Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Chances of Profitability for Lyft Stock Are Driving Away

Lyft thought scaling would solve complex problems of compensation and safety. It hasn't, and it is doubtful it ever will.

Don’t Let the Red Ink in Shopify Stock Tempt You

Shopify stock took a tumble last month, which may attract contrarians. However, if you drill into the numbers, the premium for SHOP still doesn’t align with the fundamentals.

Nio Stock Continues to Flash Big Red Flags for Those Who Pay Attention

Nio is functionally insolvent, which means you should sell Nio stock. Nio has not closed any financing and its bonds trade for 30 cents on the dollar. Nio is likely out of money.

Pinterest Stock Is Richly Valued and Running out of Room to Run

But other than that, I am skeptical on Pinterest stock. Past results have been strong, but I can easily see grow start to cool once international monetization is complete. With slower growth, shares will either tread water or head lower. Add in the expiration of the IPO lock-up, and today does not sound like the time to buy PINS stock.

JP Morgan Stock Is Hurtling Toward a Reality Check in Q3

JP Morgan has produced some strong earnings results in the past. However, the upcoming Q3 report promises to be a far different test as this is the quarter that saw the introduction of reduced borrowing costs from the Fed.

It’s Time to Go Storm-Watching With Apple Stock

Typically, a strong product and services portfolio should bolster Apple stock, and that’s exactly what’s happening now. However, with so many headwinds bearing down on the consumer tech giant, it’s best to avoid this name.

Shopify Stock Has Become a Bubble

SHOP stock has become a long-term winner, but bubble-like valuations make Shopify stock risky in the short and medium term.

Alibaba Stock May Be Stuck in a Political Bear Trap Longer Than We Think

There’s no point in fighting the tape: if the U.S. and China cannot secure a trade negotiation, Alibaba stock is more likely to sink first before moving higher.

Steer Clear of Altria Stock Amid the E-Cigarette Crisis

On it's surface, Altria stock looks cheap. But less demand for tobacco products and vaping crisis headlines mean its fairly valued for now.

5 Stocks to Sell Now, According to Wall Street

History says that Sell ratings from Wall Street are meaningful and predictive, so investors should shy away from these five stocks to sell.

Economic Headwinds May Choke Citigroup Stock Despite Positive Earnings

While Citigroup stock may come in above earnings estimates, the overriding reality is that both the economy and monetary policy do not favor shares.

Ginni Rometty’s Failure to Buy IBM Stock Speaks Volumes

As for Rometty, she’s filed five Form 4’s in 2019, the latest on August 9, when she acquired 416 phantom stock units that will be paid out in cash once she leaves the company. She’s made no stock purchases on the open market in 2019.

Things Just Keep Looking More Precarious for Netflix Stock

NFLX stock has always been a high-risk/high-reward stock. However, the next several months may be the riskiest ones Netflix has faced in years.

General Electric: Culp Shows Just How Bad Things Are

Larry Culp is moving GE workers to a 401(k) retirement plan and hoping to hire new managers who can get General Electric out of the ditch its investments in fossil fuels put it in.

Chinese Culture May Help Nio but Will Offer Little to NIO Stock

An often-ignored cultural dynamic of the Chinese people could help Nio survive, but will likely not help Nio stock significantly.

5 Overvalued Stocks With Too Much Stock-Based Compensation

These companies dole out a ton of stock as employee compensation, and that may be contributing to overvalued stocks.

Beware the Valuation on Hyper-Growth Atlassian Stock

Once one of the market's best growth stocks, TEAM stock looks susceptible to a material downturn over the next few quarters.

General Electric Stock Is Likely To Remain Below $10

Although GE has many ambition plans to deleverage its organization, the overriding challenges along with poor economic conditions present rough waters for General Electric stock.

Why the Outlook of AMD Stock Has Changed

Although AMD stock price has enjoyed a remarkable turnaround, how AMD stock responds to being a known commodity remains to be seen.

Lyft Stock: From Bad to Worse

California's legislation will potentially make business much more expensive for LYFT. But that's just one of many reasons to avoid LYFT stock.