Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

4 Burning Questions for the Owners of Alibaba Stock

As Alibaba continues to report fantastic earnings and revenue growth, more and more questions about Alibaba stock arise.

A DOJ Probe Certainly Will Cause Google Stock to Underperform

The DOJ could harm Google stock by hitting Google Shopping and its Display business. The owners of GOOG stock should be aware of the risk.

Why Nokia Stock Is a Show-Me-First Situation

Management thinks 5G will save the day for Nokia. But this narrative will take time, which means NOK stock is a sell right now.

Nio Stock Is Basically a Lottery Ticket at This Point

The average analyst price target on Nio stock is $7.64, or more than triple where Nio closed last Friday. Last month, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts cut their price target on Nio stock to $3, which looked like a good idea at the time. One of the reasons for that price estimate reduction was increased competition in the China market from Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA).

6 Chip Stocks Staring At Big Headwinds in 2019

Chip stocks have favorable long-term growth prospects, but the near-term outlook is riddled with demand headwinds.

Post-Annual Meeting and Pre-Q2 Results, Is Tesla Stock Worth Consideration?

Over the past week Tesla stock has bounced back from its recent lows, but the TSLA stock move up may not last for long.

Repeated Mistakes Are Bound to Haunt Intel Stock

The Intel stock price is cheap -- and it should be. Until performance improves, INTC stock looks like dead money.

Management Turnover Adds Even More Uncertainty for Uber Stock

Uber recently announced the departure of two high-level executives and the timing isn't likely to boost Uber stock.

The 5 Worst Dow Jones Stocks So Far in 2019

The Dow Jones is up nearly 12% so far this year - but these 5 stocks have disappointed.

Why the Rally of Tesla Stock Could Reverse

After a grueling drop in TSLA stock, there has been a rally. But it may not last. Here’s a look at some of the tough headwinds TSLA faces.

Sell Overvalued Twilio Stock At This Great Exit Price To Lock In Gains

Twilio stock has enjoyed a tremendous run of late, but like any other high-flyer, TWLO stock is due for a correction.

4 Semiconductor Stocks to Sell

The markets could be setting up for disappointment, and these semiconductor stocks may be among the first stocks to sell.

Pricing Changes Could Hurt CSX Stock

If you own or are mulling a position in CSX stock, take note of the legislative changes that have been recently proposed.

Amid Streaming Optimism, ESPN Still a Major Concern for Disney Stock

ESPN was a major factor in keeping DIS stock rangebound. But even with streaming optimism, the sports network is still a significant risk for Disney shares.

Tugging at Heartstrings Won’t Benefit Target Stock

Target takes a leading role in holistic employee compensation, but Target stock could end up footing the bill.

Still Resilient, Shopify Stock Is Still a Sell

SHOP stock has defied market gravity, but Shopify's underlying fundamental weaknesses will soon catch up with sentiment.

AMD Stock Has a China Reprieve That May Not Last

AMD stock has put up another blistering performance so far this year, but shares are unlikely to go against the grain in light of strong geopolitical headwinds.

Why the Best of the Tilray Stock Rebound May Be Over

TLRY stock popped in early June on a lock-up extension catalyst, but that catalyst won't repeat, so more Tilray news is needed.

The Flaws of AT&T Stock More Than Outweigh Its Generous Dividend

AT&T's 6.4% dividend yield looks attractive. But it has major problems with DirectTV, its streaming strategy, and its balance sheet.

The Roku Stock Price Is Too High for a Nervous Market

The ROKU stock price, presently over $100, is simply too high. This is a great business, but valuation matters.