Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Don’t Seal Your Fate by Holding Sealed Air Stock

Do you see what I see? I spy trouble ahead for SEE stock. Should you double down on SEE stock now, or cut and run?

Groupon Stock Is Cheap, But It’s Not Worth Buying Yet

GRPN stock could double over the next five years., but things will probably get worse before they get better for GRPN..

Rite Aid Stock Continues to Fade into Irrelevance Despite Amazon

The Amazon deal with Rite Aid has only made RAD stock temporarily interesting. But to sustain momentum, the pharmacy needs a much deeper partnership with the e-commerce giant.

Debt Is a Way Bigger Problem for Exxon Stock than You Might Think

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, Chevron’s (NYSE:CVX) free cash flow over the past 12 months was $18.5 billion, 25% higher than its GAAP profit for the same period. Meanwhile, XOM generated $11.3 billion, 36% lower than its GAAP profit. 

With These Headwinds, It’s Long Past Time to Bail on BAC Stock

BAC stock hasn't gone anywhere in over a year, and the fundamentals imply that it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Like it or Not, AMD Stock Has a Valuation Problem

Fans and followers are encouraging new and continued buying of AMD stock, but the future isn't likely to look like the past.

Netflix Can’t Chill: Too Many Worthy Competitors Are Looming

Competition could beget more lost subscribers, long the bane of Netflix stock. Explaining why Netflix stock has struggled since its second-quarter earnings report just over a month boils down to the 126,000 lost domestic subscribers when Wall Street was expecting the addition of 352,000.

Don’t Bet on a Second Act for Salesforce Stock

Like late last year, Salesforce stock encountered severe volatility before rising back up. However, investors shouldn’t wholeheartedly expect a repeat performance due to worrying fundamental headwinds.

The Concerning Combination Pressuring Netflix Stock

Netflix's slowing subscriber growth is bad enough. Combined with external factors, it could be disastrous.

This Earnings Pop Is a Great Opportunity to Start Dumping Nvidia Stock

Nvidia beat earnings and investors are pleased. But here's what you need to know before you rush out and buy NVDA stock.

NIO Stock Is a Bust for at Least the Foreseeable Future

EV companies should be selling more vehicles every month. NIO is selling less vehicles every month. Until that changes, stay away from NIO stock.

Advanced Micro Devices Stock Looks Exhausted

I like to buy a great company at a good price; right now, AMD stock doesn't fit the bill.

Dow Stock a Downer Until Tariff Talk Subsides

Dow stock has been punished by the U.S.-China trade spat and it may be some time before the shares bounce back in earnest.

Blue Apron Stock Continues to Leave Investors Famished

A new CEO for APRN and changes in its menu selections have done little to boost Blue Apron stock over the longer term.

Now Isn’t the Time to Invest in General Electric Stock

General Electric stock took a massive hit following accusations of accounting fraud. Although the report itself was heavily criticized for lacking evidence, this successful defense of GE doesn't make these shares a good investment.

Whether or Not You Believe the Fraud Allegations, Avoid GE Stock

Annual loss recognition test and annual statutory cash flow testing can determine the trend for GE stock. Economic headwinds add to concerns.

Second Quarter Numbers Not Enough for iQiyi Stock

iQiyi's second quarter print confirmed that fundamental challenges will continue to weigh on IQ stock for the foreseeable future.

4 Auto Stocks Breaking Down to Sell Now

These four stocks to sell have all been dropping below their 50- and 200-day moving averages. Sell F, GM, TSLA and FCAU stocks now.

Things Will Keep Getting Worse For Square Stock

Are you considering buying the dip on SQ stock after its recent earnings selloff? Here's why you should wait for lower prices in coming weeks.

Retail Stocks: A Laggard to Avoid

The smart money is staying away from this retailer. Here's why you should, too.