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AAL: Reach New Heights With American Airlines

The airline sector, particularly American Airlines Group Inc (AAL), is flying high these days, and investors can expect AAL stock to continue the uptrend. More 

The New American Airlines: 3 Pros, 3 Cons for AAL Stock

After a standout year for AAL stock in 2013, the question for investors is whether AAL can continue to soar or whether it’s time to take profits. More 

U.S. Airline Stocks Should Soar Through 2014

The mystery over a missing Malaysian airliner shouldn't concern investors in the industry. U.S. airline stocks look strong, with DAL and LUV leading the way More 

Mergers and Acquisitions — The 10 Biggest Deals of 2013

Mergers and acquisitions had a big year in 2013. Here's a look back at the ten biggest M&A deals of 2013. More 

Why the Comcast-TWC Merger Will Probably Not Happen

One FCC commissioner says that the Obama administration is unlikely to approve a merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable. More 

Survey: Delta Best for Business Travelers

Delta Air Lines has been rated as the best airline for business travelers in 2013's Business Travel News Annual Airline Survey for the third year in a row. More 

Southwest Rolls Out Gate-to-Gate Wi-Fi

Southwest Airlines, announced on Wednesday, that it will be rolling out gate-to-gate Wi-Fi. The in-flight Wi-Fi cost $8 per device to use. More