Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

The 7 Stocks That Cautious Investors Should Sell Now

As markets continue to hit all-time highs, consider taking profits in these stocks to sell before their companies report slowing growth.

3 Travel Stocks to Sell Now Before It’s Too Late

Despite a thriving U.S economy, travel stocks are suffering from multiple factors. So, its time to sell these three before it's too late.

Naked Brand Looks ‘Naked and Afraid’ As Cash Crunch Continues

NAKD stock continues to plunge, and with good reason. It seems unlikely the company will make it through 2020 without a restructuring.

It’s Time to Take Profits from FCEL Stock

Not long ago, FuelCell stock looked doomed. But the company has pulled off a big-time turnaround. And it is for solid fundamental reasons. But now, the stock price is looking frothy.

CHK Stock Needs a Clear Debt Reduction Plan to Move Higher

Deleveraging is crucial as debt swells and credit metrics worsen. Focus on oil-weighted assets is a positive, but debt is a bigger concern.

Will Shake Shack Stock Really Roar Back Above $100?

Persistent headwinds and a full valuation will keep SHAK stock from shooting back to its previous highs anytime soon.

Why Apple Stock May Be a Bubble That’s Ready to Burst

Apple stock may be a bubble because bulls are ignoring bad news about Apple and making assumptions that may not be realistic.

With Shares at All-Time Highs, Tread Carefully With AMD Stock

So, what's the call? If you own it, take profits. But if you are looking at shares today, it's getting harder to see how the stock moves higher from here. With analysts hedging their bets, and price action driven only by momentum, AMD stock could be reaching a top.

Aurora Cannabis Stock Will Need Help for a 2020 Recovery

Aurora Cannabis has recently perked up, but plenty of challenges remain for ACB stock and upside could be limited over the course of 2020.

Nio Needs to Raise More Cash to Survive

Nio stock is at a crossroads to raise the cash it needs to survive. Interest is due Feb. 1, but I think Nio will run out of cash by then.

Hold Off on Buying Aurora Cannabis Stock for Now

OrganiGram gave the marijuana sector a much-needed boost. But Aurora stock will probably not be able to replicate its success anytime soon.

Wayfair Stock Is Facing Trouble in Its Core Market

Wayfair stock is once again tempting investors and speculators with a strong start to 2020. But similar to the disappointment in 2019, recent history might unfortunately repeat itself.

Does Acasti Stock Have a Future?

Acasti got some bad news recently from the FDA regarding its main drug candidate. And this news could make it tough for ACST stock to recover.

You Should Down Luckin Coffee Stock While It’s Hot

While LK stock may have outperformed relative to other IPOs, the longer-term narrative is much more challenged than you think.

7 Small-Cap Stocks That Are Not Worth a Second Glance

The market may be hitting new highs, but not all small-cap stocks are doing well. The ones on this list are all stock to sell, so beware.

Why the Big Rally in iQiyi Stock May Be Overdone

On the heels of a 65%-plus surge over the past three months, IQ stock seems fully priced for its improving growth trajectory in 2020.

Twilio Stock Is a Winner, But How Much Higher Can It Go in 2020?

After a 25% rally over the past month, TWLO stock has sprinted into fully valued territory, and further upside potential seems limited.

Hexo Stock May Bottom Here, but It Probably Won’t

Pot stocks will rebound in 2020, but HEXO stock may not join the party, as growth trends remain pressured by competition.

DocuSign Stock Is Doomed to Trade Sideways for the Foreseeable Future

DocuSign is a great company, but everyone already knows this, and further upside in DOCU stock will be limited by valuation risks.

Chesapeake Energy is Drowning in Debt, Without a Life Raft in Sight

CHK stock is worth pennies as the energy firm continues to refinance debt, at ever-higher rates, looking for a boom in oil prices that just isn't there.