Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Skillz Dips Into Debt to Put Its Burning Cash Flow Out

SKLZ stock is not likely to turn around anytime soon as it saddles up debt to relieve it's cash burn problem.

10 Stocks to Avoid Because of Their Sky-High Debt

The interest rates are moving higher in 2022. Analysts expect four rate hikes. On the list of stocks to avoid are those with sky-high debt.

StoneCo Stock Is Bound to Be a Stone-Cold Loser

STNE stock's negative momentum is likely to persist as StoneCo's huge expenditures contribute to the company's subpar financial performance.

Zillow Group Stock Traders Shouldn’t View Failure as a Virtue

Zillow's misguided foray into home flipping was an unmitigated disaster -- and you don't have to be a hero by trying to rescue ZG stock now.

DraftKings Stock May Look Cheap, But It Hasn’t Bottomed Out

Over the last year, DraftKings stock has come down 50% and is now 64% below its all-time peak of $74.38 a share reached last March. The NFL football season was supposed to be a catalyst for shares of the Boston-based company but since the league kicked off DraftKings' share price has fallen 58%.

3 Energy Stocks to Avoid in 2022

Successful investors know when to get in but they also know when to get out. Here are three stocks to avoid at these nose bleed levels.

Investing in ContextLogic Requires a Cult-like Fanaticism to Trust

When some of the biggest equities market bulls blast WISH stock, it’s worthwhile to listen because they might be onto something.

Palantir Technologies Stock Looks Like a Big Test for Contrarian Philosophies Here

While you can get really cute with various technical arguments for PLTR stock, sometimes, the simplest concepts are the best.

Stay Clear of Betting on DraftKings Stock Until its Dilutive Deal is Done and Profits Appear

Stay clear of betting on DraftKings stock until its dilutive deal Is done and profits appear. DKNG stock could tread water for some time before the company's marketing costs abate and it produces a profit.

Avoid ContextLogic Until It Pulls Out of Its Spiral

Wish Stock Still Looks Like a Bad Bet Going Forward. ContextLogic could have to raise more cash if it doesn't stop its negative cash burn over the next several quarters.

Investors Should Be Wary of Roblox’s Threats and Weaknesses

Roblox has tough competition and is deep in the red, while the valuation of RBLX stock remains quite high.

Even Though This Delivery Company Is Down 50%, Don’t Grab Onto It Yet

The delivery market is way too crowded, leading to large losses for operators. Wait for the space to consolidate before buying GRAB stock.

7 Cooling Mega-Cap Stocks to Avoid for Now

The market has began adjusting to the new realities that are in store for 2022, and that means some hot mega-cap stocks are cooling off now.

If You Own DraftKings Stock, Expect to Sweat It out For Now

A 2022 comeback is possible for DKNG stock. Just keep in mind it's not for certain. In the meantime, you can expect shares to stay volatile.

Riot Blockchain: Prepare for a Turbulent 2022 as Cash Burn Problem Persists

RIOT stock is getting off to a rough start in 2022 with sliding Bitcoin prices and added risks, such as cash burn issues and stock dilution.

GameStop Shows It Isn’t Immune to Economic Laws

GME stock will eventually suffer the same immutable problems until it is no longer relevant, whether fanatics like it or not.

It’s Time to Lock the Door on Opendoor Technologies

Though OPEN stock may be undergirded by exciting technologies, the core business narrative for Opendoor is just not panning out.

GameStop: The Shorts Have Left the Building

Short interest has fallen so much that the only thing that can boost GME stock is a well-executed game plan from Ryan Cohen. 

7 Stocks to Sell Before February on Fed Policy Woes

These stocks to sell all hail from the battered tech sector and are bound to slip in the wake of Fed news as February approaches.

3 Cruise Stocks That Could Be Torpedoed by the CDC’s Latest Warning

Cruise stocks RCL, CCL and NCLH struggled during the pandemic, and investors' hopes of a potential comeback continue to be quashed by the CDC.