Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Ocugen Just Overcame a Serious Hurdle

OCGN stock has skyrocketed on positive Phase 3 results. But the company is facing tough competition.

When It Comes to Carnival Corporation Stock, It’s Long Past Time to Abandon Ship

CCL stock struggles to cater to its growing debt burden and cash burn rate, as it ponders a cruiseless 2021

The Jig Appears to Be Up for Nano Dimension

Nano Dimension was in the business of raising cash. But after raising equity eight times, investors seem to be seeing through NNDM stock.

Sundial Growers Is Likely to Fall Further Given Its Huge Dilution

Sundial Growers is likely to fall further given its huge dilution. Wait to buy SNDL stock until it falls to 46 cents per share or 62.7% below today's price.

MicroVision Is Not Worth Anywhere Near Its $2.48 Billion Market Value

MicroVision is not worth anywhere near its $2.48 billion market value. MVIS stock is worth no more than $11.66 at best based on a probability estimate of its likely outcomes.

After WallStreetBets Hype, Steer Clear of Sundial Growers’ Stock

Sundial Growers has a decent enough turnaround story. But with SNDL stock up more than 130% YTD, a $2.2 billion market cap seems far too high.

7 Upcoming SPAC Mergers to Avoid

The stock market has suddenly broken to the downside over the past two weeks. That makes these SPACs particularly risky bets as the momentum fades.

Why Investors Should Avoid OrganiGram

OGI stock has risen meteorically. No one should buy the shares now, as OrganiGram has obvious operational issues.

4 of the Most Overvalued Stocks in the Market Right Now

There's seemingly no shortage of overvalued stocks at the moment. These four overly expensive names look like they've run too far.

A Few Smart Moves Don’t Make a Bull Case for Naked Brand Stock

Capital raises and a focus on e-commerce better position Naked Brand going forward. But they're not enough to justify the massive rally in NAKD stock.

Avoid Genius Brands Stock Ahead of the Inevitable Dump

Pumped higher on hype alone, there's little to prevent GNUS stock from eventually falling back to prior price levels.

AMC’s Valuation Is Bloated Following Its Massive Share Sales

AMC has managed to raise enough capital to avoid bankruptcy. However, its survival came at a brutal cost in terms of dilution, making AMC stock a dangerous investment.

The Excitement Around Ocugen Is Irrational

OCGN stock surged on news of a coronavirus vaccine, but its fundamentals do not support its stock price, making it another speculative bet.

Rational Investors Should Stay Away From GameStop Stock

GME stock is down 70% this month, after its Reddit-induced rally, but is inexplicably trading well above what it should.

Reddit Users Resurrected AMC Stock, But Streaming Is the Future

AMC stock is a perennially risky play as the theater operator struggles with the long-term effects of both the pandemic and streaming.

5G Is Simply Not Enough for Nokia Stock

The recent Reddit-inspired surge may be the last big, positive move for NOK stock for some time, as the company is facing multiple challenges.

The Case for BlackBerry Stock Is Far Too Weak

BlackBerry is still trying to pivot from its phone business. With revenue stagnant and profitability distant, the pivot isn't working well enough to make BB stock a buy.

The Case for Nokia Stock Simply Isn’t Strong Enough

NOK stock briefly joined the ranks of 'meme stocks.' But there's a good reason why the spike didn't hold: the long-term outlook remains bleak.

Ignore the Second Round of ‘Meme Stock Mania’ in Koss Stock

Anyone buying KOSS stock today is gambling, not investing. With its share price divorced from its fundamentals, there's no rational reason to buy Koss right now. Stay away.

Why the Texas Cold Snap Is a Big Concern for Switchback Energy

On paper, SBE stock has an excellent narrative because of its important to EV infrastructure. But the Texas storm may have ruined this picture-perfect storyline.