Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

India’s EROS Stock Is Not a Risk Worth Taking

Eros wants to be the Netflix of India. But, so does everyone else -- including Netflix itself. And that's bad news for EROS stock.

Bank of America Stock Can’t Escape the Malaise of the Banking Sector

Analysts are bearish on Bank of America stock. Investors should avoid BAC stock at this point, as its premium doesn't appear to be justified.

Grubhub Stock Just Might Make a Delicious ‘Takeout’ Play

Grubhub seems to have leaked rumors of a sale, and then denied them. GRUB stock rose big and then quickly sank with the rumors.

This Revival in NIO Stock Isn’t a Signal That It’s a Good Buy

While recent earnings and forecasts are certainty inspiring, the company keeps struggling. Nio stock is still worth avoiding.

It’s Time to Be Cautious With General Electric Stock

GE stock has ended the year on a strong note. But the rally may be running out of gas, as the company still faces some tough challenges

Continue to Stay Away From Naked Brands Stock

Some high-risk, high-reward penny stocks are worth buying. NAKD is not one of them. Avoiding NAKD stock remains the smart move.

Pfizer Stock Has No Momentum in Its Business or on the Charts

Pfizer stock has no momentum right now. Earnings and revenue are in decline and the charts are struggling. I would avoid for now.

Hexo Stock Is Sick — Go With Other Cannabis Plays Instead

Hexo stock continues to fall, making new lows while its peers have so far refrained. Avoid Hexo as a result.

Don’t Buy Chesapeake Energy Stock on Iran War Fears

CHK stock wouldn't necessarily jump if a war breaks out, and the company's fiscal situation is currently dire.

The Diagnosis for Teva Stock Still Looks Grim

Lately, Teva stock has had a nice rally, but this may prove temporary. The fact is that the company faces much uncertainty with the litigation.

Why Is Naked Brand Group Still a Public Company? 

NAKD stock is too fundamentally vulnerable to recommend even as a speculative pick. Instead, investors have many other viable choices available.

Could the Pain Finally Be Over for Canopy Growth Stock?

After a dismal 2019, the owners of CGC stock are hoping for sunnier days ahead. Will Canopy Growth stock come through for them?

Ignore the Analysts: Johnson & Johnson Faces Serious Legal Liability

JNJ reported strong Q3 results and its business outlook is positive. But Johnson & Johnson stock is likely to be hurt by legal liabilities.

What’s Really Driving Demand for Tesla Stock?

TSLA stock seems like a strong buy thanks to an even stronger Q4 vehicle deliveries report. However, the driving force behind this demand may make investors think twice.

7 Stocks to Sell to Start the New Year Fresh

Although talking about stocks to sell typically elicits anger and negative emotions, this list is all about protecting your interests.

3 Reasons Why the Mega Rally of Snap Stock May Be Over

2019 was a great year for Snapchat stock. But the momentum of SNAP stock could slow down. Here’s a look at three reasons why.

Is Aphria Stock Really the ‘Best’ Canadian Pot Stock?

Aphria stock may be the best option for Canadian pot stocks, but possible suitors can't forget the challenges surrounding the entire sector.

It Doesn’t Look as If the ACB Stock Turnaround Is Coming Any Time Soon

After struggling in 2019, investors are hoping for a fresh start for Aurora stock. Here are a few things you need to know about ACB stock.

Hexo Stock Is in a Race Against Time

Hexo stock has fallen just over 80% as it waits for Cannabis 2.0 to take root. However, after a year of overpromising, investors' patience is thin.

Nio Stock Will Give Back All of Its Gains

The Nio stock price soared after the company's earnings, but Nio still has significant problems, and it may not survive.