Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Fade the Rally in Mattel Stock Because They’re Running out of Costs to Cut

Mattel's turnaround is showing signs of success, but MAT stock isn't cheap enough regardless.

Be Skeptical of ‘Real Estate 2.0’ and Zillow Stock

Zillow stock may be attracting some attention thanks to the “wow” factor in more than doubling revenue in Q3 2019. However, investors should really pay attention to the red ink on per-share profitability.

As the Shine Comes off of IQ Stock, It May Be Time to Get Out

iQiyi was viewed as "the Netflix of China," but hasn't quite lived up to expectations. Here's a closer look at IQ stock now.

Strong Intel Stock Rally Isn’t Likely to Hold as AMD Makes Inroads

Competition from AMD can hurt INTC stock even as it remains the market leader. Expect Intel to gradually lose data center market share.

5 Retail Stocks Getting Nothing but Coal This Holiday Season

In this environment, some retail stocks have it and some don't. This holiday season could be particularly brutal for these five plays.

Why It’s Time to Chill and Take Profits in Qualcomm Stock

Are you considering QCOM stock now? Here's why it's a bit too late to grab Qualcomm as it reaches new highs.

Universal Display Stock Could Be Weak in the Near-Term

Valuation issues could put the red-hot rally of OLED stock on pause for the foreseeable future. So investors should be cautious about OLED.

3 Charts That Show Bank of America Stock Is Running on Fumes

On the surface, BAC stock looks brilliant thanks to thawing U.S.-China relations. But underneath the surface, the walls are slowly crumbling for Bank of America stock.

The Intel Deal Is Not Nearly Enough Reason to Buy Nio Stock

It’s been a terrible year for Nio stock. True, there has been a rally recently. But this is probably short-term. The company still must deal with some tough challenges.

Why CenturyLink Stock May Stay Lower for Longer

CTL stock is on heavy “discount” due to the cord-cutting phenomenon. However, this trend will only increase in magnitude and CenturyLink doesn’t have other viable businesses to address this paradigm-shifting event.

There’s a Good Reason Partnering with Drake Didn’t Move CGC Stock

Canopy Growth announced a joint venture with rapper Drake, but the More Life Growth Company failed to boost CGC stock.

Indicators Say Stay on Sidelines When It Comes to eBay Stock

Despite an earnings beat in Q3, the EBAY stock price tumbled after the disclosure. A relationship between the share price and a key metric explains why.

Despite Impressive Rally, Procter & Gamble Stock Is Overvalued

The fundamentals underlying Procter & Gamble are improving, but PG stock is priced for all those improvements, and then some.

Recent Drop Leaves Shopify Stock Well Within Bubble Territory

Although SHOP stock has begun a trend downward from its all-time high, investors should still consider it a bubble at its current valuation.

7 Large-Cap Stocks to Give a Wide Berth

These large-cap stocks are names to avoid, particularly in a time of global recession and geopolitical tension. Bigger isn't always better.

The Q3 Rally Was Great, but Intel Stock Has Gone as Far as It’s Going

INTC stock has rallied after solid earnings. The gains so far make some sense, but expecting much more seems too optimistic.

Expect More Pain Ahead for U.S. Steel Stock as Macroeconomic Headwinds Persist

U.S. Steel stock faces economic headwinds that'll result in margin compression and higher debt. Credit metrics likely to worsen in the coming quarters.

As the Snapchat User Base Ages, Irrelevancy Will Hound SNAP Stock

Snapchat stock was one of the surprise hits of 2019. But whether it can build on that momentum in the years ahead comes down to sustaining its youthful user base into maturity, which is a whole new ballgame.

The Facts Are Catching Up with BYND Stock

While the narrative behind Beyond Meat stock is compelling in theory, in reality, this is a company only pretending to be a healthy food provider.

Even With New CEO, Debt-Laden Rite Aid Stock is Best Avoided for Near Term

RAD stock hasn't benefited when management gave up selling electronic cigarettes while taking on CBD products. That's not the turnaround strategy it needs.