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Stocks to Sell

Wells Fargo Stock Simply Isn’t Worth Buying Right Now

WFC stock is still dealing with effects from its missteps and Wells Fargo still isn't cheap enough to bet on a turnaround. Read Article

7 Bankruptcy Stocks to Watch in 2019

Though the economy continues to do well, there will inevitably be bankruptcy stocks. These 7 names are or could be among them. Read Article

Why the Rally In Chipotle Stock Is Far Too Spicy Now

Chipotle stock is up nearly 33% since Christmas and is now overvalued and overbought. Time to short an overloved CMG. Read Article

Everything You Need to Know About the Horrendous Beat Down in Snap Stock

SNAP stock suffered a significant hit after news of its CFO's departure hammered investor confidence. Is there a chance for a comeback? Read Article

Snap Stock: Why Would Its CFO Resign So Abruptly?

The shockingly quick and disadvantageous exit of Snap’s CFO suggests massive vulnerabilities with SNAP stock. Read Article

5 Dow Jones Stocks to Sell Before Things Get Uglier

These Dow Jones stocks have been hit particularly hard recently, making them ideal targets for stocks to sell. Here's what you need to know about each. Read Article

History Says That Chipotle Stock Is a Sell Above $500

Chipotle stock has failed to hold rallies above the $500 level before, and this one should be no different. Read Article

Zillow Stock Has Become a Bet on House Flipping

ZG is now primarily a house-flipping business, exposing the owners of Zillow stock to greater risk as the housing market slows. Read Article

iPhone XR Price Cuts Don’t Make a Bull Case for Apple Stock

An analyst suggests Apple stock would benefit from lower iPhone XR prices in China, services, and M&A. That's not enough to help AAPL. Read Article

10 Companies That Could Post Decelerating Profits

A host of domestic and international problems weigh heavily on the markets, imposing profitability risks for many upcoming earnings reports. Read Article

Sell Amarin Stock on the Recent Takeover Rumors Rally

There are good reasons to doubt the veracity of the Amarin takeover rumors. The long-term story remains exciting, but the stock will fall near-term. Read Article

A Fragile Real Estate Market Could Torture Redfin Stock This Year

RDFN stock has been a poor performer for a while now, but Redfin shares could really tumble if the real estate market gets as bad as it looks like it could in 2019. Read Article

The Red-Hot Rally In Amazon Stock Is Past Its Prime

The momentum move in AMZN stock is at historically overbought levels. Time to take a short position in Amazon as the technicals deteriorate. Read Article

Apple’s Warning Is a Reason to Avoid Starbucks Stock

Apple warned everyone that growth in China is slowing, but Starbucks stock investors didn't listen, and that makes for a dangerous situation. Read Article

At This Point Only a Buyout Can Save Ailing GoPro Stock

GoPro's subscription service growth is hardly enough to offset plunging profit margins. At this point, a takeover is the stock's best hope. Read Article

Nope, It’s Not Yet Time to Buy Canopy Growth

Canopy Growth stock has rallied sharply in recent days. But these key factors will snuff out the rally in CGC stock in coming weeks. Read Article

Activision Loses ‘Destiny’ — And That’s a Huge Problem for ATVI Stock

Activision shares face market crunch after developer partner Bungie leaves with Destiny, highlighting the declining growth issues weighing on ATVI stock. Read Article

5 Retail Stocks Suffering Major Markdowns

These five retail stocks to sell have been hit particularly hard as investors rethink their confidence in the space. Read Article

Why You Shouldn’t Bet on Fitbit Stock

Hopes of a turnaround are boosting Fitbit stock again. But it will take years for FIT to prove that this time is different. Read Article