Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Why You Should Avoid Naked Brands Stock

Some penny stocks are worth the risk -- NAKD stock is not one of them, because this company lacks a path to profitability.

SES Stock Is Purely Speculative and Likely to Trend Lower

Risk of de-listing as filing delayed. No clarity on how value will be created through the acquisition of Australian Future Energy

Avoid Beyond Meat Stock and the Rising Fake Meat Market

While Beyond Meat stock initially wowed thanks to its offer to provide meat-lovers with a healthier (and still tasty) vegetarian alternative, the fine print is starting to take its toll.

Is Amazon’s Cloud Business Headed for Stormy Weather?

A key to the growth story for Amazon stock is the cloud business. But lately, there have been some challenges. Here’s a look.

3 Tech Stocks to Sell Before the Ghost of Christmas Past Haunts Them

Tech stocks continue to show growth in 2019. But there are a few stocks that investors should avoid this holiday season.

Ocugen Stock Is Nothing More than a Risky Trade on Even-riskier Biotech

Ocugen gave rise to OCGN stock through a reverse merger with Histogenics. But despite this confusing deal, it really didn't do much for either company in the end.

Will It Get Worse Before It Gets Better for Hexo Stock?

As HEXO stock has overpromised and underdelivered in recent months. the Hexo stock price has declined very rapidly.

Economic Fundamental Issues Aside, IQ Stock Has an Identity Crisis

In some ways, iQiyi stock is the worst of both worlds: it has the fading revenue growth of an irrelevant stalwart but none of the core attributes of a value stock, such as a high dividend yield.

Blue Apron Stock Has Passed Its Expiration Date

While Blue Apron stock may attract contrarians who love market discounts, this is a name to stay away from. Without a viable growth picture and massive competition, APRN is probably headed toward further pain.

Multiple Challenges Will Keep iQiyi Stock Subdued

Investors want to see IQ develop a strategy to boost its ARPU. If IQ fails on that front, IQ stock is unlikely to rally much.

Logitech Stock Needs to Find a New Catalyst

LOGI stock has stalled out after tripling. With PC demand still a risk, Logitech needs something new to excite investors and bring in buyers.

If You’re the Last One Out at Nio, Please Turn Out the Lights

It’s hard to find anything positive to say about Nio stock, especially with the CFO abandoning ship. Although you might be attached to the company, you might as well follow suit.

No Major Bullish Triggers for Aphria Stock

Growth in core business remains slow. Medicinal cannabis market will expand at a low pace and that will impact overall growth.

Tilray Stock Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up

Tilray stock, along with the rest of the marijuana sector, have fallen out of favor and won't get back up. They need consistent profit.

Growth-Related Margin Compression Concerns Keeping Amazon Stock Sideways

AMZN stock is getting hit as one-day delivery will continue to increase shipping costs. Brick-and-mortar model expansion will also dent margins.

Fade the Rally in Mattel Stock Because They’re Running out of Costs to Cut

Mattel's turnaround is showing signs of success, but MAT stock isn't cheap enough regardless.

Be Skeptical of ‘Real Estate 2.0’ and Zillow Stock

Zillow stock may be attracting some attention thanks to the “wow” factor in more than doubling revenue in Q3 2019. However, investors should really pay attention to the red ink on per-share profitability.

As the Shine Comes off of IQ Stock, It May Be Time to Get Out

iQiyi was viewed as "the Netflix of China," but hasn't quite lived up to expectations. Here's a closer look at IQ stock now.

Strong Intel Stock Rally Isn’t Likely to Hold as AMD Makes Inroads

Competition from AMD can hurt INTC stock even as it remains the market leader. Expect Intel to gradually lose data center market share.

5 Retail Stocks Getting Nothing but Coal This Holiday Season

In this environment, some retail stocks have it and some don't. This holiday season could be particularly brutal for these five plays.