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Dividend Stocks

AT&T and Verizon – A Boring, No-Brainer Double Buy

Apple's iPhone madness shows that America's dependence on mobile isn't going anywhere, cementing the continued usefulness of high-yielding T and VZ stock. Read Article

Penny Stocks

Everybody Loves A Good Scam – Morning Linkfest (July 11)

Penny stock scams, cigarettes and clean energy finance -- all in Today's Linkfest from InvestorPlace. Read Article

Stocks to Buy

LUV: Buy Southwest Airlines as It Ascends

Southwest Airlines already has the lowest fares and the most passengers in the U.S., and it hasn't even reached cruising altitude yet. Read Article

Stocks to Sell

Sony Was a Sell Even Before $2 Billion Loss (SNE)

Sony has been dead money for ages, and a strategic retreat in the smartphone business is only a step in the right direction. Read Article