Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Several Red Flags Make SOS Limited Too Risky to Own

With weak financials, an unfocused business plan and a scathing Hindenburg report, SOS stock has a lofty valuation at best.

It’s All Bad News for Ashford Hospitality Trust

From cash traps to reverse splits, AHT stock has so many things going wrong for it, and there's no reason to take it seriously.

Avoid Robinhood Stock Like the Plague

Robinhood has put up some impressive growth numbers. But the valuation of HOOD stock is insane, and Robinhood is plagued with problems.

The Four Horsemen of Palantir’s Ballooned Valuation

PLTR stock has numerous issues. Chief among them is meme stock status, Q1 report woes, Bitcoin on the mind, and client diversity.

Exela Cut Debt and Interest Costs But You Should Still Sell XELA Stock

Exela cut its debt and interest costs, but XELA stock is still not a buy. XELA stock has a lifeline with its new cash balance but the company needs to drastically cut its debt to stay alive.

Volatile Penn National Gaming Stock Is a Huge Risk Above the $50 Mark

A stock is overvalued when it falls 51%. Penn National Gaming is now trading under $70. I’d wait to buy PENN stock in the mid-$50s.

Let’s Not Support the Insanity of Stock

SPRT stock may have gone up too far, too fast as frenzied retail traders bet on a smooth, cryptocurrency-focused business combination.

Don’t Try to Catch the Falling Knife With Marin Software

The circumstances that shot MRIN stock to the moon a month ago aren't likely to repeat anytime soon. Expect share prices to fall even more.

Investors Should Avoid SOS Stock Until It Drops to Its Cash Per Share

Investors should avoid SOS stock until it drops to its cash per share. Wait until SOS stock falls to between 56 cents and 70 cents per share, or its cash per share, before buying in.

The Bear Case for Atossa Therapeutics Makes More Sense at This Time

Investors have become wary of the risks surrounding Atossa's pipeline. That caution will continue pulling down ATOS stock

Carnival Stock Could Be Heading for More Choppy Waters

Carnival is unable to gain momentum during the peak summer season

Virgin Galactic Is Vulnerable To Inevitable Regulatory Intervention

Thanks to the volatility of SPCE stock, day traders can make serious profits over a short frame but this condition might not last.

Sundial Growers’ Only Chance Lies with Unlikely U.S. Legalization

SNDL stock is a speculative bet on the cannabis industry. Its financial performance and valuation do not support it as a buy at all.

ViacomCBS Is Losing Multiple Battles in the Streaming Wars

ViacomCBS is behind in the streaming wars, and its cable TV and movie businesses are becoming obsolete. This is a bad time to own VIAC stock.

Nio Stock Looks Vulnerable Ahead of a Critical Earnings Report

While NIO stock bounced back from its Q1 disappointment, the upcoming Q2 report will be crucial in setting the framework.

UBER Stock Looks Desperate Going Into Earnings, so Stay Clear for Now

UBER stock could be in big trouble or on the cusp of great success but it's best to steer clear for the time being.

Bionano’s Technology Is Interesting, But Its Earnings Are Uninspiring

Bionano could become a decent testing company within its niche. However, BNGO stock has run far ahead of the company's fundamentals.

7 F-Rated Stocks to Avoid for the Rest of 2021

In a churning market like this, you want to steer clear of stocks that are floundering. Here are sevens stocks to avoid today.

There’s Little That’s Attractive About Once-Hot Zomedica Stock… for Now

Zomedica has become a slow-motion train wreck. ZOM stock investors should look for alternatives to the animal diagnostics firm.

Marin Software Stock Has Very Little To Offer as Its Meme Status Fades Away

Marin's financial results are unimpressive and meme stocks are weakening, making MRIN stock unappealing at this time.