Stocks to Sell

Here’s Why Rite Aid Corporation Stock Keeps Getting Worse

Rite Aid Corporation continues to stumble, distracted by the deal with Walgreens. Owners of RAD stock are paying the price. Read Article

Apple Inc. Stock Could Be in for a Rough 2018 on Weak iPhone Demand

Rumors are surfacing that iPhone X demand is weakening, and that means AAPL stock could be due for a big pullback in 2018. Read Article

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd Is So 2017, And That’s Not a Good Thing!

BABA stock enjoyed a brilliant run, but intense geopolitical pressures may hurt Alibaba's chances in the new year. Read Article

Wal-Mart Stores Inc Stock Looks Risky In 2018

WMT stock is nearly twice as expensive as TGT stock, and that valuation discrepancy isn't sustainable in a long-term window. Read Article

GNC Holdings Inc Is Headed for Bankruptcy or a Sale

This year is crucial to GNC Holdings Inc, as the firm's debts come due. Holders of GNC stock are hoping for a sale, but that seems unlikely. Read Article

Tesla Inc Stock Looks Headed for a Bumpy Ride in 2018

Concerns surrounding Tesla stock are likely to linger into 2018. With an ugly chart, TSLA stock looks headed for a bumpy ride. Read Article

Despite Strong Xmas Sales, Investors Should Steer Clear of Macy’s Inc Stock

Macy's seems to have had a Merry Christmas, but since less consumers are shopping at malls, investors shouldn't buy Macy's stock. Read Article

Procter & Gamble Co Stock Heading Into 2018 on the Wrong Foot

Procter & Gamble shareholders finally see light at the end of the tunnel, but PG stock is priced as though there is no tunnel at all. Read Article

Snap Inc Stock Will Be Hurt By Amazon’s Ad Push in 2018

SNAP stock is doing what it always does: rebounding after an earnings sell-off. But Amazon competition in 2018 will keep the stock depressed. Read Article

Should You Buy and Hold Snap Inc Stock? Not on Your Life!

SNAP Inc is losing money hand over fist and, amid increasing competition, there is no compelling reason to buy SNAP stock. Read Article

Why Boeing Co Stock Is About to Run Into a Storm

BA stock was the Dow's best performer this year. Here's why you can be sure it won't repeat that feat in 2018. Read Article

3 Reasons to Avoid Sirius XM Holdings Inc. Stock

Sirius has built a massive subscription business, but growth is starting to lag, and there are potential disruptions for SIRI stock. Read Article

Blue Apron Holdings Inc Stock Is Likely Headed to Zero

Blue Apron stock has rallied this month. But the optimism is close to delusional: Blue Apron is on a path to bankruptcy. Read Article

Why Investors Should Take Profits in Apple Inc. Stock

Apple is likely to struggle amid the throttling scandal, iPhone X issues and greater competition. As a result, it's time to sell AAPL stock. Read Article

Yes, It Is Time to Take Profits in Boeing Co Stock Now

Near $300, the BA stock price looks stretched. And while that view has been wrong all year, and might be too simplistic, caution still is advised. Read Article

Yelp Inc Stock Isn’t as Costly as It Looks… But It’s Still Pricey

The YELP stock price looks ridiculously expensive, but it's not. Still, traffic challenges and operating model questions make YELP a sell. Read Article

This Looks Like the Beginning of the End for GoPro Inc Stock

GPRO stock is viewed as a bargain by some, but to those who know the GoPro Inc story well, there's just not much reason for hope. Read Article

The Bitcoin Price Could Be Hurt by the Crypto Co Suspension

The bitcoin price is well past bitcoin, 10,000 and the bitcoin price chart and bitcoin bubble might have been dampened by CRCW's suspension. Read Article

The Twilio Inc Stock Price Has Too Much Hype Built in

Before you go bottom-fishing with an ultra-cheap TWLO stock, you may want to mull this reality about Twilio Inc. Read Article

Don’t Be Surprised When the Riot Blockchain Inc Stock Rally Face-Plants

Riot Blockchain rebranded to get into the cryptocurrency game. Once a penny stock, don't be surprised when RIOT stock implodes. Read Article