Thomas Niel

Thomas Niel

About Thomas Niel

Thomas Niel is a freelance writer with an accounting background. An interesting combination to say the least. His understanding of both words and figures pays dividends when writing clear, concise stock analysis.

A value investor at heart, Thomas looks at the fundamentals. Peer analysis and earnings multiples rarely tell the whole story. But, Thomas believes valuation metrics are a great starting point to separate the wheat from the chaff.

His work has appeared at several websites, including Seeking Alpha and Focused Compounding. Outside of investment research, Thomas writes inbound marketing content for the financial services industry.

Recent Articles

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The circumstances that shot MRIN stock to the moon a month ago aren't likely to repeat anytime soon. Expect share prices to fall even more.

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So, with the infrastructure bill catalyst, along with a catalyst that could play out, whether said bill passes or not, what's the verdict on CLF stock? With room to add to its epic gains in the past twelve months, consider it a buy at today's prices.