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Stocks to Buy

Whether you are a novice who just opened your first 401k or you are a seasoned investor, you have to spend countless hours researching stocks to buy. Who has that kind of time? We do. Powered by a diverse group of perspectives formed from dozens of analysts, advisors and strategists, our stories digest the day’s biggest headlines to uncover which stocks you should buy.

7 S&P 500 Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

The Federal Reserve continues its campaign to fight inflation, which has crushed the market. But these seven S&P 500 stocks can thrive regardless.

3 Unknown Tech Stocks That Could Rocket in 2023

After the big run the past few years, it’s not very easy finding unknown tech stocks to buy. These three are my picks that fit the bill.

7 Stocks to Buy That Can Soar in Good Times or in Bad

Investors looking for growth stocks to buy that are largely immune from broader economic woes have come to the right place.

3 Most Promising Car Stocks Following the 2022 Detroit Auto Show  

Among the three most robust car stocks to buy now are RACE, HAIL and STLA, as these companies stand out despite the market's weakness.

How to Play Tesla’s Inevitable Demise

I've been a huge bull on Tesla stock for years, and I have scored my readers 2,000%-plus returns in the name. So, my sudden bearish stance on TSLA isn't to be taken lightly.

7 Top-Quality Stocks to Buy Before Q4

Nothing says quality stocks like an "AAA" rating in the Portfolio Grader. Here are seven that happen to fit that description.

7 Stocks to Buy During a Stock Market Crash

If the much-feared stock market crash actually materializes, contrarian investors should target these stocks to buy.

3 Dow Stocks to Buy During a Stock Market Crash

Dow stocks are often considered blue chip by nature, so let's look at three Dow stocks to buy now as the bear market of 2022 continues.

7 Small-Cap Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

With the market taking a dip and possibly poised to incur more red ink, these are the small-cap stocks to buy that appeal to contrarians.

7 Meme Stocks to Buy During a Stock Market Crash

Aggressive investors may beat the market with the right meme stocks, especially those with strong stock scores.

7 Safe Havens All Investors Should Have Exposure to in 2022

Few stocks with deep value and growth prospects offer upside and safe havens for investors, with those picks the exception.

7 Energy Stocks Primed for a Q3 Earnings Gusher

With oil prices cresting above $120 a barrel and continuing to trade in a range between $85 and $105, energy companies are reaping record profits and issuing incredible earnings. Many energy companies have announced net income that is up more than 3,000% from year earlier levels.

7 Dow Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

This article takes a look at seven Dow stocks that may be down, but are likely to lead the way whenever the economy recovers

4 EV Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

EV stocks that seem undervalued considering the long-term growth potential. EV companies positioned to grow amidst intense competition.

7 Nasdaq Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

Investors should consider buying these Nasdaq stocks on the dip while they still can before the market reverses higher.

7 Cheap Quantum Computing Stocks to Add to Your Must-Buy List

For risk-tolerant investors that can handle volatility, cheap quantum computing stocks offer plenty of long-term upside potential.

3 Tech Stocks to Buy on the Dip, or You’ll be Kicking Yourself Later

Here are three tech stocks to buy in this rather uncertain market that are well-positioned for long-term capital appreciation.

7 Oil Stocks to Buy on the Dip or You’ll Be Kicking Yourself Later

With major changes impacting the hydrocarbon industry, these oil stocks to buy may command significant relevance.

7 Best Clean Air and Water Stocks to Buy Now

Water is crucial, yet we are running out of it, and it is getting more expensive. The best water stocks are helping solve the problem.