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Stocks to Sell

It’s Time to Drop Chipotle Stock Before Things Get Too Ugly

Ackman cut his position in Chipotle by nearly a third, which is yet another warning sign that CMG stock is overvalued. Read Article

7 Blue-Chip Stocks to Sell Now

After a scorching hot summer for stocks, the Nasdaq and S&P 500 have reached new all-time highs. Use the recent rally to take profits on big names, like these stocks to sell. Read Article

With Activision Stock Maxed, Keep an Eye out for the Next Big Dip

Cloud gaming and eSports will power ATVI stock higher in the long run, but that rally won't start just yet. Read Article

The Premium for Shopify Stock Is No Longer Justified

SHOP stock has torn up the markets over the past two years, but recent volatility indicates that Shopify investors have grown weary. Read Article

Forget Under Armour Stock Because the Brand Remains Weak

Under Armour brand perception globally is weakening, and that makes UAA stock a tough buy at current levels. Read Article

4 Small-Cap Stocks That Are In Serious Trouble

Each of these small-cap stocks are showing a red flag or two. Is now the time to sell? Here's what investors need to know about each. Read Article

iPass Stock Remains a Place Where Money Goes to Die

IPAS stock received a boost from the markets after the underlining company closed a major deal, but it’s still a huge gamble. Read Article

Don’t Overpay for the Rebound Story In Guess Stock

GES stock will likely trade sideways into the end of the year as fundamentals try to catch up to what has become an inflated price tag. Read Article

Tesla Stock Is Sunk Unless Elon Musk Changes Direction

Elon Musk needs to get off Twitter - and maybe get some sleep. Read Article

Qualcomm Stock May Have Rallied Too Much, Too Soon

Qualcomm stock has made a nice rally, but the underpinnings for the bullishness in QCOM may have materialized too soon. Read Article

General Electric Should Go Away

GE stock is struggling to right the ship, but at this point it's not clear if management can truly unlock the value in the company. Read Article

Two Big Reasons Red-Hot iRobot Stock Needs to Cool Off

IRBT stock is supported by a powerful long-term growth narrative, but iRobot stock has come very far, very fast, and needs to cool off before heading higher again. Read Article

Why Investors Should Give Up on Snap Stock

Investors should sell SNAP stock due to its lack of a moat and inability to hold a niche in the social media market. Read Article

New Street’s Apple Stock Downgrade Ignores One Key Detail

AAPL stock is fully priced and ripe for profit-taking, but that's a short-term matter. Apple has a clear plan for future growth. Read Article

Will Twitter Stock Ever Escape Controversy and High Multiples?

Twitter has made huge improvements, but growth struggles and valuation will continue to weigh on TWTR stock. Read Article

Chesapeake Energy Stock Isn’t Worth the Hassle

It seems like every ounce of good news for CHK stock is balanced out by something bad. Should you bet on the Chesapeake Energy's recovery? Read Article

Is the Retail Rally Overdone or Will It Continue for a While?

People are giving up on buying a home and buying other things. The long-term trends of retailing remain intact and their not conducive to a continued rally in retail stocks. Read Article

Chipotle Stock Above $500 Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

CMG stock looks unnecessarily risky above $500, especially considering the restaurant is still getting people sick. Read Article

Why La-Z-Boy’s Good Times Probably Won’t Last

La-Z-Boy enjoyed a double-digit pop on Tuesday, its biggest one-day gain in almost a year. Still, I don't think investors should buy LZB stock. Read Article

Star Wars Games Aren’t Apt to Be a Game Changer for Zynga Stock

Zynga stock surged on news that Zynga was teaming up with Walt Disney to make Star Wars games, but the headlines are more hype than plausible, meaningful growth. Read Article