Thomas Niel

Thomas Niel

Thomas Niel is a freelance writer with an accounting background. An interesting combination to say the least. His understanding of both words and figures pays dividends when writing clear, concise stock analysis.

A value investor at heart, Thomas looks at the fundamentals. Peer analysis and earnings multiples rarely tell the whole story. But, Thomas believes valuation metrics are a great starting point to separate the wheat from the chaff.

His work has appeared at several websites, including Seeking Alpha and Focused Compounding. Outside of investment research, Thomas writes inbound marketing content for the financial services industry.

Recent Articles

Consider Aphria Stock as the Cannabisphere Burns

But does this make APHA stock a buy today? Perhaps. Analyst consensus projects positive earnings-per-share for Aphria stock in 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, the above-mentioned peers will remain unprofitable. The bigger names dominate the headlines. But under-the-radar Aphria may be the best "pot stock" buy.

Alibaba Stock Has a Great Future, but Its Present Is Risky and Pricey

But as I pointed out in prior analysis, it may be too early to buy BABA stock. With the recent rally, I stand by that thesis. Alibaba Group may be a screaming buy if US investors get skittish. Buying Alibaba stock on short-term volatility may be the smarter play.The long-term catalyst (China's emerging middle class) is still in play. But don't chase the opportunity. Wait for a reasonable valuation to make your move

BYND Stock Could Fall Further as Competition Heats Up

80% of outstanding shares became free to trade on October 29. This explains why Beyond Meat stock tumbled 22.2% that day. But shares could fall further, as the "smart money" cashes in their chips. Now that there's more available float, there's less risk of a short-squeeze. But tread carefully before making a bearish bet. While BYND stock remains frothy, that doesn't mean the party is over just yet.

Catalysts, Risks Could Make or Break Qualcomm in 2020

In 2020, Qualcomm stock could win thanks to 5G, or lose due to an unfavorable ruling in its FTC appeal. Exercise caution before buying.

Aurora Cannabis Stock Is a Falling Knife You Don’t Want to Catch

So what's the call? Aurora Cannabis is too risky to buy. But shares are even riskier to short. A crumb of good news could send shares skyrocketing. Save yourself the headache, and steer clear of the "pot bust" that is Aurora Cannabis stock.