Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for a large purchase or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses that create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s analysts weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

GameStop Stock is On a Path That Leads to Nowhere

As GameStop stock continues to fall, investors wonder if the retailer will commit to a new course or continue on its current troubled path.

Here’s Why You Can’t Trust CannTrust Stock

Even in the best of circumstances, a cloud of doubt hangs over marijuana stocks. But with CannTrust stock, all that doubt is removed: this is a name that is likely headed toward extinction.

As Huge as the EV Market Will Be, Nio Stock Isn’t Worth the Risk

NIO stock isn't worth considering until its vehicle deliveries are back on firm footing.

For Nio, the Future May Come Too Late

Nio stock only appears as a viable investment thanks to its flashy EV products. But underneath the hood, multiple fundamental headwinds impose severe, perhaps fatal challenges.

Be Cautious with Netflix Stock as the Streaming War is Set to Heat Up

There's too much competition in the streaming space to recommend a position in NFLX stock right now.

A Tempting Chart and Possible Trade War Truce Won’t Save Stock

Both political news and technical posturing present a compelling picture for stock, but the finer details suggest waiting is best.

IBM Stock Can’t Take a Ninth Year of More-of-the-Same

IBM stock looks like a bargain at its current prices, but International Business Machines stock has been held in check by IBM's problems.

Activision Blizzard Stock’s Rebound Will Run Out of Steam

Down from $80, Activision Blizzard stock still isn't especially cheap. The market is pricing in a strong 2020, but management must deliver.

Things Look Precarious for IQ Stock Post Q2 Earnings Disappointment

Q2 earnings undercut the bull case for IQ stock.

The Lack of Insiders Buying AMD Stock Should Scare You

A quick look at insider buying and selling of Advanced Micro Devices stock shows that there have been no insider buys on the open market over the past three and 12 months.

Time to Write Off Canopy Growth Stock in the Short Term

Summer led to a fall, and fall may begin a hard winter for Canopy Growth. For this reason, investors need to reconsider how to invest in CGC stock.

General Electric Stock: Even When It’s Good, It’s Still Sort of Bad

GE stock could be a redemption story and could offer more upside. It's also likely to test investors' patience along the way.

6 Retail Stocks on the Verge of Bankruptcy

These six depressed retail stocks are likely headed to bankruptcy. Since they'll be joining the likes of Fred's and Toys "R" Us, these are stocks to sell now.

Stay Far Away From CRON Stock Until Its Valuation Comes Down

Many risks continue to make Cronos Group stock's valuation mind-boggling. Consider anything but CRON stock for a pot play.

3 Reasons the Best of the Coca-Cola Stock Rally May Be Over

The last time KO stock was this hot for this long, the stock proceeded to go cold over the next few months. History could easily repeat itself.

Owners of Apple Stock Should Be Afraid

With AAPL showing many signs of fear, the owners of Apple stock should be worried at this point. They should probably follow the CEO's lead and sell AAPL stock.

Is Overstock a Buy Below $10?

Although Overstock stock has enjoyed a recent surge in bullishness, the amount of fundamental losses the underlying company has taken makes this a risky bet.

Avoid Aurora Cannabis Stock, Both Before and After Earnings

Investors should avoid ACB for now as earnings misses, dilution, and industry struggles appear to define Aurora Cannabis stock.

Netflix Stock Continues to Scare Off Investors

Credit Suisse says investors are fleeing NFLX stock, amid slowing subscriber growth and growing competition in the video streaming market.

Why I’m Worried When Home Depot Stock Gets North of $230

The U.S. economic outlook is improving, and the higher rates that come with an improved outlook could pressure the Home Depot stock valuation.