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Finding the right stocks to buy is one of the most difficult parts of investing. At Investorplace, our experts help expedite that process by providing reliable information that will assist you in choosing what stocks to invest in. Whether the ultimate goal is to find steady income or earn a quick buck, our staff provides advice to help you find a strong dividend stock, a penny stock with potential, or, plain and simple, good stocks to buy.

Check out the stocks our experts pick as best buys right now.

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As Profits Emerge, so Does the Case for Buying Twitter Stock

The Twitter stock price fell because of MAUs, but a buy case for TWTR stock has emerged as Twitter stock begins to achieve profit growth. Read Article

Go Long Nvidia Stock While the Chips Are Down

Investors looking to add Nvidia stock to their portfolio can use a move towards $235 to put on a position. A break of the major support area at $217 is a logical stop loss to exit the trade. Read Article

Netflix Stock to Benefit From Global Dominance

Netflix stock can continue to rise, due to the dominance of NFLX in global markets and the company's strong overseas strategy. Read Article

It’s Time to Grab Barrels of Apple Stock After It’s Latest Correction

AAPL is the best company on the planet. So Apple stock is a gem that will shine for years despite Tim Cook being slow to wow investors. Read Article

Improved Instagram Could Be Game-Changing for Facebook Stock

Don't look for it to make in immediate impact on Facebook stock, but the Instagram messaging service is the real deal. Read Article

5 Blue Chip Stocks to Watch

Stocks from industry leaders can still have a lot of room for growth. Here are five blue chip stocks to watch for big gains. Read Article

The Power of Petroleum

Demand for petroleum continues to climb as supply lags. Investors should make some savvy investments now. Read Article

5 Safe Stocks to Buy With Low Price-to-Book Ratios

P/B ratio is a convenient tool to identify low-priced stocks that have high-growth prospects. Here are five stocks with low P/B ratios. Read Article

This Is a Great Time to Buy Into Phillips 66

For today's market conditions, this integrated oil giant is in the right place at the right time. PSX stock is a buy right now. Read Article

10 Small-Caps With Straight-A Potential

It's time to think small for big growth opportunities. These small-cap stocks can help you juice your portfolio. Read Article

5 Family-Owned Stocks to Buy

Family-owned stocks outperform the market. These 5 stocks to buy are family-run and likely to provide solid upside going forward. Read Article

3 Defensive Stocks to Buy for Yield Protection

So long as markets remain volatile, defensive stocks will outperform growth stocks, and that is why these three stocks look attractive. Read Article

10 Killer Stocks to Buy That No One Knows About

The best way to earn big gains is to find stocks to buy that are off the beaten path. These 10 stars are definitely worth your time. Read Article

5 ‘Strong Buy’ Stocks Under $10

Cheap stocks can generate substantial returns. These 5 stocks under $10 all score a 'Strong Buy' analyst consensus rating. Read Article

7 Master Limited Partnerships to Buy Despite Rising Rates

While safe, passive-income-generating assets have become more attractive recently, MLPs still offer far superior returns. Read Article

BABA Stock Could Turn Around Before the Headlines Notice

BABA stock has been hit hard, early and often, since June. Despite the headlines, BABA targets are still well above current prices. Read Article

The Market’s Latest Beating Has Brought Out the Best in IBM Stock

IBM stock has long played the laggard, but when the markets are in freefall, this generously yielding company is the perfect hedge. Read Article

Square: The Best Stock to Buy on This Week’s Dip

The current tech correction has put a dent in SQ stock which is off 25% over the past week. Should Square investors be worried?  Read Article

3 Things to (Still) Like About Intel

Intel stock has been backpedaling lately, but a trio of new technologies could turn things around with little to no warning. Read Article

16 Stocks to Buy Before They Turn It Around

GE stock is just one of the many turnaround stocks in the market. These 16 equities all could be stocks to buy - if execution improves. Read Article