Stocks to Sell

Wells Fargo & Co Stock Will Take a Long Term Beating for Malfeasance

The unbelievable number and severity of Wells Fargo’s scandals makes any play towards Wells Fargo stock incredibly risky. Read Article

4 Reasons Why Snap Inc Stock Is Going to Keep Crashing

Thinking of buying Snap after its recent tumble? Here are the four reasons why SNAP stock could continue falling into the single digits. Read Article

The Outcry Against Facebook, Inc. Isn’t Abating — It’s Accelerating

Facebook is under fire, again. Given how long the pushback has persisted, it's safe to say the company's going to be forced into fundamental change. Read Article

What Is General Electric Company Stock Worth in a Breakup?

A deep dive into GE's financials shows that a breakup is unlikely to create much value above $15 for General Electric investors. Read Article

7 ‘Blue-Chip Stocks’ That Aren’t Blue Chips at All

A lot of large-cap familiar names are still called “blue-chip stock” when they are nothing of the kind. If you can't rid the term “blue-chip stock” from your lexicon, then it should at least apply to a whole new stream of companies. Read Article

Sell CVS Health Corp and Express Scripts Holding Company as Trump Readies Attack

The Trump administration is targeting PBMs, so it's time to sell PBM stocks, including CVS stock and Express Scripts stock. Read Article

This Harassment Scandal Will Haunt Nike Inc Stock for Awhile

It's not a reason to steer clear of NKE stock in and of itself, but it's certainly something Nike shareholders need to chew on. Read Article

7 Stocks to Sell Before It’s Too Late

These seven stocks don't look awful at first glance, but if you stick around in your position you may wind up regretting buying them in the first place! Read Article

There Still Isn’t Any Reason to Buy Blue Apron Holdings Inc Stock

Blue Apron is losing market share in a not-that-important category of the food market, meaning that any rallies in APRN stock should be faded. Read Article

Slowing Growth Is a Major Concern for Switch Inc Stock

SWCH stock increasingly looks like an IPO unicorn whose day in the sun is already in the rear-view mirror. Read Article

Don’t Expect A Turnaround In Ford Motor Company Stock Anytime Soon

Ford stock hasn't gone anywhere in a really long time, and it won't go anywhere anytime soon due to secular headwinds in the auto market. Read Article

Flipkart Gutted Walmart Inc Stock and That’s Only the Beginning

Walmart's Flipkart acquisition combines two strategies that traditionally haven't worked out well for the retailing giant. Read Article

About That Big Price Target for Chipotle Mexican Grill…

CMG stock has been on fire and Piper Jaffray says Chipotle has further to climb. Is that a realistic assessment, though? Read Article

Yelp Inc Stock Will Continue to Drop Thanks to Amazon, Facebook and Google

YELP is facing intense competitive headwinds from some of the biggest names in tech, and that doesn't bode well for YELP stockholders. Read Article

7 Consumer Stocks to Sell Now

First-quarter profits for the broader market grew almost 26%, but stocks have no benefited. This is even truer in regards to the consumer sector. Here are 7 consumer stocks to sell now. Read Article

Avoid the Trillion-Dollar Hoopla, It’s Where Apple Inc. Stock Tops Out

Apple stock stands on the cusp of being a $1 trillion company, yet this cause for celebration is not a justification to buy. Read Article

Dump Twenty-First Century Fox Inc Stock Before Things Get Worse

Twenty-First Century Fox earnings came in below estimates, which, along with merger uncertainty and changes in top management make FOXA stock a sell at this time. Read Article

Mattel, Inc. Stock Still Has a Lot of Work Left to Do

Mattel earnings initially led Mattel stock to climb as much as 9%. But MAT stock has pulled back in the proceeding two weeks -- and a closer look at the report explains why. Read Article

Acquisitions and Divestitures Won’t Fix Procter & Gamble Stock

Thinking about buying PG at bargain-basement prices? Procter & Gamble stock will flounder until we see this happen. Read Article

Mass Consumer Indifference Killed All Hope for 3D Printing Stocks

3D printing stocks used to be the hottest things on the market. Now, they are beaten-up names with weak growth prospects. Read Article