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Stocks to Sell

The Rally in JD Stock Is Running out of Momentum

This year, JD.com stock has pulled off a strong rally. But investors may still want to be cautious. The growth rate is far from encouraging and the company appears to be in the retrenchment mode. Read Article

The Valuation of Costco Stock Is a Tough Pill to Swallow

Costo stock has rallied big in 2019, but COST stock now features an above-average valuation on a slowing growth trajectory. Read Article

Expect Boeing Stock to Have an Awful 2019 Before Bouncing Back

Boeing's 2019 production quality issues look a lot like Facebook's 2018 data privacy issues, and that's both good and bad news for BA stock. Read Article

10 Oversold Stocks to Run From

Wells Fargo, HP and Gilead Sciences are just three oversold stocks to sell before they lose any more ground. Read Article

10 Stocks to Sell Before They Give Back 2019 Gains

In 2019, investors are looking for stocks to buy, not stocks to sell. When that changes, these 10 stocks -- including AAPL -- will sink. Read Article

Why Groupon Stock Can’t Quite Deliver

GRPN stock does have positive catalysts. But that's been true for years now and each time, GRPN disappoints. Read Article

4 Reasons Apple Stock Is Likely to Fall After Earnings

The many headwinds facing AAPL will drag down Apple stock after the company reports its Q2 results on April 30. Read Article

Risks Are Mounting for Apple Stock as This Year’s Comeback Goes Too Far

The same problems that dogged Apple stock in 2018 are being forgotten in 2019, as the shares have climbed almost 30%. Read Article

After the Drama, Where Is Aphria Headed Now?

Is Aphria worth your marijuana investment money again, or is it better to stick to rivals of APHA stock that have fewer worries? Read Article

It Can Get Worse for Weight Watchers Stock

WTW stock has collapsed, dropping over 80%. But it can get worse for Weight Watchers stock (soon to be WW) - and it very well might. Read Article

Can 5G Really Boost Verizon Stock?

It's not yet a reason to buy or sell VZ stock, but Verizon does need to start offering clear reasons it's all-in on 5G. Read Article

7 Tech Stocks With Too Much Risk, Not Enough Upside

Tech stocks usually make headlines for positive reasons, but these seven technology firms have a lot to prove before they're stocks to buy. Read Article

Nokia Stock Is Still Waiting for the 5G Gold Rush

Analysts hope Nokia can earn 42 cents per share next year, which would make Nokia stock a bargain at $5.70. But over half no longer recommend the stock. Read Article

Tesla Stock Is Not a Growth Name

Tesla stock is valued like a high-powered growth stock. But recent numbers and its two-year outlook paint a much more bearish picture of TSLA. Read Article

Avoid Twilio Stock As Long As Valuations Remain Stratospheric

Unpredictability could define Twilio stock for now as the exuberance about the future of TWLO stock conflicts with the valuation of the present. Read Article

5 Healthcare Stocks to Watch If America Chooses a Single-Payer System

With the Medicare for All Act threatening to impart a radical paradigm shift, healthcare stocks are suddenly under heavy fire. Read Article

4 Hyped Tech Stocks Getting Crushed

Things have been rough for these 4 tech stocks lately. Now may be a smart time to get out, for a while at least. Read Article

Wells Fargo Stock Very Well May Be the GE of the Banking Sector

Lowered guidance, a continued CEO search, and analyst downgrades add to the bad news that continues to weigh on WFC stock. Read Article

Aphria Stock Might Be the First Victim as Pot Stocks Face Reality

After Aphria kicked off earnings season on an awful note, is it time to give up on pot stocks. Or can CGC stock claw back its recent losses? Read Article

Earnings Show Goldman Sachs’ Problems Are Worse Than Investors Thought

GS stock tumbled in response to another poor quarterly report. New CEO David Solomon is off to a rough start. Read Article