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Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Nio Stock May Be Priced Like Tesla, but There’s No Good Reason for It

Nio has just 3% of China's electric car market, yet it's priced like Tesla, which has scale and a bigger market share in China.

Affirm Stock Is Still Not Worth Anywhere Near Its Present Market Value

Affirm stock is still not worth its present market value. And given its loan losses, AFRM stock is too highly valued until it gets profitable.

Castor Maritime Has an Aggressive Business Plan But an Expensive Stock

CTRM stock gained interest, becoming a meme stock, but its valuation and fundamentals make it a very risky bet in the shipping sector.

Despite the Rally in Exxon Mobil Stock, Continue to Avoid It

Exxon Mobil has seen a big run in its stock price, as it's clearly going to survive. But I'm avoiding XOM stock because it's not thriving.

Despite the Recent Rally, Avoid AMC Stock 

There's a difference between surviving and thriving and AMC stock isn't enjoying the latter yet. Let's continue to avoid it for now.

It’s Holding Steady for Now, But Stay Away From Beyond Meat Stock

BYND stock isn't worth the risk as a long-term investment on plant-based meat because Beyond Meat is still at risk of being just a fad.

When it comes to SOS Limited, Investors Are Playing With Fire

In regards to SOS stock, the red flags are starting to pile up. SOS Investors are playing with fire, and must take care not to get burned.

The Genius Brands Story Simply Is Not Worth Buying

Genius Brands continues to pitch itself as a big player in streaming. All the company really has accomplished is selling more and more GNUS stock.

AMC Stock and Its Investment Case are Clear: Abandon Ship

AMC stock was already on the wrong path in a slowing industry pre-pandemic. Now it's really desperate and a definite sell.

3 OTC Stocks That Will Eventually Fade Away

These OTC stocks are in weak, vulnerable, highly competitive sectors and generate little revenue at this time.

This Is Not an Obvious Entry Point into Exxon Stock

The time to be bullish on XOM stock has passed. Coming into the pandemic crash levels, the opportunity becomes less attractive than last year.

Naked Brands Avoids Going Under, But NAKD Stock Remains Unattractive

Naked Brands has secured a ton of cash. But it's still looking for a successful business model, making NAKD stock unattractive.

SOS Stock Is Both Way Overvalued and Too High-Risk to Take a Chance

SOS has a solid core business model making it an enticing prospect. But heavy dilution and steep valuation make SOS stock risky right now.

Wake Up And Smell the Coffee With Luckin

The LKNCY stock comeback story isn't believable considering the uncertainties surrounding the company's bankruptcy and its financial position.

Don’t Fight the Tape With Castor Maritime Stock

CTRM stock was once an interesting gamble but its seeming dependence on social media makes it an incredibly risky venture.

Heavy Dilution From Cashless Warrants Is Forcing Naked Stock Down

Heavy dilution from cashless warrants is forcing NAKD stock down. NAKD stock will likely fall to 48 cents per share as hedge funds arbitrage the dilution.

Bionano Genomics Stock Has Huge Potential, But It’s Very Risky

BNGO stock is a play on a potentially disruptive technology. But investors can't forget that most potentially disruptive technologies fail.

You Don’t Want to Be the Last to Know What Zomedica Stock Is Really Worth

The retirement of preferred stock seems like a clear win for Zomedica and ZOM stock. But the deal raises a key question as well.

It’s Time to Sell Overvalued QuantumScape Stock

QuantumScape has had a number of positive developments, but the company still faces huge hurdles and QS stock is overvalued.

Ideanomics Is Not Worth the Sum of Its Parts

Ideanomics now has a combination of EV-related and non-EV-related segments. Unfortunately, IDEX stock is not worth the sum of these parts.