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Stocks to Sell

Starbucks Stock Is Simply Too Hot

Starbucks stock is near its all-time high. But it looks like the run of SBUX stock has gone too far, too fast. Read Article

There’s No Question That Snap Stock Will Give These Gains Back

Snap stock soared after earnings - but Snap Inc is a long way from supporting the current valuation. Read Article

Here’s Why You Should Sell the Rally in AMD Stock

Don't expect AMD's recent rally to last once investors start looking at the company's fundamentals more closely. Read Article

Slowing Growth Is a Headwind for Sirius XM Stock

The growth trends of SIRI are slowing and as long as these slowing trends persist, SIRI stock will fail to stage and hold a big rally. Read Article

Following Guidance Surprise, Avoid Toying with Mattel Stock

Mattel stock plunged because it issued lower guidance in a way that puts the future of the leadership team and maybe MAT itself in jeopardy. Read Article

There Are Better Chinese Plays in Digital Than Tencent Stock

Tencent does not get a lot of attention, at least compared to other Chinese operators like Alibaba and JD.com. But this does not necessarily make it a buy. If anything, it looks like the shares are fully valued. Read Article

Take Your SNAP Stock Profits While They’re Still There for the Taking

SNAP stock has rallied 30 percent following earnings, but a closer look reveals a company that has a tough road ahead. Read Article

When It Comes to NIO Stock, Risk Still Outweighs Reward

NIO stock has been stuck in neutral for several months, and will remain stuck in neutral so long as risks cloud the long term outlook. Read Article

Groupon Stock Investors Mull Results: Disaster or Just Disappointment?

Groupon revenue has declined for 12 straight quarters. GRPN stock is stuck waiting for reinvention of the company to achieve top-line growth. Read Article

7 Blue-Chip Stocks Lagging the Market

Traders are looking for progress in U.S.-China trade. If they don't find it, or worse news arrives, beware these blue-chip stocks! Read Article

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Chase Snap Stock

While SNAP stock may have surged off its Q4 earnings beat, several problems continue to cloud the outlook of Snapchat stock. Read Article

It Looks like the Rally in Yelp Stock May Be on Its Last Legs

Yelp stock is up more than 30% over the past few months, but further upside will be limited by slowing growth trends and a big valuation. Read Article

Procter and Gamble Stock Is No Longer Worth the Gamble

PG stock is looking tired after a run to all time highs. Time to short an overbought and overvalued Procter and Gamble. Read Article

GE Stock Isn’t Having the Great Recovery You Think It Is

New GE Larry Culp is doing all he can to rescue the company but it will all be for nought if he can't end the losses at GE Power Read Article

Twitter Stock Still Has a Valuation Problem

Twitter stock has weakened again after earnings. The problem with TWTR stock is that it's still rather expensive. Read Article

3 Retail REITs That Are Still in Big Trouble

Online shopping is hurting the mall and retail REITs. But some REITs have it worse than others. Here are 3 that investors may want to avoid. Read Article

Keep FIT Stock Expectations in Check Ahead of the Q4 Report

Fitbit stock is up 40% since late December, but a reality check later this month could easily unwind that move. So too could an IDC report to be released in early March. Read Article

Beware the Risks Facing Deere Stock

DE stock has been in rally mode in 2019, but the current valuation now neglects still very real trade war headwinds. Read Article

Twilio Stock Has Become More Pie in the Sky Than Cloud

Twilio stock met earnings estimates and beat on revenue, but given its high valuation, investors reacted tepidly to this news on TWLO. Read Article

Why Apple Stock Will Likely Be Hit by Margin Declines

Rapidly growing R&D expenses and higher discounts are poised to lower the margins of AAPL, further pressuring Apple stock. Read Article