Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

7 Cruise Stocks to Sell Now

These cruise stocks to sell are remarkably risky bets despite the removal of restrictions on sailing

Oil and Gas Are Booming, but Camber Energy Stock Is Still a Bust

There are plenty of great oil and gas stocks worthy of investor capital today. CEI stock is not one of them.

🛢Ditch Dangerous Oil Stocks Before the Recession Hits

Oil stocks always get crushed in recessions. Right now, we’re walking hand-in-barrel into one. And it'll crash oil prices by more than 40%.

Is Rivian Stock A Buy Now? Valuation and Financials Say No.

RIVN stock does not look like a buy here. A recession could worsen things as the company burns cash and remains pricey.

Don’t Count on a Quick Recovery in Coinbase’s Finances

COIN stock has losses of over 80% in 2022. With new competition from Binance, it seems likely that Coinbase's pain will continue.

Don’t Get Burned By Rivian Automotive Stock

Electric vehicle maker Rivian went public last November amid much hype and hoopla. RIVN stock was one of the biggest IPOs of the year, rocketing to just under $180 a share and giving the fledgling start-up a market valuation of nearly $100 billion, more than twice the size of the Ford.

There’s No Reason for Long-Term Investors to Buy GameStop Stock

Video game sales sunk to pre-pandemic levels last month, yet GME stock trades at a price more than 24 times higher than it was in early 2020.

Don’t Take a Risk on the Digital World Acquisition Corp. Dumpster Fire

Digital World Acquisition Corp. is planning to merge with Trump Media and Technology Group, but DWAC stock is a gamble not worth taking.

7 Airline Stocks to Sell Now

These airline stocks to sell are tough to consider during the current macro-economic slump. Effects of the pandemic has impacted the sector.

Carnival Stock Could Have More Pain Ahead From Multiple Headwinds

CCL stock looks unattractive even after a big correction. Macro-economic headwinds coupled with a stressed balance sheet are major concerns.

Patterns Suggest Royal Caribbean Stock Will Fall Again on Fed News

RCL stock can't continue to stage a turnaround based on the latest trends. Expect a further downturn when more Fed news emerges.

Palo Alto Networks Has More Reasons to Sell Than to Buy

The PANW stock has made a short-term rally after beating EPS and revenue in May. However, it remains expensive as net losses are growing.

SoFi Technologies Stock Looks Better Than a Year Ago, but That’s Not Saying a Lot

Insider buying and the avoidance of the worst-case scenario for student loans aren't good enough reasons to buy shares of SOFI stock.

COIN Stock Probably Still Hasn’t Found Its Ultimate Bottom

Coinbase's solid balance sheet should ensure its safety during the current rout. But COIN stock faces several large obstacles before it can return to profitability.

Don’t Touch Netflix as it Essentially Rebrands

NFLX stock will remain lower as it changes its business drastically, which means investors should think long and hard before moving in.

GameStop Stock Remains an Oddity In This Volatile Market

GME stock continues to outperform the broader market despite being unprofitable and expanding into NFTs and crypto.

Ford Stock: EV Sales Boom Isn’t Enough to Combat Systemic Headwinds

Ford's EV sales are growing illustriously. However, market-based and microeconomic metrics imply that F stock remains a sell for now.

With Too Many Negative Factors to Beat, IonQ’s Valuation Makes it a Sell

Is IONQ stock worth investing in right now? The facts based on valuation and fundamentals signal a clear "no."

HEXO Remains a Sell at 20 Cents

HEXO stock is a penny cannabis stock with massive losses year-to-date. Unfortunately, things continue to be bleak for the stock.

As Lyft Faces a Price-Fixing Lawsuit, Here Are 2 Better Stocks to Buy

Lyft closed 2019 at $43.50. In 30 months since, LYFT stock lost 66% of its value. There are better options around its current price.