Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Possible Production Cut Could Save Chesapeake Energy

In my March 25 article about Chesapeake, I mentioned that the cost of a barrel of oil for U.S. producers was between $20.99 (conventional oil) and $23.35 (share oil). By comparison, Saudi Aramco’s cost was less than $9. 

Blue Apron Stock Will Eventually See Red

One of the surprising performances of this year has been recorded by Blue Apron stock. However, I wouldn’t expect it to last much longer given that its coronavirus catalyst will eventually fade.

Bed, Bath, Beyond and Oops

CEO Mark Tritton laid off people, sold and leased back his stores, and promised a new executive team. Then the virus hit.

With a Seismic Change Coming to the Travel Industry, Dump CCL Stock

In announcing the aforementioned steps to shore up balance sheet, Carnival also said 45% of customers are accepting future cruise credits over full refunds. All things considered, that's not a bad percentage, but industrywide, 900 sailings are canceled, affecting 4.5 million passengers, and expectations that ships could be back on the seas again by mid-May seems like a long shot, according to Stifel analyst Steven Wieczynski.

This Is Why NIO Stock Definitely Is Heading to $0 in 2020

With a sizable cash burn rate, coupled with going concern issues from the company, and the coronavirus, it’s best to avoid Nio stock.

Luckin Coffee Will Continue Trending Lower Beyond Initial Plummet

Inflated sales figures, possible higher cash burn and potential siphoning of funds -- take your pick of reasons to leave LK stock alone.

Starbucks Stock Catches a Luckin Break, But Its Future Is Bleak

Starbucks may have to shut down stores completely through the coronavirus outbreak, and will need new capital to save SBUX stock.

IBIO Stock Will Continue to Slide Lower After Speculative COVID-19 Surge

A poor track record of no development or commercialization of any vaccine in the last decade, plus cash burn implies further equity dilution for IBIO stock.

7 Stocks to Sell That Need a Quick End to the Stay-at-Home Orders

The national stay-at-home orders are hitting the economy hard, and you should avoid these seven stocks to sell as a result of the quarantine.

Don’t Pull the Trigger on AIM ImmunoTech Stock

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And that's likely the case when you look deeper into what's going on with AIM ImmunoTech stock.

Sell MRNA Stock as COVID-19 Catalyst Inflates Valuation

If you bought MRNA stock for its CMV prospects before the outbreak, consider now the time to sell. With COVID-19 speculators more than pricing in upside, cashing out today could be the best call.

Co-Diagnostics Stock Is an Interesting But Overpriced Pandemic Pick

Despite Co-Diagnostics' potential, a massive price run-up has made CODX stock much less attractive.

AIM Stock: You’ve Got a Better Shot of Getting Rich Buying a Lottery Ticket 

AIM ImmunoTech reported its 2019 results on March 31. Despite the coronavirus push, AIM stock headed lower on the news.  

Why Now Is Not the Best Time to Buy BP Stock

With massive oil price deflation and no end in sight, BP stock is far too risky to think about now.

3M Stock Is Not a Good Choice During the Coronavirus Crisis

3M has limited exposure to the battle against coronavirus, and its industrial manufacturing business is likely getting crushed, which makes MMM stock much less appealing.

Don’t Expect Exxon Mobil Stock to Be a Gusher Any Time Soon

Exxon Mobil stock has sunk to levels that are shocking, but given the low valuation, investors should not jump on. It will take some time for things to get back on track.

Long-Term Investors Should Stay Away From WYNN Stock

A closer look into the casino giant Wynn Resorts reveals that there may be further pain for Wynn stock

Could Investors Catch a Ride to Profits With Lyft Stock in April?

As spending on ride-hailing tech platforms decrease, Lyft stock is likely to stay under pressure in April

United Got Its Bailout, So Sell UAL Stock While You Still Can

Think of UAL and most of the airline stocks out there this way: nearly everyone says they love to travel, but no one ever says they like to fly. If investors insist on dancing in the airline industry, they'd do well to embrace a quality name, and legacy carriers like UAL haven't done anything to deserve that label.

Avoid Buying General Electric Despite Upside Potential

GE stock may rebound after a big selloff, but let's look for true high-quality stocks on sale, rather than underdogs that may never win.