Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Wells Fargo Remains the Worst of the U.S. Big Bank Stocks

WFC stock has caught a bid as big banks have rallied. But this is not the choice in the group, even if that rally continues.

Sorrento Stock Doesn’t Offer Any Upside as Vaccine Frontrunners Emerge

The Covid-19 race is close to ending. It seems unlikely that Sorrento stock can pull a rabbit out of a hat with the frontrunners emerging.

Why Workhorse is Vulnerable to a Steep Sell-off

Investors are waiting on a big multi-billion deal to justify the rise in WKHS Stock, and the longer they wait, the riskier it gets.

Lordstown Motors Is Another Risky Bet

RIDE stock has been a huge winner in less than a month since its trading debut, but Lordstown Motors shares are still speculative.

Just Say No to Inovio Pharmaceuticals Stock

While INO stock has boasted a banner year, Inovio appears no closer to a Covid-19 vaccine than any of the other 150 contenders.

Hertz Stock Is a Dead-End for Investors Looking for a Deal

Shares of Hertz stock likely will be worthless after the bankrupt company reorganizes and you shouldn’t waste your money.

Investors Should Stay Away from This Rally in Pumped-Up Ayro

AYRO stock has soared on optimism toward electric vehicles, but minimal revenue and a thin product line suggest investors should look elsewhere.

Don’t Get Hurt With Hertz Stock, Look for Quality Instead

Hertz stock has been left for dead, hence its new over-the-counter ticker, "HTZGQ." Thus, let this be a lesson for penny stock speculators.

The Bankruptcy Court Has Spoken on Hertz, Now Let the Buyers Beware

Hertz stock is heading towards zero even after it exits bankruptcy proceedings. Any traders doing more than speculating will need a miracle to profit.

7 Stocks to Sell for December

As we reach the end of 2020, let's take a look at seven stocks to sell whose share prices have had impressive up moves in recent weeks.

Take Profits Now, Because Plug Power Stock Has a Dip Coming

PLUG stock has greatly benefitted from the green wave around the Presidential election

There’s No Need to Gamble on Fisker Stock With Better EV Plays Out There

However, this likely won't hurt the stock, as the EV bubble continues. Yet, why buy this highly-uncertain electric vehicle play, when there are more certain opportunities out there, also benefiting from the continued euphoria for this sector? Bottom line: sit out on FSR stock, and consider the more solid EV plays out there.

With Better Pot Plays Out There, Steer Clear of Sundial Stock

Bottom line: there's little reason to buy SNDL stock. Whether as a pot legalization play. Or, as a wager on the company's still-pending turnaround efforts. If you are bullish on pot stocks, look elsewhere.

With Travel Drying Up, American Airlines Stock Is a No-Go

It's a very different air travel industry than what we had in the pre-pandemic days, and this leaves AAL stock holders in a holding pattern.

Hyliion Stock Is Soaring on Prospects But Remains a Risky Investment

Hyliion stock rose and fell quite fast, and we don't have lots of insight into its financials. So is it a buy here?

7 Stocks to Sell for Christmas Giving

Buy low, sell high. Here are some stocks that are very high, on which you can take profits now.

Nio Stock Has Skyrocketed in 2020, But High Risks Remain

Nio stock has surged in 2020, but jumping into it looks risky here, for anyone looking at its fundamentals. Use caution.

Avoid Sorrento Therapeutics, Which Is Still Burning Cash With No End In Sight

Avoid Sorrento Therapeutics which is still burning cash with no end in sight. SRNE stock will become more diluted as the company consistently raises cash.

7 Outdated Tech Stocks to Sell Before It’s Too Late

These tech stocks have fallen on hard times and if you are holding onto an investment, you may want to sell your shares before it’s too late.

Investors Should Desert the Sinking Ship That Is Carnival Cruise Lines

CCL stock will continue to weaken as Carnival continues to suspend its operations raising concerns about its potential recovery