Thomas Yeung

Thomas Yeung

Expertise: Fundamental Analysis, Quant-Based Investing, Tax Analysis

Education: BA, Economics, Princeton University

Awards & Accomplishments: CFA Charterholder, IRS Enrolled Agent

Tom Yeung, CFA, is a Market Analyst at, where he helps investors navigate the world of finance with one of the most powerful tools available: knowledge. Tom brings over a decade of experience in company, commodity and industry analysis.

He is the current editor of the Omnia Portfolios, the highest-tier subscription at InvestorPlace and the former editor of Tom Yeung’s Profit & Protection, a free e-letter about investing to profit in good times and protecting gains during the bad.

Tom started his investment career at Harding Loevner, a $40 billion asset management firm. Today, he works with to help individuals and families identify great investments.

Tom holds a BA in Economics from Princeton University, where he graduated with high honors. He is a CFA® Charterholder and also a FINRA Registered Investment Adviser.

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