Stocks to Sell

Stocks can plunge for any number of reasons — investors may need to raise cash for large milestone purchases, or algorithms could be triggered by stop losses which create massive selloffs. Whatever the case, InvestorPlace’s journalists weed out the markets’ losers, keeping you informed of which stocks to cash out of before they come crashing down.

79% of Robinhood Revenue Might Be Eliminated by the SEC

Robinhood receives the majority of its revenue from payment for order flow. If PFOF revenue dries up, HOOD stock will look extremely bleak.

3 Reasons to Stay Away From Pre-Production Fisker Stock

Chinese crackdown, dilution of stock and production lags could take FSR stock down. It is best to stay away from Fisker until production begins.

The Future of AI Is Exciting, But Is Expensive and Risky

Analysts agree that the coming years will be big for artificial intelligence, but that doesn't change the present bad news for AI stock.

8 F-Rated Stocks to Sell in September

There's plenty of solid opportunities out there, but these are stocks to sell. Here's why you should avoid each of these eight companies now.

Lucid Group Stock Has More to Fall, So Bulls Should Exercise Patience

The valuation of LCID today at $20 per share still prices-in its long-term, and then some, as was the case back in July, when it traded for around $27 per share. But if the issues mentioned above sink it further towards its SPAC offering price of $10 per share? Investors bullish it's still a "Tesla killer" in the making may be able to buy at a price where the odds are more in their favor.

It’s the Final Chapter for Pershing Square Tontine

Pershing Square Tontine failed to make a big merger. With it seemingly wrapping up unsuccessfully, there's little reason to hold PSTH stock.

Why fuboTV’s Growth Could Slow Soon

The sequential growth of fuboTV is not that strong, and it seems dependent on soccer fans. Its growth could be slowing, hurting FUBO stock.

7 Telecom Stocks Getting Left Behind

Telecom stocks including, T stock and VZ stock, are getting left behind as competition, massive capital costs and missteps take their toll. Stock Will Deflate After Bulls Sell The News Following Merger

The excitement surrounding an upcoming event has already been priced into SPRT stock, so prepare for the air to be let out of the tire soon.

Stay Away From Ashford Hospitality Trust

AHT stock is dead money while the company struggles to address the cash traps in its portfolio. Do yourself a favor and check out for now.

AMC Entertainment Stock Is a Total Flop That’s Destined To Disappoint

The spike in coronavirus cases in the U.S. and a lackluster third quarter spells more trouble for AMC Stock

7 Cryptocurrencies Holding On For Dear Life As Whales Splash Out

Over the past several weeks, cryptos looked to regain their prior plateaus until the whales decided that they had other plans.

The Valuation of Skillz Stock Remains Excessive

SKLZ stock does not appear to have any of the attributes that investors should look for in names with high valuations.

DraftKings Stock Is Fairly Valued, at Best, as Earnings Nowhere in Sight

DraftKings stock sports a market cap that makes no sense, considering the no-moat industry's intense competition. DKNG stock will be a single-digit stock in the not-too-distant future.

Canoo Faces Several Key Risks, Making it Too Risky

GOEV stock is another very speculative EV stock facing several hurdles, including an SEC investigation, mounting losses and no revenue.

QuantumScape Stock Still High-Risk Against Tough Rivals, High Valuation

With many companies working on advanced EV batteries and QS stock still trading at very high valuations, sell QuantumScape stock.

Robinhood Stock Continues To Disappoint as It Risks Becoming Generic

Robinhood is betting it can build its user base based on its brand name, in a world where any company can handle stock trading through an API.

Nvidia Stock Is Finally Showing Signs of Fatigue After Its Big Rally

The rally in NVDA stock is starting to slow as fundamentals and technicals approach extremes. Time to take a guarded short position.

Stay Clear of Zoom Video Stock Until It Gives Back a Lot More Ground

No one seemed to anticipate growth slowing at Zoom, despite the reopening and fierce competition from Google and Microsoft.

7 Short Squeeze Stocks to Sell Before Reddit Traders Cash Out

Taking a look at recent short squeeze stocks, there are plenty that could see big declines once Reddit traders cash in their chips. To reduce the risk of heavy losses, steer clear of these seven right now.