Stocks to Sell

Red Hat Stock’s Lofty Valuation Is Much More Dangerous Than You Think

Red Hat stock has always featured a rich valuation, but that valuation may start to unwind as growth slows over the next several quarters. Read Article

Dip or No, Ambev Stock Is on Shaky Ground so Steer Clear

ABEV stock has been weak in 2018 despite a broad recovery in the Brazil economy, but dip buyers should wait for more weakness before pulling the trigger. Read Article

With a Sluggish Real Estate Market, Stay Away from Redfin Stock

Redfin stock may represent the ultimate disruption, but its investment potential is still vulnerable to the underlying real-estate market. Read Article

Back at the Lows, General Electric Stock Still Isn’t Worth Chasing

GE stock has given back most of a 20% gain from April lows. More bad news - and little good news - means it's likely to get worse before it gets better for General Electric. GE stock has weakened - but it's still not a buying opportunity. Read Article

There’s No Future for Glu Mobile Stock Without a Hit Game Soon

GLUU stock has seen a massive move higher, but for GLUU stock to keep going up it will need to level up on R&D to find new hit games. Read Article

When It Comes to Nike Stock, Beware of Puma

Puma has stolen the show in the 2018 NBA Draft, signing the draft's top two players, and that isn't good news for Nike stock. Read Article

The Fox Deal Is Looking a Lot Worse for the Future of Disney Stock

I also suggested the top up would come in the form of additional DIS stock, not cash, but the scuttlebutt seems to be that they would sweeten the deal with $10 billion in cash. If so, Disney would be adding $30 billion in debt to its balance sheet, bringing its total long-term debt to $49 billion, 158% higher than its current leverage. Read Article

The Pros Know Something About Twitter Inc Stock That You Don’t

Analysts have no problem with Twitter the company, but they do have something of a problem with TWTR stock. Read Article

Why Spotify Technology SA Stock Looks Like a Bubble

Spotify stock has soared on faulty Netflix comparisons, and the result is a stock that looks way overvalued. Spotify will face a ton of competitive headwinds over the next several years, and none of them are presently priced into the stock price. Read Article

Nike Inc Is Back on Track, but the Stock Looks Risky

NKE stock has made a big comeback. While the fundamentals are improving, valuation is a problem at $75. Nike may be back, but the athletic giant has had its run. Read Article

Is Oracle Corporation’s Drop Your Chance to Load Up?

Some Oracle watchers will say to buy based on decent growth and a low valuation. But other cloud stocks look better than ORCL stock, as do other tech shares as well. Read Article

Intel Corporation Stock Looks Maxed Out as It Heads Toward $60

INTC stock has been a big winner, but as the stock closes in on $60, valuation is starting to become a concern. Read Article

OK, I’ll Say It. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Stock Is Beyond Overextended

If you want to jump on board the AMD stock rally now, don't. The Advanced Micro Devices story is right, but the timing is all wrong. Read Article

This Downgrade Is the Least of the Bad News for Hershey Co Stock

HSY stock faced a downgrade due to fewer impulse buys, however, its reduced moat could take the stock much lower than the forecasted $80 per share. Read Article

Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon for Twitter Inc Stock

Twitter shareholders are partying like it is 1999, but we all know how that story ended. When the market turns, Twitter stock will be among the first to fall. Read Article

Why American Airlines Group Inc Stock Has Declined This Year

High fuel costs are expected to limit bottom-line growth at American Airlines (AAL) in the second quarter of 2018. Here's what you need to know about AAL stock's prospects. Read Article

Why Sharing Economy International Inc. Is Only a One-Hit Wonder

Sharing Economy (SEII) stock was a shocking winner due to thawing relations with North Korea, but don’t bite on this speculative “investment.” Read Article

Dumping Home Depot Is a Bad Sign for Tesla Inc. Stock

TSLA stock went up following news that Elon Musk is pursuing profit through a restructuring plan, but investors should be wary of his plans to cut out HD and layoff 9% of his staff. Read Article

Streamlining Won’t Boost McDonald’s Corporation Long Term

MCD stock continues to rise as net income grows through cost-cutting, an approach that will hurt MCD stock in the long run. If MCD really wants to address declining revenues, it will have to look at a harsh reality - the American public wants to eat less of what McDonald's currently offers. Read Article

The Biggest Risk to Boeing Stock Right Now Isn’t a Trade War

Before you step into BA stock, you may want to mull the overly-optimistic sentiment surrounding Boeing Co. Boeing isn't a buy right now. BA stock is an at-risk name because the sentiment surrounding it has become dangerously bullish. Read Article