Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

3 EV Stocks That Won’t Exist by 2024

Some electric-vehicle stocks have become very risky for investors, and they are poised to fall to $0 relatively soon. 

5 Stocks That Will Get Worse Before They Get Better

These five hard-hit stocks to buy may have a shot of making a comeback, but each one could still stumble again first.

7 F-Rated Stocks to Avoid Now

The following equities may be household names, but current market conditions mean they’re definitely stocks to avoid now.

7 Stocks to Watch Following 2022 Layoff News

The article covers seven stocks to watch that operate in the tech industry and have recently announced widespread layoffs of late

Don’t Ape the Apes by Overleveraging on AMC Entertainment Stock

The company's issuance of preferred equity units is in the headlines, but AMC stock traders should check the financials before making a move.

Don’t Get Lured into Activist Investor Narrative with PayPal Stock

You don't have to be lured by activist-investor hype as PYPL stock could easily fall due to PayPal's lack of profitability.

The 7 Most Overrated Stocks on Wall Street

These companies may have found favor on Wall Street, but they land on my list of overrated stocks to avoid. Here's why.

Activist Investor’s Stake Doesn’t Mean You Need to Buy Pinterest Stock

Pinterest just reported its lowest revenue-growth rate in two years. So, be cautious if you're considering going all-in on PINS stock.

Hold Off on SoFi Stock After a Post-Earnings Spike

After an overly exuberant reaction to its latest quarterly results, a key negative with SOFI stock could come back into focus.

3 Overrated Growth Stocks to Avoid Now

When the bear market is through, high-quality growth stocks will thrive and overrated growth stocks will struggle.

Lucid Stock Has Lost Its Luster After It Cut Its Production Goals

Going forward, Lucid Group might not be able to withstand supply-chain and logistics challenges, and that's bad news for LCID stock holders.

Shopify Stock’s Recent Uptick Is Not a Sign to Buy

Between headwinds persisting into 2023 and the unfavorable backdrop for growth stocks, another slide may be in store for SHOP stock.

Avoid Rivian Stock Before and After Earnings

RIVN stock might look like a buy prior to Rivian's quarterly data release, but the company's CEO is warning about potential problems.

7 Stocks to Avoid in a Recession

While some companies might offer a discounted opportunity during a downturn, these are the stocks to avoid in a recession.

Delete Snap Stock From Your Watchlist, Despite Drop to Pandemic Lows

More disappointment, and lower prices for SNAP stock, likely lie ahead. A falling knife with a ways to go before bottoming out, it's best to avoid.

Don’t Expose Yourself to Problems With Opendoor Technologies

OPEN stock might look like a good value now because it's cheap. However, there could be more downside ahead amid a weakening housing market.

3 Large-Cap Tech Stocks to Sell Now

Investors looking to profit in a bullish market should walk away from weak companies like these large-cap tech stocks to sell.

7 Stocks to Sell After the Fed Rate Hike in July

With the Fed raising the key interest rate by 75 basis points recently, some companies will be winners and others will be stocks to sell.

The 7 Worst Stocks to Buy in a Recession

The worst stocks to buy in a recession all have too much debt and not enough cash. Here are seven great examples of companies to avoid.

Sell FuboTV Stock Before It Falls Further

FUBO stock will likely continue to flounder as the economic headwinds unfolding today further challenge its path to profitability.