Stocks to Sell

Poor Leadership Continues to Fail Snap Stock

On the surface, SNAP stock appears to be a contrarian’s dream, but its latest executive hiring reflects the same ineffective strategies. Read Article

Avoid Twilio Stock Until Its Valuation Falls Below the Clouds

TWLO will continue to see massive profit increases, but investors should still avoid Twilio stock as it has moved far ahead of growth. Read Article

Shopify Stock Has a Solid Future, but Not Much of a Present

Both the bullish and bearish case for Shopify stock could play out, so investors should focus on the present to profit from SHOP. Read Article

IQ Stock Has a Content Diversity Problem

On the surface, IQ stock is a gold mine, but a deeper look reveals that iQiyi stock has serious vulnerabilities. Read Article

Don’t Buy BIDU Stock Without Googling All of the Risk Factors

BIDU stock seems like a lucrative contrarian play at first glance, but other factors surrounding BIDU could give investors pause. Read Article

Fade Chipotle Stock As It Rallies Towards $500

Chipotle stock isn't supported by fundamentals at $500, and as CMG stock approaches that level, the chances of a big drop are rising. Read Article

Square Stock’s Great Year Is Constrained By Tech Peers October Plunge

Square investors were having a great year. Now, SQ stock will likely fall until outside forces or its massive growth can turn it around. Read Article

JCPenney Stock Is a Bet on a Turnaround That Isn’t Coming

JCPenney stock sits near an all-time low, and JCP won't be able to recover easily. The most likely outcome for JCP stock is zero. Read Article

Wait for Under Armour Stock to Drop Before Buying Shares

It’s been a good year for Under Armour stock. But UAA still shows a lack of top-line growth and faces tough headwinds. Read Article

Fortnite Has Damaged Activision Stock

When sure things are selling at a discount, few investors want to speculate on Activision stock after ATVI fell on a challenge from Epic. Read Article

Natural Gas Alone Can’t Save CHK Stock

CHK stock appears to have hit bottom, but a strongly-mixed energy market is not what Chesapeake Energy needs right now. Read Article

Here’s Where Ford Could, and Should, Start Its Restructuring

Ford stock has been brutalized for a few years now, largely because it's bleeding money with its overseas operations. Read Article

Don’t Assume Under Armour Stock Will Continue to Grow Comfortably

Under Armour stock performed well in 2018, but a high PE ratio and intense industry competition could still hurt UAA stock. Read Article

10 Stocks to Sell That Are Melting Down Right Now

As the markets continue to bring the pain, here are 10 big stocks to sell before they hurt your portfolio further. Read Article

3 Bank Stocks Falling on Inverted-Yield-Curve Fears

The inverted yield curve is weighing on bank stocks this week. Here are three companies vulnerable to further downside. Read Article

Groupon Stock is the Markets’ Venus Flytrap

After years of sharp revenue and consumer declines, it’s time for people to stop getting cute with Groupon stock. Read Article

The Recent Rally In McDonald’s Stock Is Too Supersized

MCD stock is trading at the richest valuation in over a decade after a monster rally. Short McDonald's now that shares have finally stalled. Read Article

Don’t Look for a GE Stock Turnaround Any Time Soon

If the bull case for GE stock materializes, there's money to be made. However it looks very unlikely given GE's current debt obligations. Read Article

8 Companies That Could Disappear in 2019

Fighting uphill battles they're not capable of winning, these are companies could disappear in the next year. Read Article

10 Aerospace & Defense Stocks to Sell Now

Defense stocks like Lockheed Martin, Heico and AeroVironment are running into competitive challenges, technical headwinds or shifting demand. Read Article