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Neil George

Neil George is an investor, an investment advisor, educator, philanthropist and the editor of Stocks That Pay You. He is also editor of By George, a long-standing financial and news advisory. He is the former editor of Personal Finance for many years as well as editor of Inner Circle, The Yield Letter and The Partnership.

In addition, Neil has worked in six continents with a select group of financial institutions founding and/or building successful enterprises in investment banking, bond trading, brokerage and asset management; starting with Merrill Lynch International Bank in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. He also co-founded and built the International Markets Division of Mark Twain Bank now part of US Bank.

He has served as chief economist to institutions including Mark Twain Bank, Mercantile Bank and British and Chinese-based Guinness Flight, as well as establishing a collection of independent public and private brokerage and fund management companies in Los Angeles and New York.