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Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Why the ChargePoint Pullback Could Continue

So, what's the best course of action? If you want EV exposure, instead of buying CHPT stock consider opportunities with greater potential to gain in the near-term.

Aphria Stock Has Been a Double-Up This Year: Take Profits and Run

APHA stock is certainly a hot one right now, particularly among retail investors, but will the party continue or will the music stop?

The Party’s Over for Zomedica Stock, So Stay Away

After falling back to $1 per share, expect headline-making "meme stock" ZOM stock to give up even more of its recent gains.

Zomedica’s Price Has Changed but So Has the Narrative

For those who have been waiting for a big discount in ZOM stock, it has arrived. Still, you may want to rethink this before committing.

GameStop’s Shakeup Will Do Little to Alleviate Its Woes

GME stock will continue to struggle as its leadership has failed to get its priorities straight in turning things around for the business

The Bubble in Takung Art Stock Has More Deflation Ahead

TKAT stock soared simply on NFT optimism. But the rally already is reversing — and there's more downside ahead.

Can Nano Dimension Learn How to Print Money?

NNDM stock got a major boost when Cathie Wood announced she was backing NNDM stock. But the company needs to show that its business can deliver much more revenue.

Don’t Expect Much From IBM Stock Over the Next 5 Years

IBM stock has gone nowhere over 5 years. IBM stock is down 12% in five years, but will rise 10% annually in next 5 using FCF yield analysis.

Investing in AMC Entertainment Is Risky At Best

AMC is diluting shares heavily, and that will be a problem for shareholders. AMC stock has a bumpy road ahead and is best to be avoided.

7 Chinese Stocks to Sell Now As Pressure Mounts From Everywhere

Most of these stocks represent companies that have grown tremendously. Normally that's a great sign, but that's not the case right now.

Lordstown Motors Is Hindenburg’s Latest Target, and Things Look Bleak

Hindenburg's revelations and the subsequent involvement of the SEC, raises major concerns about the attractiveness of RIDE Stock at this time

Don’t Wade Into Liquid Media Until The Company Can Make Revenue

Don't wade into Liquid Media stock until the company can produce some revenue. YVR stock is not worth much more than its cash per share.

Avoid Hyliion Holdings Stock Even If the Clean Energy Bubble Begins to Reinflate

Hyliion only rose because of the clean energy bubble as it posted no revenue in the last quarter.

Castor Maritime Stays Afloat Playing the Penny Stock Game

Castor Maritime may have a good idea, using CTRM stock to buy boats and take advantage of rising shipping rates. But it's not a game small investors should be getting into.

It’s Time for Investors to Get Out of Canoo — Here’s Why

Following a confusing Q4 earnings call, in which Canoo revealed executive changes and a shift in strategy, GOEV stock looks like a sell.

The Cracks Are Beginning To Show in Hyliion Stock

HYLN stock has taken a beating and should continue struggling with the weaknesses in its business model and rising competition in the sector.

Nio Stock May Be Priced Like Tesla, but There’s No Good Reason for It

Nio has just 3% of China's electric car market, yet it's priced like Tesla, which has scale and a bigger market share in China.

Affirm Stock Is Still Not Worth Anywhere Near Its Present Market Value

Affirm stock is still not worth its present market value. And given its loan losses, AFRM stock is too highly valued until it gets profitable.

Castor Maritime Has an Aggressive Business Plan But an Expensive Stock

CTRM stock gained interest, becoming a meme stock, but its valuation and fundamentals make it a very risky bet in the shipping sector.

Despite the Rally in Exxon Mobil Stock, Continue to Avoid It

Exxon Mobil has seen a big run in its stock price, as it's clearly going to survive. But I'm avoiding XOM stock because it's not thriving.