Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Aurora Cannabis Stock Will Slide Until the Cash Hemorrhage Stops

Aurora Cannabis stock will continue to slide if cash keeps draining out. Aurora's cash is dangerously low even after a recent debt raise.

Square Stock Has Too Many Negative Catalysts

Wall Street is divided over SQ stock, and the name faces tough competitive pressures, making Square stock unattractive.

Ford Is Racing Against a Recession

On the surface, Ford’s aggressive foray into the EV market gives reason for bullishness toward Ford stock. However, automakers simply don’t do well in a recession. Combined with Ford’s tough financial situation, F has serious credibility problems.

7 Triple-‘F’ Rated Stocks to Leave on the Shelf

If you know what's best, you'll recognize that these are all stocks to sell. Keep them away from your portfolio.

Earnings are Only One Reason Why Aurora Cannabis Stock has been Crushed

If Aurora Cannabis stock continues to fall, there is a decent chance that it finds some support around the $5 level. Some people like to by stocks at nice round levels.

Even Out-Performing Zynga Stock Needs a Breather

Zynga stock has absolutely killed it so far this year. However, the mobile gaming space is an incredibly volatile one. As a result, from a risk-reward perspective, it might be better to consider alternatives.

AT&T Stock Is Doomed to Become the Next GE

Buying content rather than cloud may turn be as bad a decision for AT&T stock as GE's decision to buy into power

Too Many Questions Surround NBEV Stock

NBEV stock has faded in 2019 - for good reason. Serious questions surround both M&A and execution.

Leadership Transition Issues Exacerbate to CGC Stock Woes

Canopy Growth continues to have issues with its leadership transition. Because of this the price of CGC stock has declined.

Beware Valuation Risks on VMware Stock

VMware is a low growth company, but VMW stock features a high growth valuation, and that's an unfavorable combination for bulls.

There Isn’t a Silver Lining for Aurora Cannabis Stock

Without the powerful backing of other cannabis players, Aurora Cannabis must turn to the capital markets for funding, where it will meet reluctant investors.

GE’s Asbestos Problem Is Terrible News for the Owners of GE Stock 

The owners of GE stock should be nervous about the news that the company sold asbestos to its workers in Canada. The issue could become a big problem for General Electric stock.

Cronos Group Stock Continues to Lag as Canada Headwinds Hold Back Sector

Canadian headwinds are holding back Cronos Group stock as the next deregulation phase looms. Still CRON stock is doing better than peers.

JNJ Stock Is Undervalued, but Not Compelling Given These Headwinds

JNJ stock is supported by strong fundamentals, but weak optics will keep a lid on shares for the foreseeable future.

Mixed Signals Means It’s Not the Time to Buy Advanced Micro Devices Stock

All things considered, it's better to avoid AMD stock for the time being. Wait for a lower price and a brighter chip market outlook.

Can Tesla Stock Investors Trust Elon Musk?

TSLA stock has its believers -- but even they don't buy its robo-taxi aspirations. Does that alone suggest investors should avoid Tesla?

Economic Headwinds Will Keep CSX Stock Depressed

Weak economic growth has resulted in weak carload and intermodal volumes. CSX stock can trend lower if weakness persists into 2020.

AMD Stock Will Feel the Impact of Competition and a Pricing War

Competition from Intel and a pricing war will hurt AMD stock. Weak economic growth will also likely weigh on AMD stock price.

Why Rite Aid Stock Will Probably Underperform Alternatives

With the RAD stock price down 95%, value investors might be intrigued. But there are better risk-adjusted plays than Rite Aid stock.

It Doesn’t Look like ACB Stock Is Going Anywhere This Year

Nothing seems to be working for Aurora Cannabis stock. Last week, the company reported disappointing earnings. And then on Monday there was a negative analyst report.