Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

Should Investors Buy Fiverr Stock After Its Big Drop?

Those who think FVRR stock seems like a bargain right now should take a serious look at the company's weak spots.

It May Take Time, But Meta Materials Stock Will Decline in Price

Dilution and disappointment will ultimately push MMAT stock to a price more in line with its underlying value despite its lofty ambitions.

Avoid Camber Energy As Its Revenue Growth Potential Remains a Mystery

The speculative rally in CEI stock seems to be over. There are too many uncertainties regarding the company's revenue growth potential.

ContextLogic’s Expensive Marketing Makes Profit a Challenge

ContextLogic looks like a falling knife. Its huge marketing expenses are eating away at its profits and forcing WISH stock down.

Don’t Count Lordstown Motors Among Your EV Stocks to Buy

Don’t fall for the low RIDE stock price. The Lordstown is in such dire straits it sold its factory for cash to keep the lights on until 2022.

AST SpaceMobile Has a Great Business Plan But Its Execution Will Not Be Easy

ASTS stock is a bold and very risky vision to turn space into a giant, cellular broadband network. Its path to success is paved with risk.

GameStop Stock Is Showing Signs of Weakness as Short-Sellers Lose Interest

Redditors are looking elsewhere after vanquishing Wall Street and giving GME a fighting chance, leaving the stock in a difficult position.

Troubling Times Ahead for Zoom in the Post-Pandemic World

ZM stock trades at a lofty valuation despite the significant slowdown predicted in revenue and earnings growth.

The Outlook of Clover Stock Is Deteriorating

CLOV stock has been a disappointment for many reasons. Given the company's poor fundamentals, it's not worth investing in.

Unusual Acquisition Could Help Fiverr Stock Break Through $200

The skeptics might say Fiverr should stick to facilitating gig work. Yet, FVRR stock holders should appreciate the company's new ambitions.

Ocugen Stock Needs a Catalyst for Growth That Probably Isn’t Coming

InvestorPlace’s Louis Navellier believes all Ocugen needs is a catalyst. On Oct. 4, OCGN stock got two. Its share price barely moved. 

Lemonade Remains a Cautionary Tale of Tech Updating Old Industry

Lemonade promised more than it could deliver and profitability issues remain more than a year after its IPO. LMND stock has gone sour.

4 Stocks to Sell (and 4 to Buy) Amid Facebook’s Whistleblower Scandal

With the Facebook scandal possibly forcing a greater response by social media, here are the stocks to sell (and buy) from the PR crisis.

Vinco Ventures Doesn’t Look Any Better After This M&A Announcement

Vinco Ventures made a big acquisition causing BBIG stock to jump almost 20%. However, the rally was short-lived. Here’s why that’s the case. 

Don’t Buy Too Much Into the WHO Hype Surrounding Ocugen Stock

Admittedly, one last boost may still be on the table, if meme traders use subsequent WHO news as reason to send OCGN stock back to double-digit prices. But with its high chances of ultimately collapsing in price, it's a stock most investors should avoid.

Novavax Stock Will Find Its Bottom, But Probably not Soon

Down nearly 40% over the past month, NVAX stock has been on a steep decline that appears to be accelerating. At its current price of $163.06 per share, Novavax's stock is now 50% below its all-time high of $331.68 reached in February of this year. With the current slide showing no signs of stopping, shareholders may want to cut their losses.

Avoid ChargePoint Stock Until It’s Completely Out of Favor

CHPT stock will likely continue to trend lower, even if the shares' political and market headwinds eventually end.

Meta Materials Is Overpriced After Paying Too Much for Nanotech Security

MMAT stock is not worth more than 87 cents per share after Meta Materials overpaid for its recent acquisition of Nanotech Security.

Why It’s Time to Walk Away From Peloton Interactive Stock

Don't try to bottom-fish for value with beaten-down PTON stock as the company's revenue streams aren't translating into bottom-line returns.

Boeing Still Hasn’t Had the Promised Turnaround, and It May Not Come

Boeing today is as troubled as it was when Dave Calhoun was named CEO nearly two years ago, and the rot has spread throughout the company.