Stocks to Sell

GE Capital Is Still Plaguing General Electric Company

Past problems are still hurting the GE stock price today. And that means General Electric stock should still be avoided. Read Article

Walmart Inc Stock Is Not a Threat to, Inc.

The damage done to Walmart Inc's growth and margins by Sam's Club failures against Costco dwarf WMT's gains in e-commerce, where's lead is still growing. Read Article

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Stock Can’t Escape “Fake News” Accusations

Alibaba stock has enjoyed a remarkable few years, but lingering questions about its accounting practices and home market makes BABA risky. Read Article

Snap Inc Stock’s Problem Isn’t the Redesign – It’s the Price

The Snap stock price dipped on Tuesday as users protested the app's redesign. But while that problem likely will pass, the problem of SNAP's huge valuation will continue. Snap stock isn't necessarily a bad stock - it just looks too expensive. Read Article

Don’t Let Target Corporation Stock Fool You At These Prices

TGT stock needs more than strong holiday sales and a new same-day delivery option to stay afloat in the years ahead. Here's what Target investors need to know. Read Article

Kraft Heinz Co Stock Looks to Be Past Its Expiration Date

It's tempting to step into Kraft Heinz stock after it has fallen 28% over the past year, but there's a reason KHC is hitting 52-week lows. Read Article

There’s No Hope For Pandora Media Inc, So Ditch The Stock

Pandora is losing to other music streaming platforms that offer on-demand services. P stock has dropped from $40 to $5 over the past five years, and there are no signs of this downtrend reversing any time soon. And increased royalties mean higher costs, which will be catastrophic for Pandora and P stock. Read Article

Shopify Inc Investors Should Shop Elsewhere

Why on earth would anyone buy a company like Shopify that's worth $13 billion based on no profits year after year? SHOP is full of red flags. Investors in SHOP stock should take a good look at the numbers and be very worried. Read Article

Lock in Your Snap Inc Gains Before They Disappear

Snap delivered seemingly great quarterly results recently. But there's a lot less to cheer about once you read the fine print on SNAP stock. SNAP doesn't have the growth rate it needs to support the cash it's burning. It may feel like SNAP is turning a corner, but it's time to get out of Snap stock. Read Article

Same Day Shipping Won’t Help Target Corporation Stock

Of decent reasons to buy TGT stock, more convenient shipping options and prettier Target stores aren't any of them. Read Article

New CEO May Not Be Able to Save Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Stock

But Chipotle’s incoming leader will have to do a great deal of heavy lifting to turn around CMG and Chipotle stock, and there’s a good chance he won’t succeed anytime soon or succeed at all. So investors should wait for signs that the turnaround is taking hold before buying CMG stock. Read Article

Irrational Exuberance Is the Only Growth Driver for Twitter Inc Stock

TWTR stock spiked on an earnings beat, but with slow ad growth plaguing TWTR, little reason remains to bid Twitter stock higher. Read Article

Investors Cheer Blue Apron Holdings Inc’s Lousy Business Model

Blue Apron Holdings Inc is in tons of trouble, which is why investors cheered an earnings report that wasn't as horrible as expected. Read Article

Under Armour Inc Stock’s Recent Surge Is Just a Head Fake

UA stock rose on overly optimistic earnings implications. But Under Armour Inc still has fundamental problems and fading brand appeal domestically, despite growth internationally. Read Article

Earnings Report Won’t Fix Problems of The Coca-Cola Co Stock

KO stock, for some reason, is treated as a safe, steady play. But Coca-Cola stock has barely moved in a torrid market. There are real risks here -- and far better ways for income investors to find yield. Read Article

Twitter Inc Stock Investors Will Be Disappointed

TWTR stock has soared after fourth-quarter earnings, which shows progress. But with valuation stretched and user growth still minimal, Twitter stock still has a lot left to prove.Twitter's Q4 earnings have sent the stock soaring but smart investors can expect TWTR's parabolic swing to come back. Read Article

8 Companies That Could Disappear by 2019

Stocks of these outfits make for lousy investments, as each of them are fighting uphill battles they just don't look capable of winning. Read Article

Twitter Inc Stock Makes a Profit… Kinda, Sorta

Don't be fooled by the glowing headlines regarding Twitter Inc. If investors dig a little, they'll find that the company's latest earnings report was dismal and TWTR stock is grossly overvalued. Read Article