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Wed, May 19 at 4:00PM ET

Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Zomedica Is Now a Low-Probability Gamble

ZOM stock attracts plenty of attention for its underlying pet care business and its wild potential but this game may be over.

Bionano Genomics Just Can’t Kick the Cash-Raising Bug With All Its Dilution

Bionano Genomics can't kick the cash-raising bug. BNGO stock could fall to $1.85, its potential cash per share if it continues to raise cash.

If You Do the Math, Senseonics Makes No Sense

While the underlying science for SENS stock may be a game changer, ultimately, the market does not have the same sentiment.

High Cash Burn Will Push Vaxart Stock Down To $1 Per Share

Vaxart stock is likely headed down 85% towards its cash per share. VXRT stock is not worth much more than $1.00 per share, so expect to see it drop 85%.

7 Dividend Stocks to Avoid in Your Retirement Portfolio

If you're looking to build out a solid foundation for your retirement portfolio, these are the income stocks to avoid right now.

Tons of Cash On Hand Won’t Save Sundial Growers From Falling Further

Despite a large cash balance Sundial Growers stock is set to fall further. SNDL stock could fall to just 33 cents, or 53% lower, at its cash per share balance.

Clover Stock Is Stuck In a Dryer Tumble of Losses and More Losses

Clover stock is stuck in a dryer tumble of losses and more Losses. CLOV stock will fall if the company does not produce Q1 numbers on May 17 that imply full year 24% growth.

There’s No Good Reason to Buy Plug Power Stock Right Now

Plug Power has seen better days, but even after such a big dip, we're going to pass on PLUG stock in favor of better companies.

Virgin Galactic Stock Is Risky at Best

With poor fundamentals and increasing competition in the industry, SPCE stock is best avoided until we see a test flight going up.

Avoid SOS Limited Even If Crypto Bounces Back

On top of overall concerns about crypto mining plays, SOS stock comes with a grab-bag of its own issues. Between a rich valuation, and the red flags surrounding it, this remains a name to avoid. Even if Bitcoin bounces back.

Ocugen Has a Longer Road To Paying off Than People Think

Ocugen seems to have delivered good news in recent days, yet OCGN stock is right back where it started. Does that create a buying opportunity?

Quantumscape’s Funding Gap Could Drag the Stock Down to $15

Quantumscape's funding gap could drag QS stock down to $15.00 without FCF. It could fall 50% over the next year unless Quantumscape plugs its $3.3 billion cash burn hole.

Don’t Chase the Next Palantir Stock Bounce Back

Depending on how things play out, growth stocks like this could be in for an additional correction. And even once it bottoms out, it could be years before it starts delivering strong returns for investors once again. So what's the best move now with PLTR stock? Steer clear and don't chase the next bounce back.

Tilray’s Fundamentals Aren’t Very Solid

Some view TLRY stock as an upside opportunity due to technical reasons but the fundamentals suggest a cautionary approach.

3 Compelling Reasons to Avoid AMC Stock

With poor fundamentals and growing competition, AMC stock is only a meme stock with no solid growth prospects.

A Healthy Cash Balance Does Not Justify Gevo’s Current Price

GEVO stock could drop closer to its cash per share despite its patents. GEVO stock is worth no more than $3.28 per share, 39% lower unless it can produce huge sales growth.

AMC Stock Didn’t Have the Q1 Some People Seem to Think It Did

The market generally reacted positively to a recent data release, but AMC stock holders should read the fine print and act accordingly.

After 5 Years of Gains, Walmart Stock Growth Story Is Stumbling

Walmart faces challenges including the need for capital expenditures and employee wage pressure, none of which bode well for WMT stock.

Why Roblox Is Not a Buy Regardless of a Discount

One of the common arguments for RBLX stock is that it’s a buy on the dip. But the financials suggest you should avoid it regardless.

Here’s What Is Wrong With AMC Entertainment

Due to low liquidity and high debt, AMC Entertainment may not be able to achieve success in 2021. AMC stock is best avoided this year.