Stocks to Sell

7 Energy Stocks to Sell Immediately

These energy stocks are set for more pain than most investors are willing to stomach. Here's what you need to know about each. Read Article

Buyers of Walt Disney Stock Don’t See the Mountain

Analysts are crowning Disney as "King of Content" but no one is watching, and if they don't start buying soon Netflix will be out of sight Read Article

Micron Stock Is Running out of Gas, so It Is Time to Take a Break

The music has stopped playing for Micron stock, and until the music comes back, this stock is a must-avoid, regardless of valuation. Read Article

Why Now Is the Best Time to Avoid Cronos Stock

Cronos Group's skin treatments and expensive valuation make CRON stock much more like a biotech stock. Here's what investors need to know. Read Article

Don’t Be Tempted by Amazon Stock

Amazon stock has fallen amid the market downturn, but AMZN stock remains quite risky, partly due to its elevated valuation.. Read Article

3 Reasons I’m Cautious Against Twilio Stock

Twilio stock is one of tech’s biggest revelations of 2018, but a questionable acquisition and a tough market clouds future prospects. Read Article

Sears’ Bankruptcy Starts the Company’s Final Chapter — Here’s What Happens to SHLD Stock

SHLD stock is likely to be zeroed out as iconic retailer Sears files for bankruptcy and finally concedes it can't survive as is. Read Article

It Is Only a Matter of Time Before SNAP Stock Sinks to Penny Status

Snap stock continues to fall, and unless its short programs or some other idea succeeds, I expect Snapchat stock to become a penny stock. Read Article

Investors Shouldn’t Waste Their Energy on ExxonMobil Stock

XOM stock may look like a bargain right now, but ExxonMobil's resistance to renewable energy and high relative valuation make it risky. Read Article

DOJ Approval Means Time to Take Profits on Aetna Stock

CVS is going to acquire Aetna, and Aetna stock is priced accordingly, meaning now looks like a good time to take profits. Read Article

I’m Not Convinced By Wells Fargo’s Earnings

The markets boosted Wells Fargo stock after the banking giant posted some positive results, but we need to see much more. Read Article

5 Internet Stocks Getting Smashed

Various headwinds have thrust these internet stocks onto the chopping block, making them stocks to sell now before it's too late. Read Article

This NBA Star Won’t Save Under Armour Stock

NBA star Joel Embiid is now an Under Armour athlete, but he won't boost Under Armour stock like Steph Curry did back in 2015. Read Article

Comcast Stock Has Become Wall Street’s Quicksand

Comcast stock has now accelerated its irrelevancy due to the Sky buyout, which largely features yesteryear “benefits". Read Article

7 Dow Jones Laggards as We Drop Below 26,000

The Dow Jones stocks have staggered hard with the rest of the markets this week. Here are 7 stocks in particular to check. Read Article

If This Analyst Is Right, Square Stock Is About to Crash

BTIG's Mark Palmer slammed Square stock with a nasty price target on Monday. Square stock fell sharply in response, but if he's even close to right, it will get worse. Here's what you need to know. Read Article

The Gut-Punch to Apple Stock Is Only the Start of the Beating to Come

AAPL stock took a beating along with the rest of the markets, but investors should avoid scratching the contrarian itch on Apple for now. Read Article

Be Wary Of Glu Mobile Stock As It Runs To Decade Highs

GLUU stock has come very far, very fast, but underlying trends in the mobile video game market remain unfavorable. Read Article

Is This Really the End of Sears Stock?

SHLD is on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, and that means investors should stay away from Sears stock at all costs. Read Article

3 Reasons to Sell Shopify Stock (Again)

Shopify stock has pulled back 20% in recent sessions, but SHOP stock could fall signficantly further in the near-term. Read Article