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Market Analysis

The markets are constantly in flux, which means that picking the right stocks is like hitting a bull’s-eye on a moving target. InvestorPlace’s savviest financial analysts and editors tackle the important, sector-wide issues, analyzing how top-level trends trickle down through individual stocks, so that you can make smart decisions with your money.

VIX: Wall Street’s ‘Fear Signal’ Says It’s Buying Season

Since early 2023, the best times to buy stocks have been when the VIX spiked above 18. And that's happening again right now.

Even a $2 Trillion Company Can Grow the Size of Its Pie – Here’s How

Ahead of its upcoming earnings report, let’s take a look back how Alphabet has performed, its other AI initiatives, and its prospects for investment.

AI Stocks: Growing Wealth in the Dot-Com Boom 2.0

Today's AI tech is as impactful as the internet. Invest in the companies that are reshaping our world to take advantage of this wealth boom.

What the Latest Inflation Data Means for Rate Cuts This Year…

Wall Street was laser-focused on two key inflation reports this week: the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producer Price Index (PPI). So, in today’s Market 360, we’ll try to make some sense of these reports and what they mean for the likelihood of rate cuts this year (and how many).

Stay Bullish Despite the CPI Data

Poking holes in our own analysis … the case for a continuation of disinflation … a deeper dive into Wednesday's CPI report … why Luke…

Should You Buy the Big Banks Following Their Earnings Reports?

I’d like to use today’s Market 360 to review their earnings numbers as well as preview what to expect from Bank of America. I’ll also share what my Portfolio Grader says about the big banks, and then I’ll tell you whether I personally think they are good buys right now. I’ll also reveal how you can find the market’s next big winners...

Volatility Alert: Brace for a Big Spike in the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX)

Movement in utility stocks, gold, lumber, and Treasurys suggests that a huge spike in the VIX is around the corner. What to do next.

Homebuilder Stocks Are Sending an Ominous Warning for the Housing Market

Homebuilder stocks are cooling off as investors fear further Fed rate hikes. Why this is bad for the housing market.

Car Price Predictions 2024: Proof the Auto Market Crash Has Begun!

A wide range of car price predictions continue to be put forward for both new and used cars. Here's what the experts think of this space.

A New Season of Succession Just Debuted… in Real Life

Throughout this made-for-TV drama, Paramount remains wildly undervalued. But does that make it a good buy right now? I’ll answer that question in today’s Smart Money.

How to Profit From Elon Musk’s $18 Billion AI Project

This latest AI startup is moving fast, with impressive progress. And the journey is likely just getting started.

Inflation Progress Has Officially Stalled

CPI inflation comes in hotter than expected … the timing of rate cuts gets pushed back – again … the difference between inflation and prices…

Expect More Chaos if the Fed Can’t Fix the Yield Curve

Today, we’ll take a look at why inverted yield curves are “bad,” what caused the spike in the 10-year Treasury yield and what the Fed can do to not only bring the yield down but un-invert the yield curve.

Will Housing Prices Fall 20%? Why This Famous Analyst Sees a Huge Supply Glut Ahead.

Housing prices could see some big volatility on the horizon, and here's where one analyst thinks the market could be headed from here.

Inflation Panic Creates a Great Buying Opportunity in Stocks

With inflation set to resume its decline shortly, stocks will resume their rally, too. This isn’t time to sell. It’s time to buy the dip.

Crazy Idea: Why the Fed Actually Needs to CUT Rates to Beat Inflation

Could cutting interest rates ease inflation? Looking at the housing market, this crazy idea just might work.

Watch for Market Fireworks Tomorrow

What will tomorrow's CPI bring? … inflation progress has been stalling  … is the market too high relative to fewer potential rate cuts? … get…

What Wall Street Wants to See From This Week’s Inflation Reports

We’re just a few short days from the official start to the first-quarter earnings season on Friday. I also expect Wall Street to obsess over the inflation data as it always does, but the fact of the matter remains that we do need to see inflation fall in order for the Federal Reserve to cut key interest rates.

June 12 Interest Rate Cut Odds: 3 Analysts Predict the Fed’s Next Move

The interest rate cut odds in the coming Federal Reserve Open Market Committee meetings are shifting. Here's what to know.