Hit $120 in 2020

A strong uptrend coupled with strong earnings and innovation mean Nike stock could hit a price of $120 by mid-year 2020.

3 Gaming Stocks to Own Ahead of New Consoles

2020 should be exciting for gaming stocks -- and gamers. Here are three of the top gaming stocks to watch as we near new console releases

The Coming 5G Boom Is Not Priced in to QCOM Stock

With the 5G boom just getting underway, QCOM stock shows promise, especially as it supplies Apple iPhones with chips.

Advanced Micro Devices is Still One of the Smartest Bets for 2020

There’s plenty to like about Advanced Micro Devices stock, as it chips away at Intel’s market share. With new gaming consoles on the way, AMD chips will again be in demand.