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Stocks to Sell

7 Crumbling Financial Stocks to Sell Now

Financials stocks may be hot right now, but these 7 are not. It's best to avoid them until the risk-to-reward ratio improves. Read Article

Square Inc Is Up 33% in Two Months — Time to Take Profits?

Shorting Square is not something I had planned to do. But after the monster run in SQ stock over the past two months, it's hard not to. Read Article

There’s Absolutely No Reason to Buy Tesla Inc Stock

Tesla may one day make a profit, but even if TSLA stock is profitable, it still won't justify a $60 billion valuation. Read Article

5 Market-Leading Tech Stocks to Abandon Now

These Big Tech market leaders are bringing up the rear today, as long-term troubles begin catching up to these tech stocks. Read Article

3 Reasons to Stay Away From Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc Stock

Valeant has pulled off a nice rally, but with high debt and a weak pipeline, investors in VRX stock should still be wary. Read Article

No Pharmacy Has the Cure to Amazon Stock Price — Yet

What does Amazon's pharmacy initiatives mean for its AMZN stock? At least in the short term, they are likely to keep the price suppressed. Read Article

Why I’m Not Buying Roku Inc Stock

Roku has a good product and interesting services, but it's too late in the bull market for ROKU stock to deliver investors a profit. Read Article

The BP plc (ADR) Stock Dividend Is Anything But a Sure Thing

If you own BP for its impressive dividend, this chart on BP stock is going to give you something to think about. Read Article

Twitter Inc Is a Stock of the Future, And Always Will Be

TWTR stock is a sell unless Twitter can better capitalize on its niche of political and entertainment discussion and improve its earnings. Read Article

How Walt Disney Co Stock Is Drowning Under the Weight of ESPN

DIS stock hasn't gone anywhere on over two years, but for good reason. Walt Disney is almost a one-trick pony, and that pony is very, very ill. Read Article

AT&T Inc. Stock Is not the Dividend Stock You Think It Is

The AT&T stock price is near an 18-month low - and with good reason. The businesses underlying T stock simply aren't that attractive. Read Article

Optimism Surrounding NVIDIA Corporation Is Reaching Uncomfortable Levels

NVDA stock is up 500% since the end of 2015, but analysts insist Nvidia shares have more upside. Are they being bullish just to be bullish? Read Article

Despite Prevailing Tailwinds, It’s Too Late to Catch a Ride on Boeing Co

Boeing has taken off, but the valuation now implies far more risk than potential reward with BA stock at these levels. Read Article

Teens Have Moved on From Under Armour Inc and So Should Investors

The Under Armour brand is no longer relevant, and that means UAA stock will remain weak into the foreseeable future. Read Article

Why Roku Inc (ROKU) Stock Is Not Worth the Risk … For Now

ROKU stock had a strong IPO, but Roku could struggle competitively against Alphabet, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. Read Article

Why Twitter Inc (TWTR) Stock Earnings Next Week Could Be Rough

Twitter's shareholders have been giving it the benefit of the doubt, but going into earnings, TWTR stock will have to do something right soon. Read Article

Applied Optoelectronics Inc (AAOI) Stock Is Just Not Cheap Enough Yet

The plunge in AAOI stock might look like a buying opportunity. But multiples in the space and the reliance on Amazon represent major risks. Read Article

3 Reasons Why the J C Penney Company Inc (JCP) Stock Price Will Continue Falling

The JCP stock price previously flirted with a recovery rally, but a host of factors indicate those flirtations were merely pipe dreams. Read Article

Shopify Inc (US) (SHOP) Stock: Has Citron Uncovered a Numbers Scheme?

Shopify is attracting scrutiny for its customer claims. SHOP stock is off 40% since Citron Research set its sights on the company. Read Article

Netflix, Inc. Thrives on People’s Fear of Missing Out

Netflix is shelling out $6 billion for programming this year. Even that can't justify the extremely high valuation for NFLX stock. Read Article