Lindsey Crossmier

Lindsey Crossmier

Expertise: Financial Literacy, Banking and High-Yield Savings Accounts

Education: BA, English, University of Central Florida

Awards & Accomplishments: Financial Markets Certificate from Yale University

Lindsey Crossmier joined the InvestorPlace team in 2024 as an established financial writer to promote financial literacy. She started her career as a financial writer for and Retireguide, where she covered complex topics like banking, investment vehicles, Social Security and life insurance.

Her well-researched articles, guides and news pieces established her as an expert in the financial space. She’s been quoted in the U.S. News, NAFA, Yahoo! Finance and GO Banking Rates.

In 2023, Lindsey completed a Financial Markets course from Yale University, solidifying her knowledge on current interest rates and investment vehicles. Lindsey’s experience, as well as her Yale education, makes her a prominent figure in educating others about financial wellness.

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