Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Shopify Stock’s Recent Uptick Is Not a Sign to Buy

Between headwinds persisting into 2023 and the unfavorable backdrop for growth stocks, another slide may be in store for SHOP stock.

Avoid Rivian Stock Before and After Earnings

RIVN stock might look like a buy prior to Rivian's quarterly data release, but the company's CEO is warning about potential problems.

7 Stocks to Avoid in a Recession

While some companies might offer a discounted opportunity during a downturn, these are the stocks to avoid in a recession.

Delete Snap Stock From Your Watchlist, Despite Drop to Pandemic Lows

More disappointment, and lower prices for SNAP stock, likely lie ahead. A falling knife with a ways to go before bottoming out, it's best to avoid.

Don’t Expose Yourself to Problems With Opendoor Technologies

OPEN stock might look like a good value now because it's cheap. However, there could be more downside ahead amid a weakening housing market.

3 Large-Cap Tech Stocks to Sell Now

Investors looking to profit in a bullish market should walk away from weak companies like these large-cap tech stocks to sell.

7 Stocks to Sell After the Fed Rate Hike in July

With the Fed raising the key interest rate by 75 basis points recently, some companies will be winners and others will be stocks to sell.

The 7 Worst Stocks to Buy in a Recession

The worst stocks to buy in a recession all have too much debt and not enough cash. Here are seven great examples of companies to avoid.

Sell FuboTV Stock Before It Falls Further

FUBO stock will likely continue to flounder as the economic headwinds unfolding today further challenge its path to profitability.

Sell Lyft Stock Before Q2 Earnings

LYFT stock may be far cheaper now than it was a year ago, but many challenges will make it tough for shares to recover.

Beyond Meat Stock Will Only Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

BYND stock will likely only continue to frustrate investors as profits are elusive for the fake-meat manufacturer.

Job Cuts Only Add to Uncertainty for Lyft Stock

Don't expect liftoff in LYFT stock as an analyst observes inflation-related headwinds creating problems for Lyft and its shareholders.

Worse-Than-Expected Loss Makes Roku Stock a No-Go

ROKU stock was already on a downtrend in 2022 so far, and a slowdown in ad spending is only creating more problems for Roku's investors.

Skillz Stock’s Recent Rally Is Too Little, Too Late

SKLZ stock has zoomed in recent weeks, but there's still little to suggest its business will make the comeback needed to move even higher.

Shareholder Activism Won’t Fix the Key Issue With PayPal Stock

An activist hedge fund is building a position in PYPL stock, but the changes this firm will likely push for may fail to move the needle.

4 EV Stocks to Sell Before the Great EV Consolidation Kills Them

It seems the EV industry consolidation will happen rapidly over the next 12 months. And I expect dozens of EV stocks to plunge to zero.

3 Large-Cap Stocks to Avoid Now

The S&P 500 is bouncing back, but these large-cap stocks are still sinking. Avoid them until the price action improves.

7 Electric Vehicle Stocks to Sell Now

Electric vehicles may be the future, but for now these electric vehicle stocks to sell are too expensive to own in this down market.

7 Growth Stocks to Sell Now

Seven growth stocks to sell now as they have wider net losses even though sales are very strong, they are not likely to bounce back.

The Trouble in Carvana Stock Is a Pileup, Not a Fender Bender

One U.S. state's ban on Carvana's vehicle sales is just another problem for downtrodden CVNA stock holders.