Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

As Investors Cash Out, It’s Time to Sell Moderna Stock

Whether you bought MRNA stock for the CMV or the coronavirus catalyst, it’s clearly time to sell. With shares appearing to be topping out, cashing out today could be the best call.

The Comeback in Macy’s Stock Is Merely an Illusion

Macy’s stock posted a record 19.6% gain on Wednesday, but the department store chain still faces huge challenges.

Why You Shouldn’t Be So Eager to Fly With Boeing Stock

With another vaccine potentially on the way and multiple state reopening procedures, Boeing stock looks like a great contrarian pick. However, the details are what throws this idea for a loop.

The Future for Halliburton Stock Is Even Worse Than It Appears

Oilfield service is a boom-bust business and this is not the first rodeo for Halliburton stock. But it's going to be a hard ride.

Dump Luckin Coffee at the First Opportunity

Even without the scandal, LK stock faced mounting pressure against the underlying company's one-dimensional business model.

7 Low-Rated Stocks to Sell Before They Drag You Down

The coronavirus pandemic has made them cheap, but these stocks to sell are in trouble and have no place in your portfolio.

Trouble’s Brewing for Luckin Coffee Stock

LK stock is trading again after a debilitating scandal, but there's too much baggage for investors to consider buying Luckin now.

Co-Diagnostics Stock Will Be Weighed Down by Multiple Issues

There's evidence that Co-Diagnostics' test is not as accurate as many of its competitors' offerings. That makes CODX stock quite risky.

Investors Should Take Profits on Shopify Stock and Run

SHOP stock has been on a tear in recent months, but don't get too confident. Here's why now looks like the perfect time to take profits.

Advanced Micro Devices Looks Attractive, But It May Be Better to Wait

CNBC’s Jim Cramer believes Advanced Micro Devices has plenty of gas left in the tank. But that doesn't mean AMD is a buy here.

Marathon Oil Probably Rallied Too Far, Too Fast

Marathon nearly doubled off its 52-week lows, but upside from here for MRO stock could be capped as production falls.

Why Moderna Stock Looks Quite Risky

Data from the Phase 1 trial of Moderna's coronavirus vaccine was mixed, making MRNA stock risky at its current levels.

After 83% Rebound, It’s Time to Ditch Chevron Stock

In short, Chevron stock may offer a compelling risk/return proposition. With continued dividends minimizing downside, and big upside if oil prices rebound, consider this an opportunity.

Biotech Stocks Have Been on Fire, But Timing Is Everything

Consensus is that the experts will find a vaccine to Covid-19 soon, so the biotech stocks have rallied hard. Buying them now carries risk.

Alibaba Stock Will Struggle to Overcome These Short-Term Headwinds

Alibaba stock is facing threats from and the U.S.-China Cold War. This has led to weak sentiment towards Alibaba that should linger.

Math ‘Tricks’ Won’t Save Chevron

One of the ugliest sectors amid the pandemic-inflicted economy, the oil market is making a comeback. But does that mean Chevron stock is a buy?

It’s Time to Sell Wildly Unprofitable United Airlines Stock

Warren Buffett didn't sell UAL stock just because he is scared. United Airlines faces a long road to recovery, and it isn't worth a buy here.

Exxon Mobil Stock Isn’t Worth the Risk

Exxon Mobile stock has been squeezed by an oil price war, the coronavirus pandemic, and debt, making XOM a stock to avoid.

Uber Stock Is Raising Even More Red Flags Amid Jobs Cut Turmoil

There are multiple red flags that investors need to keep an eye on if they're considering a position in Uber stock today.

Don’t Be Too Eager to Book a Position With JetBlue Stock

With an uptick in travel demand, JBLU stock appears to look interesting. But when you expand your horizons, it’s still a bull trap.